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What is Furria?

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Furria, also known as Fia is a multimedia project series concept conceptualized by fiaKaiera in 2008. The project moved into development and implementation starting in 2017. It shows the stories and lives of different Typyl found in the science fiction/fantasy world of Fiagia.

Furria is themed around a mixture of different concepts from medieval to clean and modern comforts in life with magic as a centerpiece on technology.



Aiden Sylili Fabien Lynia Rue Isa Evoln Franz Gyr Levvy Djonne Heilao Fae Nora Daena Ays Cappo Yahiko Mori Melia Labyrinthia Kento Inoa Matchi Sylvia Cassini


Puriru Tamiru Chico Kentaro Issa Ino Kira Helio

Hatch Lina Rhea Iya Tailie Camilia April Snare

Spike Karlo Tammy Ken Hummie Scarlet Mina Mao

Tania Bento Chef Mine Shin Sen Shine Ming

Rim Armo Hammie Ton Erika Ripe Matchie Mon

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