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Luka Kestelyo




Character by ErBurrero

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera




Furrial Display Class



Lonely Loyal
Physique ♂ Male
Hatchday Aguia 28th / ♍ Virgo
Arcana XX - Judgement
Fivs (5)
Fivs (5)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Luka Kestelyo

Luka Kestelyo is a wandering freelancer who often works as an engineer and/or mercenary, either offering his services at a low fee, bounty hunting on his own or otherwise seeking knowledge. He looks for wrongs to right or seek some sort of thrill, which is usually fighting.

Luka Kestelyo is one of the humans that went through antecedence representing the user ErBurrero.

Additional Info

  • Nickname/s:
  • Pronouns: He/Him/His
  • Age: 14
  • Title:
  • Hometown:
  • Moral Alignment: Lawful Good
  • 16-P Type: Virtuoso ISTP-T
  • Suits Affiliation: ♣Clubs/♦Diamond
  • Chess Affiliation: ♜ Rook/ ♝ Bishop
  • Average Height Scale: 1.1x
  • Handedness: Right-Handed
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural
    • Aura: #0040ff Blue
    • Eye:
      • Outer: #28170b Brown
      • Inner: #100904 Dark Brown
    • Pigments:
      • #ffffff Primary: White
      • #dfded9 Secondary: Tanish Light grey
      • #afafaf Ear: Grey
      • #c8c5bd Stripe: Tanish grey


Luka is an independent wandering freelancer. He is known mainly for working as an engineer and as a mercenary, often mixing both due to his especially advanced combat equipment. He maintains his equipment, upgrades or uses it, and he also takes the time to do so to someone else's equipment.

He isn't part of any groups, but is often finding himself working for the Furria Guild, military or particular expeditions in need of manpower. His fees are usually on the lower end and, in very bad situations, he helps for free. But outside of conflict, he's seen going on his own taking various kinds of activities. These include quietly working on personal or work projects, studying or sightseeing. He enjoys intense action and adrenaline, like tournaments, races, hunting dungeons or even acting as a vigilante.


Luka is a lonely cat-type. Most often seen on his own, quietly minding his own business and rarely bothering to approach others unless he needs to or someone else needs help. Upon approach, however, he acts as a calm, mild and polite typyl, if slightly awkward but straightforward. He isn't interested in small talk unless the topic interests him, usually technology and combat. He admires the military but hasn't joined because of its requirements. He also shows respect for researchers that have less self-absorbed behavior.

Getting close to him would reveal that, while he is very interested in combat, he is obsessed with morality and righteousness. He idolizes heroism, virtue, has a moral code and sticks to traditions he followed before antecedency. He helps others as an ideal duty, as he says, “I don't need to care about you to help you out”. However, he can also be very stubborn, intolerant, blunt and insensitive. He isn't very good at handling emotions and sensitive people, getting easily frustrated by things he doesn't understand and his ideals can often clash with Typyl culture or another individual's. This makes him look bigoted sometimes as at his best, he tries to move on from trouble, but at worst he can have a hard time holding back his anger and desire to fight.

In battle, Luka relies on defense, tactics, and reflex as he first looks for an advantageous position. Then he uses reaction, maneuvering and his equipment for defense, blocking, deflecting, etc. He focuses more on defense, preferring heavy armor supported with different types of equipment to become very tough to damage. His offense relies on versatility, using different types of attack and ammo to exploit weaknesses, break defenses, etc. The delivery method is often straightforward ranged attacks. Outside of a fight, he’s on the lookout for enemies trying to get to his allies. He can also be supporting, fixing damaged equipment and making sure his party doesn't run out of resources.

When asked about his pre-antecedent life, he speaks with nostalgia, fondness, and gratitude for his life, but feels quietly melancholic and sorrowful about leaving it behind. His fondness of it shows in his preference for “mundane” items (objects like swords, spears, guns and physical armor) that follow antecedent world design over sorcia-reliant ones. He can be seen sometimes trying to make his equipment rely less on it.


Before Furria

Luka was just a digital artist and software engineering student before antecedence. His interest in technology and warfare comes from then, hence his knowledge on the topic carrying over. Some of his past can become apparent when he occasionally draws during his spare time, and how sometimes he attempts to set up mechanisms in basic logical terms and statements.

His loss before antecedence left him filled overcome by sorrow, deep guilt and grief inside the crystal room as he felt that his life was unfulfilled. More importantly, he felt had not paid back to his family, loved ones or anyone else who helped him in life, leaving them mourning him instead as well as making him unable to see them again.


Luka has a strong affinity for three things: tools (including weapons), tactics and maneuvers. The tools he mainly uses are firearms, especially those similar to the antecedent world. He has some weapons as his main gear, however:

Selective-fire Assault Rifle

His main weapon: A selective-fire assault rifle that Luka built, based on several antecedent world designs. Very versatile and highly modular. It usually has a scope, a digital ammo counter, an array of electromagnet coils along the barrel and a grenade launcher below. It loads high caliber ammo most often and can be loaded with either normal bullets or sorcia-enhanced ones for different effects such as exploding, freezing, burning, shocking, etc. He carries different ammo types for different enemies, but he prefers using normal physical bullets because they are cheaper and follow his preference for mundane equipment.

He added two sorcia-enhanced mini-jackhammers below the barrel and above the grenade launcher, using them to remove obstacles, cover or other undesired objects or creatures up close. He also added the electromagnets onto the barrel as an experiment to turn the weapon into a coilgun. They aren't fully optimized, but they react well with spells and can conduit a Typyl's sorcia to increase the rifle's power. It is an ongoing project, Luka is actively developing it.

Underbarrel Grenade Launcher

There's a grenade launcher attached below the assault rifle's barrel. It can be loaded with many different types of grenades. Although, because of its features, it can launch some more exotic projectiles. These include grenades capable of deploying energy shields, grenades able to drain enemies and heal allies, or his strongest grenades: “Vello-kinetic” grenades that explode, suck in objects and creatures, then explode again.

The launcher is highly versatile and limited only by what grenades Luka is carrying, but most of what he carries are common explosive grenades because they're cheaper.

Exoskeleton Armor

A cat-type typyl-shaped suit and helmet covered in interlocking armored plates, containing advanced technology such as a HUD and a radar. It's usually colored in camouflage patterns, but when it is not, it's most often colored some shade of grey with blue details.

The main feature of the armor is its sheer toughness. It is very resistant physically, and on top of that, it is coupled with auramor and an energy shield generator on a backpack, with space for more equipment. Even the joints are protected to a lesser extent. But besides protection, the armor is lightened, self-contained and has a large pocket under the front plate that Luka often uses as an arcpouch and several smaller pouches to let him carry objects outside his arcitory.


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