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Creature by SomeRando


Artist Credit: placeholder

Category Insect-kind
Typyl Compatibility Incompatible
Danger Rank D+
(Friendly + Agressive)
Stat Balance


Ubihom are somewhat friendly bee-like creatures known for temporarily entrapping creatures into their hives.

Ubihom can only be found in Grusieve Grusieve, in clusters clumped together in forested areas.



Ubihom are small bee-like light blue creatures patterned with purple stripes that wraps around the body. They have purple stingers that are sized quarter of the length of their bodies. The stingers themselves doesn't necessarily sting, only need to prick their targets or to bring over honey generated from the hive.

Ubihom tend to move as a small swarm, searching for creatures to entrap to their hives. They feed from their own honey, generated by the hive.

Ubihom Light

Main Article: Ubihom Light

Their stingers give unique blindness effect Ubihom Light that forces those who are afflicted to have limited visibility while the Ubihom end up clearly visible with a light purple glow with the urge of following the nearest one.

This effect ends once their target is extremely near to the Ubihom or once 10 seconds have passed. This status effect is also easily curable by any globally status-curing spell and is also considered as blindness, blindness-curing items will also work.


Ubihom hives are homes for both the Ubihom and their targets located on top of high trees created by crystallized Ubihom sweet, with a couple of Ubihom entrapped within to control the hive. The hives are shaped like donuts stacked on top of each other, with the hive's entrance being at the bottom. These hives generate honey (Ubihom Sweets) provided it is constantly given heat. Should the hive be neglected heat, the hive will start to fall apart.

Should the target need to be freed, they can be easily broken by an external force, an easy way to get Ubihom Honeycombs. Some Ubihom will attack with their stingers and deal a small amount of damage, then soon die after. The rest of the Ubihom from the same hive will attempt to flee to a nearby hive.

Once the hive has a large amount of honey, they can simply start creating another hive to home in more Ubihom creating from solidified honey.


Once Ubihom lures a target with sufficient heat directly under the hive, the Ubihom can “activate” the hive to stretch down and entrap the target, trapping them within. The hive will then emit an air that makes them susceptible to stay inside. The Ubihom will then proceed to feed their targets honey the hive makes, thinking that will help bring in heat to the hive.

The natural heat is then absorbed into the hive, which is required to generate honey. Once they generate insufficient heat, they are soon released after, covered in the hive's honey.

Their target can be trapped inside the hive from 2 hours up to 16 hours.

Ubihom Sweets & Ubihom Honeycombs

Ubihom Sweets are simply honey coming from Ubihom hives. They only introduce a mildly sweet and bitter taste but is mostly used to enhance the tastes of food. Bottles of Ubihom Sweets can easily be bought in stores found nearby Ubihom-gathered forests.

Ubihom Honeycombs are parts of Ubihom hives, easily gathered by breaking these hives. These honeycombs are edible, as they are crystallized Ubihom Sweets and used to accent food palettes. They are also sweeter and more bitter compared to Ubihom Sweets. The honeycombs themselves can give a considerable amount of honey should these honeycombs are crushed into honey.

When both used as potion ingredients, they can give the potions themselves the ability to cure blindness or regenerate health.

Author Notes

  • This page is heavily modified by fiaKaiera to make more sense than what it is originally meant for.
  • Ubihom are originally called “Ubeez” but it was adjusted to fit more into Fiagia. The name itself is a combination of “Ubeez” and “Home”, signifying their nature of taking creatures to their home.
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