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Fiagia ( Fg ) is the main location where most the events of Furria takes place.

Fiagia is a chaotic yet stable celestial body consisting of 13 continents, 4 moons and two rings with the planet itself held together by Leylines. Most of it's landmass is covered by water and void, exposing to the planets core protected by Leycores.

No one knows of its origin but it has been percieved by researchers that is has been formed from different planets or moons due to its nature of having several properties of a habitable planet contained in leylines. Researchers are still studying how Typyl and other creatures are alive in this planet due to it's chaotic and somewhat unstable nature.

Antecedents dictate that the size of Fiagia is that x3.5 times of the Earth, almost similar to the Antecedent world's “Neptune”.



Main Article: Continents

Fiagia consists of 13 continents that varies very differently from each other and is contained from each other by leylines. Each continent is dedicated to a theme due the nature of their landmasses.

Due to the nature of the leylines, transferring from one continent to another is impossible except for going through Path Reflectors or manually going through space from the ground without getting hit through Leysky.

See Continents for a list of continents.


Main Article: Moons

Fiagia has four moons. Like Fiagia itself, each one varies like a continent except that each one is their own moon. It's theorized by reseachers that the moons themselves are what each continent of Fiagia looks like before merging with Fiagia.

Thanks for the transport capabilities of Path Reflectors, inhabitants of Fiagia are available to freely access each moon, provided the moons themselves line up with the quadrant of the planet the individual is standing on.

See Moons for a list of moons.


  • The moon Derosela and Amaisa are also variations of one word: Desolate and Amass.
  • The moon Fauna literally means itself
  • The moon Erigeneia came from the goddess Eos, whose full name was Eos Erigeneia. Eosphoros came from a quote from Hesiod in Theogony (378-382)


🌐 Common Locations of Fiagia 🌐

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