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Furria Series -Project Fia-, or simply known as Fia is a multimedia project series conceptualized by fiaKaiera since 2008. Before 2017, Furria was a series of ideas by a very young fiaKaiera, all planned out to end up merging into one fictional world as time goes on. Since then, Furria was now moved development and implementation starting in 2017 with the Furria Wiki.

Furria tells the stories and lives of the inhabitants of the science fiction/fanatasy world Fiagia. The series is themed around a mixture of different concepts from medieval times to clean and modern comforts in life with magic, mainly known as Sorcia, as a centerpiece on life and technology.



The name Furria is composed of two names coming from different origins: the Japanese word ふり(furi) meaning make-believe or pretense and the Greek word γαια(gaia) meaning Earth. A lot of misconceptions that the name came from the word “Furry” but this is not the case.1)

A variation of Furria is found in the planet's name: Fiagia. fiaKaiera's username also came from Furria.


Furria didn't start on its own originally. The series underwent changes and different names before its current name, with each idea going one step closer to the series in its current form.

  1. Sonic Elemental X (2006 - 2007)
  2. Elemental X (2008 - 2010)
  3. Project H.A.C. (2011 - 2013)
  4. Project: Furria (2014 - 2016)

Sonic Elemental X

Sonic Elemental X (2006 - 2007) – short-termed “sx”, the series started out a comic written by a childish fiaKaiera, having gameplay elements and ideas making it hard to follow without knowledge of games and some imagination to go along with it.

The story is about a group of twelve children going into a mysterious world from a elementary school campus, encountering characters from the franchise of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Due to moving on with the idea of having originality, the series has never continued, pushing as far as renaming the franchise due to the name abbreviating into sexual context.

Elemental X

Elemental X (2008 - 2010) – short-termed “ex”, all characters and references related to Sonic the Hedgehog were dropped, restructuring the whole story without them.

Elemental X is the same story as Sonic Elemental X, twelve kids ends up being in another world, but from a high school instead, allowing more mature and yet still childish decisions, harnessing the power of a neclaced gem, finding a way to get back while still enjoying the journey.

Unlike Sonic Elemental X, there were no comics made and were simply concepts. A few attempts had been made but ultimately ended up with unfinished pages.

Project HAC

Project H.A.C. (2009 - 2013) – A fragment taken from the story of Elemental X, wildly taken into a new context named the Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound.

The story of Project HAC highlights a story where a group of 60 young individuals taking on a new form in the form of anthropomorphic animals, striving on their own in their daily lives.

The concept of HAC was later implemented into Furria, being the sole cause for events in Furria to take place.

Project: Furria

Project: Furria (2014 - 2016) – This is where the series started to take form, starting as Furria, rebooting the concept of Elemental X, and taking it a step further, planning what happens.

The story is set to plan with the Main Series: with a different set of 12 individuals and with some individuals staying from the original set. With the previous 12 dubbed the “Original 12”. These individuals have a relation to fiaKaiera, showing a story that revolves around each individual and a journey coming from a life event set in Fiagia.

After polishing the concepts, the project is set into action into what it currently is: “Furria Series -Project Fia-”, allowing others to contribute and expand the world with due permission. The rename was necessary to be called “Fia” due to the misguided name of Furria coming from the root word “Furry”.

Series Plan

The multimedia project is planned to be divided into different series. These series can have multiple arcs or a group of stories clamped together into the same series. Currently, there are four planned series set for Furria:

  • Furria Main Series – fiaKaiera's original main plan set out for Furria, composed of twelve different chapter arcs featuring and centering around an individual around a story showing an important life event. These chapters aim to give lessons on the important factors of life, showing different facets of emotion and choices done through a character's journey.
  • Furria Sub Series – a series dedicated to stories that revolve outside the main series. These include stories that contributes to Furria as a whole. The sub series are not necessarily planned by fiaKaiera himself.
  • Furria Sav Series – stories that tell the journey of a Sav before their conception as one.
  • Furria Spinoff – series that does not really contribute the world of Furria as a whole, such as party games.

Typyl Tropes & Tropics

Furria's overall development is contributed by two groups. These two groups' names came from the Typyl species.

  • Typyl Tropics“Official works of Furria”
    a subdivision of Fourwings composed of multiple members from Fourwings and fiaKaiera's picks for the main development of Furria.
  • Typyl Tropes“Community works of Furria”
    a community based around the world of Furria. If an official part of the series is developed under this name, an approval from Typyl Tropics has to be done first.
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