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Fiagia's Moons

Other than the Continents of Fiagia, the planet has its own fair share of Moons. There are 4 moons found orbiting Fiagia, all found habitable and like the continents of Fiagia, each one with its own formation of landmasses and phenomena.

Each moon is named and has a symbol based by their theme based on the land. Ordered by name, these are: Amaisa, Derosela, Eosphoros, and Fauna.

Travel between each moon is done through the network of Path Reflectors. Depending on how far each moon is far apart, an individual may have to do a detour to one of Fiagia's continents and make their way to another moon manually. Another way to go to the moons is doing by space travel without hitting through the Leysky.


The 4 Moons


Main Article: Amaisa

Amaisa is the Moon of Wealth. Amaisa's land wildly varies as it constantly shifts around, constantly generating new material for everyone to collect and use as for their own.

The land will always have a rich amount of varying ores and crystals that mostly found in Fiagia. However, the constant shifting ground will always make it challenging for those who harvest these materials. It is always a challenge to traverse the ever shifting lands of Amaisa both above and underground as the most experienced and challenged only traverse Amaisa, as often people will get trapped. This is why most settlements are found in the air.

Due to the vast majority of the land, there will always be competition for those who harvest and trade is always thriving to those who live in the land, provided those tho supply are capable.


Main Article: Derosela

Derosela is the Moon of Fields. A once desolate uninhabited hostile land, the moon has been a place for settlements and large buildings, area-wide research and experiments.

The land in Derosela is mostly barren and mostly lacks in resources. Hostile creatures found in Derosela are constantly agile and the soil is not as fertile for cultivation, which proves expanding in Derosela a challenge.


Main Article: Eosphoros

Eosphoros is the Moon of Light. Previously known as “Erigenia”, it is a moon thriving with altered plantations similar to Fiagia but its landmass are sparse, covered in steep edges of slightly glowing sea and void filled inside a near white sky during the day and a dark red at night. The void itself is a glowing leycore.

Transport between land prevails with bridges, phantasmal rails, wind tunnels and transport on water. Experienced travelers will use a plethora of dynamic methods of transportation should they traverse through the land.


Main Article: Fauna

Fauna is the Moon of Nature. All grown from one mutated tree, this tree has endlessly expanded throughout the whole moon, covering all of it. Supported by branches and vines, the moon offers a unique setting not normally seen in Fiagia and its other moons.

The tree itself has lasted for hundreds of years and has no signs of withering, as if the tree is the core itself. What prevents the expansion of the tree going outside of the moon is the ever present leysky, keeping it down.

Winds in Fauna is constant and unending, but not always powerful enough to topple structures and settlements down.


  • All the names of each moon are variations of one word
    • These words being: Amass, Desolate, Phosphor, Fauna

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