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Main Article: Fiagia

Fiagia is a chaotic yet stable celestial body consisting of 13 continents, 4 moons and two rings with the planet itself held together by Leylines. Most of it's landmass is covered by water and void, exposing to the planets core protected by Leycore.

List of Locations


Main Article: Auril

Auril is the Continent of Magic. Out of all of the continents, Auril is dictated to have the most stable flow of aspects in the continent. Thanks to this, Auril has vast lands dotted with flora and naturally floating islands.


Aurald'n Floralia • Loripsum • Mossheim


Main Article: Crescentalia

Crescentalia is the Continent of Serenity. With the short-name “Cresc”, Crescentalia is considered to be the second smallest continent of Fiagia. It's composed of one large landmass dotted with islands containing different biomes.


Geo • Harmonia Kem'oco • Patiencia Snowport


Stare Roe Forest • Maui Fields


Main Article: Erthen

Erthen is the Continent of Land. The continent is percieved like an inverted continent in terms of land and water. Instead of leylines surrounding water, the leylines are surrounded in land, which makes it easy to traverse to the other side of the world without an alternate means of transport.

No known locations yet.


Main Article: Grusieve

Grusieve is the Continent of Caves. The continent has low altitude leysky spread throughout the whole region. These skies and the ground above are proven to be hostile, forcing its inhabitants stuck inside the ground.

No known locations yet.


Main Article: Ingrixil

Ingrixil is the Continent of Instability. Out of all the continents, Ingrixil is considered to be the most unstable, offering from exposed leycores, wildly varied leysky, chaotic flora, land, among others.

Lifen (Surface-side)


Domum Du'kiin Falsewood • Ievan • Lolean • Longdew • Lumin Flows


Azure Rain • Lost Waters • Raving Happiness

Abysm (Core-side)

No known locations yet.


Main Article: Kurv

Kurv is the Continent of Arches. Kurv consists of commonly transitioning terrain that either goes towards water or the sky, thus the theme of arches. Each ground smoothly transitions from sea, to normal terrain and islands in the sky, making a visible arching effect throught the land, introducing sometimes wavy and narrow terrain.

No known locations yet.


Main Article: Maahst

Maahst is the Continent of Pillars. The continent is mostly filled with high lands, majorly containing valleys and ravines while almost to no space of containing beaches or any land leading upwards. Water can also be found in high-ground, creating landscapes of waterfalls and lakes beside cliffs.


Palta • Vol' Tairga


Main Article: Oceal

Oceal is the Continent of Sea. Oceal has no land above water, full of deep water and rare shallow waters. While the skies are almost barren, allowing easier traversal in the sky if the weather allows it, most of its inhabitants either found inside of water or on top in shallow waters. Most of its flora are also found inside water.




Main Article: Quailyn

Quailyn is the Continent of Hand. Quailyn is considered to be the largest continent and which considered the middle ground of all the continents having it's fair share of features from the other continents, from settlements in water, floating islands to chaotic land and exposed core.




Main Article: Saviand

Saviand is the Continent of History. Saviand is where the events of the Saviand Anomaly took place, where the H.A.C. Project Compound can be found, now occupied by the Sav as their home and base of operations.

No known locations yet.


Main Article: Uphaval

Uphaval is the Continent of Cataclysm. Where the rest have land, Uphaval does not. Uphaval is a continent where there is no ground in an infinite sky where falling and soaring will loop you around due its nature of leyskies. In Uphaval there are floating islands are found in the sky across the continent.




Main Article: Welisris

Welisris is the Continent of Skies. Welisris is the mixture of Uphaval and Oceal where it features flying islands and a deep sea. Unlike both, Welisiris have land on water that looks like hanging trees.

No known locations yet.


Main Article: Ysla

Ysla is the Continent of Trove. Ysla is a vast ocean where there is no floor but instead is covered by leycores. The continent has small islands dotted throughout, some elevated and not easily accessible through a beach.


Flippira • Postrecalf


Main Article: Amaisa

Amaisa is the Moon of Wealth. Amaisa's land wildly varies as it constantly shifts around, constantly generating new material for everyone to collect and use as for their own.

No known locations yet.


Main Article: Derosela

Derosela is the Moon of Fields. A once desolate uninhabited hostile land, the moon has been a place for settlements and large buildings, area-wide research and experiments.

No known locations yet.


Main Article: Eosphoros

Eosphoros is the Moon of Light. Previously known as “Erigenia”, it is a moon thriving with altered plantations similar to Fiagia but its landmass are sparse, covered in steep edges of slightly glowing sea and void.

No known locations yet.


Fauna is the Moon of Nature. All grown from one mutated tree, this tree has endlessly expanded throughout the whole moon, covering all of it.

Main Article: Fauna

No known locations yet.

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