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Date & Time

The world of Fiagia has a different way of telling time but closely resembles Earth's time. To make it easier for widespread knowledge, the presence of the knowledge of astronomy from the Presav allows the inhabitants of Fiagia to standardize the presence of time.


Time Format

The time format of Fiagia is separated into hours, minutes and seconds. Each day is separated into 20 hours, each hour is split into 100 minutes, then further split into 100 seconds each.

Time Format: ap

1 yr (year)
1 yr
393 dy
393 dy
1 dy (day)
1 dy
20 hr
20 hr
1 hr (hour)
1 hr
100 mn
100 mn
1 mn (minute)
1 mn
100 sc
100 sc
1 sc (second)
1 sc
0.435 Earth seconds
0.435 E-sc

Despite having 20 hours in Fiagia compared to 24 hours in Earth, days last longer in Fiagia. On Earth, there are 87,000 seconds in a day while on Furria, it takes 90,000 Earth seconds instead. Fiagia also takes longer to pass a year than Earth by 27.75 days since Earth has 365.25 days compared to 393 in Fiagia.

When converting any Furrian second to Earth seconds, just divide the Furrian second value by 0.435. (sc/0.435)

Telling Time

A day in Fiagia is separated into two halves: day-time, and night-time.
This is further separated into two more halves, which results into the four known quarters of the day:

Day-time Night-time
Morning Afternoon Evening Night

An inhabitant of Fiagia can choose to impose two different systems for telling time:
the Ante-Post Meridiem (APM) system or the Deuol Diei (20D) system.

Ante-Post Meridiem System

The Ante-Post Meridiem System (also known as the before-after midday system) splits the 20 hours of the day into two 10-hour periods: before midday, known as Ante Meridiem (AM) and after midday, known as Post Meridiem. (PM)

Day-time Night-time
Morning Afternoon Evening Night
5:00.00 AM - 9:99.99 AM 0:00.00 PM - 4:99.99 PM 5:00.00 PM - 9:99.99 PM 0:00.00 AM - 4:99.99 AM

Deuol Diei System

The Deuol Diei System (also known as the 20 hours of the day system) maintains all of the 20 hours of the day, where the the first hour in the system is from midnight and ends in midnight. However, the 0th hour is considered the 20th hour.

Day-time Night-time
Morning Afternoon Evening Night
05:00.00 - 09:99.99 AM 10:00.00 PM - 14:99.99 PM 15:00.00 PM - 19:99.99 PM 20:00.00 - 04:99.99

Date Format

During the span of a year in Furria, each day is grouped into several months. Each month has a specific name and is similar to that of Earth's months. Unlike Earth years, Fiagia does not have leap years but does have 7 days for each week.

Date Format: wk - wd, mo/dy/yr


Each month is divided into 4-5 weeks and each wk (week) is separated into 7 wd. (weekdays) Each weekday has its own dedicated name. These names are similar to the Earth's names to weekdays.

Fiagia Sunea
Earth Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


In a span of a year, groups of days in Fiagia is separated into mo (months) in divisions of either 28, 30 or 31 dy (days). There are 13 months in total for Fiagia, each with their own dedicated and similar to Earth's names to months.

1 2 3 4 5
Fiagia Janua
Earth January February March April May
# of Days 31 dy 28 dy 31 dy 30 dy 31 dy

6 7 8 9 10
Fiagia Junea
Earth June July August September October
# of Days 30 dy 31 dy 31 dy 30 dy 31 dy

11 12 13
Fiagia Novema
Earth November December
# of Days 30 dy 31 dy 28 dy

For those who have birthdays in February 29th, these are transferred to March 1st. In this case, it's Marea 1st.

Astrological Sign

As for Typyl culture, each Typyl individual is given an astrological sign depending on when they are born. Earth does follow the same tradition but is slightly different due to Earth being in a separate location and only having 12 signs.

There are 13 astrological signs in total as shown here:

Sign Name Start Date End Date Sign Name Start Date End Date
Aries Marea 20th Apria 19th Scorpio Octea 23rd Novema 21st
Taurus Apria 20th Maia 20th Saggitarius Novema 22nd Decia 21st
Gemini Maia 21st Junea 20th Capricorn Decia 22nd Unocea 19th
Cancer Junea 21st Juia 22nd Ophiuchus Unocea 20th Janua 18th
Leo Juia 23rd Aguia 22nd Aquarius Janua 19th Febea 18th
Virgo Aguia 22nd Septea 22nd Pisces Febea 19th Marea 20th
Libra Septea 23rd Octea 22nd


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