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Leylines are mysterious forces of energy composed of unstable forces wrapped around the world of Fiagia and its moons. These forces are capable of looping around any substance around its borders, primarily disallowing the passage of areas across their borders, keeping any substance that enters it within their borders.



Leylines are similar to auroras in view: a flat display of light splashed around from the ground to the sky, edged around the border. The colors of the aurora varies between continents and their hue is wildly varied at any time. Leylines can also be viewed slightly visible in the day when close to the leylines.

Looking past, the opposite side of the Leyline's borders can be seen, as if the continent is its own world and looped around.

However these aurora-like features visually vanish when entering and crossing through the area near the leylines, as thick fog encompasses the surroundings until they leave the area.


Leylines act as natural barriers for each continent in Fiagia created from the core. It prevents any substance to cross it and force those who are on the complete opposite end of the barrier, acting as if the continent seamlessly loops around inside the of the continent's borders.

As the leylines themselves are composed of force, there is no way of passing through the leylines, even through the use of teleportation.

The leycore, leyskies and leyspace act similarly to leylines as all of them have the function to keep any substance that crosses them to be kept within the borders of the continent and/or moon.

The only way for any substance to pass through them is through the use of Path Reflectors.


Leylines themselves distort any landmass that inhabits within it. This is true with in the continent of Erthen Erthen as the landmass itself gets chaotic the more and more it crosses itself through the Leylines.

It is not confirmed if the leylines themselves actually distort the landmass as any land introduced to it is distorted as well. A theory suggests that the distortion could be very slow and a change is not noticeable until a couple of millenia has passed.

Variations of Leylines

In addition to leylines, there are other variations of leylines that has the same purpose of containing the any substance within its bounds: leycores, leysky and leyspace.


Leycores are wide floors or orbs made of glowing plasma emitting bright light. These serve as the main protection from the exposed core of Fiagia itself, repelling anything outside the core. Smaller leycores can be found protecting different spots of Fiagia to prevent them outside their regions within each leyline.

Unlike looping around the leylines in fog, the leycore can be phyiscally touched without visually hampering those who are near to it. Instead, the area near the core will have lower and lower gravity and anything that touches it will immediatelly get sent on top of the nearest available ground from where they are touched.

Leycores can be found in areas where there is no land or very deep below land. This is mostly visible in:

  • Grusieve The deepest depths of Grusieve
  • Ingrixil The eternal sun of Ingrixil Abysm, which a portion of Fiagia's central core but is prevented by a leysky
  • Kurv The lowest reaching ground found in the center of Kurv
  • Maahst The through the deepest ravines of Maahst
  • Quailyn The deepest floor of Quailyn
  • Ysla Past the waters down below Ysla, another portion of Fiagia's central core


Leyskies are invisible barriers compared to leylines. There are two variations of leysky. Its function differs depending on the continent.

Leyskies are the reason that the continents and moons have breathable air contained within the atmosphere.

Passing Leysky

Instead of covering the area in thick fog like leylines, they surround anything that passes and the object will find themselves in a sky of white from their vision far from any land. After passing through, anything that passes through them will be on the complete opposite of the leysky.

Uphaval Uphaval is the only continent that has this nature.

Inverting Leysky

Inverting leyskies act like a very strong thin invisible layer that prevents any substance to pass through, but allows anything from the outside to enter.

Anything that attempts to pass inverting leyskies will find themselves slowed down before passing the boundaries of the leysky, or turned around upon passing through the leysky. The speed of turning around depends on how far the substance passes through the boundaries of the leysky.

The pulling strength gradually increases starting from the half point of the troposphere (10km from the ground) and the turning point starts from the lowest point of the stratosphere (20km from the ground) and gradually gets stronger the deeper it gets past that point, instantly turning around as it reaches through the edge of the stratosphere. (at 50km from the ground)

All continents and moons except Uphaval Uphaval have inverting leyskies.
Grusieve Grusieve has low boundaries for their leysky for as low as the half of the troposphere for turning around, (10km from the ground) keeping any substance on the ground.


Leyspace is the sole reason Fiagia and its moons move as one entity due to its force. It's an invisible orb containing Fiagia and its moons with Fiagia itself in its center.

Entering the area near the edge of Leyspace will be met with a semi-visible wall of wildly travelling particles, invisible from far away. Touching the edge of Leyspace will be forcefully reflected back into the opposite direction with a glowing solid wall temporarily showing its bounds.

Leyspace is the only reason that Typyl are prevented to explore anything outside their dedicated area in the solar system. After the events of the saviand anomaly, the Typyl are currently researching how to get out of the leyspace, as even Path Reflectors do not work past them. However, anything that enters from outside of the leyspace can normally pass through its bounds.


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