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Saviand Anomaly

The Saviand Anomaly was a historical catastrophic entity that almost devastated all of Fiagia made from an instability that stemmed from the H.A.C. Project.

The prevention of the Saviand Anomaly by the Presav has resulted in starting the Post-Anomalia Era (PA), the discovery of Saviand, the founding of the Saviand Home Compound, the creation of the Sav and the Presav classes, and the exposure of technologies and knowledge of the Antecedent World to Fiagia.



Birth of an Anomaly

During the transportation phase of the H.A.C. Project, an error in the transport has ended with the participants and its compound to end up in the small archipelago continent of Saviand.

From this phenomenon, a distortion was created nearby the compound, seemingly harmless at first and later on expanded year after year until it wildly expanded out of the blue and posed the threat of causing an implosion. This distortion takes areas from different parts of Fiagia in the form of interspacial orbs inside of a sprawling distorted sky slowly spreading out.

After its expansion, it brought out its own version of beings from the parts they are taken from. If left unchecked, it will start to absorb more and more of Fiagia slowly or suddenly until it implodes and creates a black hole.

Faith of the World

After some time following the transportation incident, the Saviand Anomaly near the compound suddenly started to expand and implode upon its surroundings to form a large mass of chaos, overtaking the whole sky in darkness within minutes, ready to engulf the world, attacking the island and everything around it.

In a panic, the residents of the H.A.C. attempted to run away and hide at first. Realizing they cannot hide forever, they ultimately decided to fight back. Initially, they cannot fight back in their current state despite their best efforts. One by one each of them fell in battle and not knowing the abilities of the Typyl, they unconsciously revive back at the compound. From this point, they realized the different capabilities from humans and tried again.

Without the help of the Typyl outside of Saviand and many attempts later, they soon find out they can cast Sorcia and have innate abilities, amplifying them to their full potential as Typyl, modified by each of their aspects. Within time, each of their roles were determined. Though not everyone fought in the front lines, each and everyone contributed in preventing the anomaly with the plan to destroy it's core, being the source of the anomaly.

With each encounter they get closer and closer to the core of the anomaly, they start to encounter interspacial distortions from areas around Fiagia, with holes of distorting views to the residents but are visible to everyone seeing them outside of the Saviand Anomaly, in which the world can watch their progress. Without a way of the outside interfering with the Anomaly, they can only watch and place their hope. Showing that they are the only ones that can prevent the anomaly itself.

This is the point where a class dedicated to them is decided, marking them as the “Antecedent Hope of the World”. This class is later named as Presav after the anomaly, coined by one of the Presav themselves.

Interspace Weave

Upon reaching the core, they find themselves sucked within the subspace found inside, wrapped in darkness, forcing the residents to individually seperate them inside interspacial distortions taken by the anomaly. In due time, the group reconvenes slowly but surely, finding themselves deep within the core. The group then agrees to reach the center in the hopes to find the source and destroy it once and for all.

The battle to the center carried on, heading towards the core of the anomaly. The more deeper they get, the battles start to get harder and harder. Each of them willing to give their all to succeed, with each other carrying up one another when things get desperate. Inside the core, the holes of distorting views begins to become more clear yet obscure enough to not reveal their viewers' identities, showing various Typyl faces observing them, which the group assumes as part of the distortion at first.

Fierce battles were fought by the group with every member left weak and wounded by they time they reached a safe place to rest. It did not take them long to find themselves deep within the anomaly, ending up near the source without a way of returning back as the path returning is destroyed. The situation started to get really desperate as their progress came to a halt with the continuous wave of enemies, to the point of reaching their limit, not being able to sustain a fight any further. Within a matter of time, they will have to engage again.

Decision of Fate

As soon as the group starts to consider giving in, one of the residents, Snare Allwissend starts to take note of the shouts made from the distorted views desperately calling to them. At this point Snare realizes that it's not only them being affected and he came up with a very dangerous plan.

Snare has notified that he wants only a few of the residents to safely evacuate to continue the legacy of their group, with one of them being able to transport them out should the situation ends up being dire, it being Ricochet Alabaster.

With only given fifteen minutes on the clock to decide before being overtaken by the enemies of the anomaly, arguments starts to break out who deserved to live and then quickly controlled themselves to think who would suit better to survive, decided by their importance and relevance to their future as a group.

Due to his nature, Snare was one of the leading candidates to be sent back proving his status as a leader, but declines as he himself knows “what to do” in the end, leading everyone with confusion. Instead, one of them will be a mother figure, overseeing the future generation. Another knowledgeable of the antecendent world, responsible for advancing the technology of Fiagia. One well versed with the history of the previous world, spreading the tales told from their history along with the battle of the Saviand Anomaly itself. The other who are chosen with equal importance along the way.

As time was limited, these decisions were made with haste. These five were given an opportunity to be sent back once the decision was final. As they teleported back, one of the returning members of the group suddenly exchanged their positions with one of their most precious friends in exchange for their place, wishing for their friend to go on and prevent them from failure. This resulted with the one exchanged to carry the burden of their friend's sacrifice. All of them know how precious their lives could be, but with limited time it was hard for them to make a confident decision.

As soon as the five's escape was successful, the rest are all determined to finish the fight with having the point of no return.

Fall of the H.A.C.

Despite the group's weakened state, the battle carried on with one by one taken down repeatedly, without a safe place to safely recover, each willing to give it their all.

As the situation grew desperate, each of the residents reached their limit, not being able to battle a minute more. From here, Snare tries to temporarily shield the whole group to desperately and regrettably inform all of its members present in the situation: if they are going to destroy the anomaly, no one may be able to survive in it once it gets destroyed. He then tells them that he plans to sacrifice himself to destroy the core while everyone else fended him from harm while he was doing it.

Albeit everyone scared, all of them had no choice but to put their trust in Snare and accept their possible fate and nodded in agreement. As more and more enemies approached, the group tries their best to fend them off, giving one of the participants named Rhea Pachbelle to communicate to their members in safe travel outside the anomaly what would happen. Afterwards, Snare would execute his plan.

As their final moments passed, Snare walked up to the source of the anomaly, with everyone else at his back fighting to protect him. Snare lifted himself up to the air, closed his eyes and with regret, killed all of the residents and the foes surrounding him. The remaining residents of the H.A.C. outside of the core were greeted by a singly gloomy and dark message: “I'm sorry.” coming from Snare himself, as he dragged himself down by grief, responsible for killing and losing almost every friend he had to succeed, with only one path to atone himself.

Snare then started to inherit all of the remaining energy of the remaining residents, together with his last remaining bits of strength, repenting for forgiveness. He imploded himself with all of it, taking out the source, destroying the core and the anomaly itself in an extravagant display of an explosion, restoring Fiagia into their own former glory. The ones outside the core see their friends die right in front of them as they break down seeing this.

Ever since their fall, all of them were recognized as Presav. With the remaining five moving on, telling the tale and striving to improve the world of Fiagia as a whole, with the H.A.C. Project Compound now known as the the center for the Sav, the Saviand Home Compound inside the continent now known as Saviand.


  • As of this moment, the five Presav who have survived are not known as of this moment. — fiaKaiera 2018/07/03 20:14
  • Snare ends up with the highest burden of all the Presav as he kills everyone first, then the anomaly itself.

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