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Revival Spot
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Restoria are points of interest where downstated Typyl can restore their bodies in order to revive.

Restoria can be mostly found in safe settlements, such as towns, as permanent fixtures found inside a settlement. A lesser version of a restoria can be used as an item with also the same name.



Restoria are large constructs of crystallized concentrated force containing :indivisus: Indivisus revival sorcia that collectively work as one with a core in the center. The layout and size of the various crystals varies between settlements. It comes in various colors, but the most of the time it's blue, which matches the item version of restoria.

Sometimes, settlement cores themselves act as restoria via an upgrade. Restoria crystals can be hidden or floating around in this case.


Typyl can link themselves to a designated restoria so they can have the option to revive at the restoria's linked location should they reach downstate. The linked location does not have to be exactly near the restoria itself but in a radius of 50 meters around it from the center. This way, they can revive without the visibility of the restoria itself. They can also link to the restoria in that range, as long as they are visible to the restoria.

Typyl can only revive with the linked restoria as long as they are within the same continent as the linked restoria. This allows for the Typyl to link into one restoria per continent.

Only settlement owners and authorized personnel can manage where the linked location is placed.
An upgrade can be added on settlement cores to have the features of restoria.


Restoria also acts to mitigate the energy cost for transportation through the use of Portia, which lessens the cost of Sylv when porting. Typyl can also use their linked restoria to go back to the linked location without any cost, albeit with a cooldown.


Porica are minor versions of restoria mainly used for transporting within large settlements from one place to another. They do not contain any revival functions at all and its purpose is purely for transport.

A portia can usually be found near porica for use mainly by portia. Individuals who have learned Telecia can also take advantage of this as well.


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