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Furrial Class

Furrial Classes (also known as Knowledge Classes) are titles given to and signify Typyl individuals that they have learned a particular set of skills set for a particular task or set of sorcia known exclusively to the class of their choice. Furrial classes also serve as vanity titles for a specific set of individuals qualified for their role, such as royalties.

The Typyl are the only species viable to learn furrial classes except for those who are sentient enough to learn and obtail a specific class: Typis, making them viable to gain furrial classes. However, this class must be present as their display class in order to harness special attributes given to a specific class.

For a list of Furrial Classes, check the Furrial Class Home.


Forms of Classes

Each class is divided into “holds” and is further divided into “children”.

  • Hold of Vanity
    • Child of Name
      A form of vanity specifically to show one's recognition and/or title
  • Hold of Ideals
    • Child of Earth
      Basic knowledge of daily use and everday life
    • Child of Talent
      Special knowledge for different concepts of life
    • Child of Aspect
      Knowledge of any aspect and its concepts
  • Hold of Conflict
    • Child of Vine
      Ways of performing close-ranged combat
    • Child of Thorn
      Ways of performing ranged combat
    • Child of Cast
      Ways of performing sorcia for combat
  • Hold of Creation
    • Child of Craft
      Methods of creating items
    • Child of Mass
      Methods of gathering and trading items
    • Child of Form
      Methods for utility

Display Class

The Furrial Display Class refers to an individual using a combination of names of furrial classes they have learned on display. Even though an individual can learn one or more multiple furrial classes, they can only use at most two for display when setting up their profile as not to overwhelm other individuals.

The furrial class is displayed as such:
{class1} {class2}

Both of these classes can be interchanged and/or switched with another class of their choice at any time.

For Typis, these must be present at all times but their positions can still be changed.

Learning Classes

In order to gain knowledge and access specific furrial classes, one must do the following:

  • Learn it from another individual who has known the class; and must/or
  • Do a test of mettle proving knowledge of a class

This is usually done in Class Campuses, where a safe environment is given for the class.

It is possible for an individual to learn all classes that is not a vanity class, should they decide to learn all of them but could end up taking more than a lifetime should one decides to master them fully while maintaining these titles in memory.

Basic Outfit Set

Main Article: Basic Outfit Set

It is recommended for individuals to don a Basic Outfit Set, an outfit set in specializing in mobility and focus in order to learn in the best condition possible without the complete removal of clothes.

The outfit set can be used in and outside of a class campuses and comes in a variety of colors. Basic outfit versions can also be crafted or given to when needed.

Class Campus

Main Article: Class Campus

A class campus is a location designed to provide learning spaces and environments suitable for teaching different furrial classes, under the direction of masters and teachers willing to teach others of their class.

Not every class campus contain all classes and is all dependent of the teachers inside the campus themselves.

To some, it also acts as a home and a viable location to be a settlement in itself.

Passing on Classes

Skills can be passed by an individual by simply teaching another of their craft. Due to the nature of learning classes this way, the one who learns it may end up not mastering it if the one teaching it lacks mastery, certail information or detail themselves.

To completely and properly recieve the title for their class, they are required to take a proper test of mettle for said class inside of a class campus.

Losing Classes

It is possible for an individual to lose the status and access of classes they have ignored overtime. These classes can still be regained after re-learning it or by simply remembering it again.

This does not apply to vanity classes and instead must lose their role pertaining to said vanity class from those who are authorized to do so.

Creating Classes

It is possible for an individual to create a class but must be agreed upon a maximum of 12 class campuses for it to be recognized globally and it to be actually usuable as a class.

Writing a class for Furria is different. There is no possible way at the moment.


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