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Sorcia (plural: sorcia), also known as sorcery, spells or spellcasting, is the art, practice, innovation or invocation of exhausting energy and power used, gained or channeled through the aid of Aspects found inside the creatures and environment in the world of Furria.

If a user is capable of using Sorcia, fatigue is given to the user during their use.



Sorcia is used for various situations: it is used as an application through technology; used as a convenience to the daily life, acting as tools used for certain functions; a form of defense from harm; or anything in between.

For Typyl, Sorcia is used for extraordinary actions possible in the world of Furria, such as casting or using Sorcia through different mediums. Certain factors affect or differ how Sorcia is being cast or used. Such factors being Furrial Class or Aspects the user has knowledge of using.

If a user is capable of creating Sorcia, they also have the ability to modify or copy created Sorcia up to an extent.


The amount of Sorcia a living being can cast or use is limited to how much energy or Force that being has. Each use or cast of Sorcia will expend Force with Fatigue given to its user.

Once the user's force is exhausted, it is not recommended to use or cast any more Sorcia since a toll to the user's life force is expended instead, being bound to receive Whiteout if the user is not careful or permanent death to the user if the user is too careless of their own health.

The limit of the size of Sorcia being cast is only limited to the size of a standard house. In terms of power, Sorcia can only handle up to 200% of its base power and possibly more if Equipment is included. Overcoming these limits can prove fatal. An exception is only made when a user has the access of using Shatter Charge.


When creating Sorcia to be cast or uses, each Sorcia must be composed of traits. Aspects are used to represent traits.

Defining VS Contributing

There are two ways of defining a trait for Sorcia using an Aspect:

  1. Defining Traits — Traits that define a specific function of a given Sorcia. Examples include target modifiers and the like.
  2. Contributing Traits — Traits that contribute to the effect of Sorcia, such as the addition of elemental modifiers, among others.


If a user is capable of using Sorcia, the user would have to expend their own energy to cast or use Sorcia, creating fatigue. When creating Sorcia, cost and effectiveness of casting or using it is also considered. The amount of energy used is scaled to varying factors.

These are some of the factors that can possibly scale the amount of energy used:

Base Accuracy Efficacy
Physical Power Timescale Number of Effects
Magical Potency Projectile Precision Effect Duration
Range / Distance / Area Projectile Homing Power Effect Potency
Movement Speed Projectile Path Particle Lifetime
Acceleration / Deceleration Number of Targets Delay

In summary, anything that can make a created Sorcia more powerful or complex will contribute on the amount of energy used.


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