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 D'x
Nonoko D'lux



Character by Nonoko.Exe

Artist Credit: placeholder




Furrial Display Class



Sly Careless
Physique ♂ Male
Hatchday Juia 1st / ♋ Cancer
Arcana XVIII – Moon
Quant (4)
Quant (4)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Nonoko D'lux

Nonoko D'lux is a quiet boy that works as the owner of Astor, a café located somewhere in the continent of Crescentalia.

Nonoko is one of the humans that went through antecedence representing the user Nonoko.exe.

Additional Info

  • Nickname/s: Noko, Tofer, Kabera
  • Pronouns: He/him/them
  • Age: Unknown
  • Title: Carefree Swordsman
  • Hometown: Crescentalia Crescentalia
  • Moral Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • 16-P Type: Adventurer ISFP-T
  • Suits Affiliation: ♣ Cloves
  • Chess Affiliation: ♝ Bishop
  • Average Height Scale: 1.178x (4'07“ / 139.06 cm)
  • Handedness: Right-handed
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural
    • Aura: #44F2BE Mint-ish Green
    • Eye:
      • Inner: #D6097D Razzmatazz
      • Outer: #DE92D9 Light Orchid
    • Pigments:
      • #F7F7F7 Primary: White Smoke
      • #B3FFFF Secondary: Columbia Blue
      • #F0B6E2 Ears: Classic Rose
      • #0E0457 Fingers: Sapphire


Even though Nonoko is aware of everything of what antecedence means, he is highly debatable about the world of Fiagia, and during the nights, when he is not working, goes on walks with no objective. He thinks that no one can see him, and can just start thinking without worrying about nothing, so he can just think as long as he wants, sometimes even falling asleep before going home.

During the day, however, he works at the coffee shop and usually looks happy. He can socialize freely with everyone, helping with everything he can.

For some reasons unknown, he seems nervous about Typyl with no clothes, and has a high fear of being seen with no clothes.


Nonoko is usually known as someone calm and not too serious, taking things as a joke to avoid being taken by stress or other things like that. However, he commonly keeps things around his mind and hides it from everyone.

Leaving that aside, he is actually someone quite calm. He dislikes getting into trouble and he is very sociable.

In addition, he is very susceptible to emotions, and can be harmed by sadness or anger. In these cases (or similar), he goes alone and tries to get as far as possible for anyone he knows.


“I died… But i'm alive.”

This question was the first thing to come on the mind of Nonoko when he arrived in Fiagia, and since then, he can't stop thinking about it. He usually wonders if Fiagia is “Heaven”, and at times he asks if its even real.

In terms of his movements across Fiagia, he started working at a café named Astor. He started as a Waiter, and eventually became the owner, because the last one had to leave the continent for personal reasons. It is important to say that this coffee, and his own house are located in a small and almost hidden settlement in Crescentalia.

Before Furria

Before arriving to Fiagia, Nonoko was just a common boy who usually just wasted his time playing video games or role-playing.

It used to be very proud about academics, according to a set of diplomas and high grades, that usually made him be proud. This usually made his friends angry due to his egocentric behavior, even if it was done as a joke, but with time he stopped doing that.

The cause of his death, and subsequently the reason why he went trough antecedence is a secret that he wonders in Fiagia, always circulating through his mind.


It's really common for him to avoid combat at almost all cost, and even if he can fight both close and mid combat, he is NOT a strong opponent, and he can be taken out easily.

However, he is aware of this, and in response, he usually tends to set traps and use the environment in his favor, mainly using :silva: Silva to catch his opponent off guard or expose him to a free shot/slash.

Finally, the bigger danger when fighting against him is that it's easy for D'lux to knock off opponents with just one direct hit from his gun or his katana. However, being careful makes it almost impossible for him to use his attacks correctly, and if he fails an attack, he will always expose himself for a counter.


Even if he has 2 aspects, he only uses one, and mainly is used for supporting his main attacks or defending himself. He doesn't have a high control of it, but it serves its purpose.

During fights, Silva allows him to raise roots or vines in order to protect himself from attacks, these can be used for attack too, but they aren't very strong. They're used the majority of times as a means for distraction or to expose a weak point.

Outside of combat, however, this aspect is more useful, because when he is somewhere with a lot of plants, these can advise him of dangers in the area. It's a kind of six sense only when plants are around, but it doesn't work always, and even if he feels danger, he can't dodge it properly or maybe can't dodge the danger at all. To finish, plants can't advise him of danger if it is too far.


As written before, Reicio is barely used for anything. He just uses it time-to-time with the purpose to make his enemies feel weaker and slower, but that's just when he overpasses the enemy's strength or is in danger. If that's not the case, Reicio is never used.

Or is it?

Old Katana & White Cannon

As a major explanation of his weapons, the “Old katana”, called “Wraith” by Nonoko, is a weapon only suited for close combat and is very sharp and long, but incredibly light. It allows him to move quickly, attacking and defending himself pretty well with the weapon.

The biggest flaw is the weapon itself, its weight makes it easy to take apart and break his defenses. In addition, when D'lux attacks, he exposes himself, and when he misses, this exposure can be taken to knock him off.

Aside from his blade, the White Cannon is a white revolver with an orange barrel. It's incredibly big and this aspect can make the weapon look like a gun.

This weapon has an immense power, and can even destroy some light and medium armor. It can also damage heavy armor, because the bullets are really big, making this weapon really dangerous.

But not everything is so easy. After six shots, this weapon needs to be reloaded. This takes a long time due to the size of the weapon and the bullets themselves. However, the greatest flaw is the recoil, which can throw D'lux on the floor, exposing him to attacks or it can even hurt him if he doesn't take time to prepare his body for the impact.

Both weapons can either be really powerful and really dangerous, but it can be avoided if the opponent is careful.


Miteiru Kuh'rinx

To put it short, Miteiru is Nonoko's boyfriend.

Both of them work at the cafe, and they can usually be seen talking between them, joking amongst other things. However, Nonoko doesn't like to be very loving with her, at least not in public.

Thanks to the fact that both of them didn't really met each other in real person before (Before arriving to Fiagia), he can be very nervous about physical contact. Even if he likes hugs, he doesn't feel very comfortable hugging her, even less in public.

They expend a lot of time together, and even if they may end up getting angry with each other, it won't last for long.

• Compatibility: ★★★★★

Damian D'lux

Damian is known mainly for being his brother, even if they don't talk much and he lives literally on another continent. They have a common brother relation, hating and respecting themselves at the same time. Nonoko sometimes mention him, but it has been a long time since he had any knowledge about him…

• Compatibility: ★★★☆☆

Other Relationships

Reliable Friend

Reliable Friend



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