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Time of Concept
August 2019 — present


#FurriaFridays is a Twitter hashtag that shows a random concept found in Furria every Friday at the @ProjectFurria Twitter account.

The hashtag is currently maintained by fiaKaiera and prilfuls.

You can check the hashtag itself on Twitter here.



The hashtag was created with intention to tease different concepts and ideas that comes out Furria. To prevent exhaustion for the artist, it is decided that a new concept is shown during a Friday. (Saturdays for the eastern part of the world.)

Each Friday a tweet random concept about Furria is shown under the #FurriaFridays hashtag. An image is also attached showing one part of the concept.



  • Before #FurriaFridays, fiaKaiera has the hashtag #KaieraFurriaMondays, where people can ask if their characters and concepts are viable every Monday. This lasted only for a few weeks and ended on the 20th of August to make way for #FurriaFridays.
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