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Fiagia's Continents

Fiagia is divided up into different continents dictated by and contained within leylines. There are a total of 13 continents in Fiagia, each with their own formations of landmasses and phenomena.

Each continent is named and has a symbol dedicated by their theme based on their land. Ordered by name, they are: Auril, Crescentalia, Erthen, Grusieve, Ingrixil, Kurv, Maahst, Oceal, Quailyn, Saviand, Uphaval, Welisris and Ysla.

Due to the natures of these leylines, it's not possible for anyone to cross into another continent without either going through a Path Reflector or manually going to space and down again without hitting through the Leysky. Thanks to the transport capabilities of Typyl, Path Reflectors made it possible for anyone to cross beyone their own continent and Fiagia's moons.


The 13 Continents


Main Article: Auril

Auril is the Continent of Magic. Out of all of the continents, Auril is dictated to have the most stable flow of aspects in the continent. Thanks to this, Auril has vast lands dotted with flora and naturally floating islands.

Due to it's stability, powerful magic-centric creatures roam the land and Typyl are a common target as they also give off better flow of aspects, allowing for more powerful types of Sorcia.


Main Article: Crescentalia

Crescentalia is the Continent of Serenity. With the short-name “Cresc”, Crescentalia is considered to be the second smallest continent of Fiagia. It's composed of one large landmass dotted with islands containing different biomes.

Crescentalia offers second in stability of aspects as it is found next to Auril. It offers the most radiant of skies at night, allowing its inhabitants to easily see at night.


Main Article: Erthen

Erthen is the Continent of Land. The continent is percieved like an inverted continent in terms of land and water. Instead of leylines surrounding water, the leylines are surrounded in land, which makes it easy to traverse to the other side of the world without an alternate means of transport.

Erthen's geography goes a lot more chaotic as it goes near the leylines, offering from floating water to even upside-down terrain and high-rise cliffs, which makes it hard to notice if one has looped around the continent. This is less apparent the further it is from the leylines, where there are next to no floating islands.

The continent's body of water is found in the center of the continent, dotted with islands, which makes it more of a safe haven as the land outside the sea is expected to be more hostile.


Main Article: Grusieve

Grusieve is the Continent of Caves. The continent has low altitude leysky spread throughout the whole region. These skies and the ground above are proven to be hostile, forcing its inhabitants stuck inside the ground.

Grusieve is a whole continent mainly contained inside ground in caves and caverns with holes in the sky for lighting with a network of tunnels and paths leading to other areas.

Only the bravest go over ground, which makes it hard for their inhabitants to leave, as the path reflectors for Grusieve are placed above ground because it requires a sky to travel to other continents.


Main Article: Ingrixil

Ingrixil is the Continent of Instability. Out of all the continents, Ingrixil is considered to be the most unstable, offering from exposed Leycore, wildly varied leysky, chaotic flora, land, among others.

It contains a heavy amount of corrupted grounds, which can change terrain in waves. As such, settlements are usually protected by a layer of protection in order to prevent each one to be altered. It's always hostile wherever the terrain is not protected. Despite this, Ingrixil is the best source for aspect crystals next to Millenial Puzzles only available in the hostile grounds.

Due to this instability, there's an “inverted” layer found in the continent with vastly different terrain, which makes the sky show an inaccurate vision of Fiagia's core. Getting to the core is impossible due to the sky covered by a leysky.


Main Article: Kurv

Kurv is the Continent of Arches. Kurv consists of commonly transitioning terrain that either goes towards water or the sky, thus the theme of arches. Each ground smoothly transitions from sea, to normal terrain and islands in the sky, making a visible arching effect throught the land, introducing sometimes wavy and narrow terrain.

Kurv reigns second in terms of difficulty when navigating terrain due to the land's nature, making it's inhabitants creating bridges and extensions, whether natural or not, in order to minimize accidents.


Main Article: Maahst

Maahst is the Continent of Pillars. The continent is mostly filled with high lands, majorly containing valleys and ravines while almost to no space of containing beaches or any land leading upwards. Water can also be found in high-ground, creating landscapes of waterfalls and lakes beside cliffs.

Traversing in Maahst relies on either flight, climbing or traversing from wall to wall with it's settlements commonly hanging in-between edges or on top, haning over air.


Main Article: Oceal

Oceal is the Continent of Sea. Oceal has no land above water, full of deep water and rare shallow waters. While the skies are almost barren, allowing easier traversal in the sky if the weather allows it, most of its inhabitants either found inside of water or on top in shallow waters. Most of its flora are also found inside water.

Waters in Oceal can run deep, to the point where any inhabitant is limited by a leycore, provided that the individual goes deep enough. Lighting can also come from the leycores below in addition to the lighting from the sky. Some flora and creatures provide light themselves and visible forces allowing control of the current, making it an interesting landscape to traverse through.

Sorcia for breathing and traversing in water is necessary as most of the time, vehicles doesn't work in deep waters due to the nature of Oceal.


Main Article: Quailyn

Quailyn is the Continent of Hand. Quailyn is considered to be the largest continent and which considered the middle ground of all the continents having it's fair share of features from the other continents, from settlements in water, floating islands to chaotic land and exposed core.

Quailyn is the highlight of variation, boasting different feats due to its influences from other continents.


Main Article: Saviand

Saviand is the Continent of History. Saviand is where the events of the Saviand Anomaly took place, where the HAC Project Compound can be found which is now occupied by the Sav as their home and base of operations.

Saviand is the latest and final continent to be discovered, only found after the Saviand Anomaly, not easily noticeable due to its size. It's also home to discovering the history and tech of the Antecedent World, spreading it's influcence far and wide to the rest of Fiagia.

The continent is so small there's only 1 Path Reflector going in and out of Saviand.


Main Article: Uphaval

Uphaval is the Continent of Cataclysm. Where the rest have land, Uphaval does not. Uphaval is a continent where there is no ground in an infinite sky where falling and soaring will loop you around due its nature of leyskies. In Uphaval there are floating islands are found in the sky across the continent.

Unlike the other continents where the core is exposed, the core of the world in Uphaval is not visible at all as it blends into the sky.


Main Article: Welisris

Welisris is the Continent of Skies. Welisris is the mixture of Uphaval and Oceal where it features flying islands and a deep sea. Unlike both, Welisiris have land on water that looks like hanging trees.

Welisris has a unique feature where there are pillars of water that jets you to the sky islands and linear “tornadoes” that jets you down to the sea or a mixture of both. Sorcia is required to traverse these proper without getting into immediate danger. Despite this, both pillars and tornadoes are not damaging enough to be fatal when traversed without precautions.


Main Article: Ysla

Ysla is the Continent of Trove. Ysla is a vast ocean where there is no floor but instead is covered by leycores. The continent has small islands dotted throughout, some elevated and not easily accessible through a beach.

Ysla's islands are somewhat unstable where the hostile “towers” of the continent continually changes or regenerates, making it a commonplace of treasures and materials. This makes it an ambitious place to wonder for adventures.

Ysla is where the Millenial Puzzles originated, commonly found in minor towers.


  • The 13 continents' first letters are based on the odd numbered letters of the alphabet
  • All of the names of the continents are variations of one word
    • These words being: Aura, Crescent, Earth, Ground, Ingrieve, Curve, Mast, Ocean, Quill, Save, Upheaven, Welkin, and Island


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