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Concept by: SomeRando


Tilitrapuliam (shortened to Titripiam) is a species of rare cautionary-level carnivorous pod-like plants found in dense forests of Erthen Erthen and Quailyn Quailyn. Tilitrapuliam are known for capturing Typyl and other beast-kind in their pods, easily noticeable by their purple leafy exterior.



Tilitrapuliam are somewhat large purple pod-like plants with their pod as nearly large as Typyl with leaves sprouting from its sides, from which it hides tentacles sticky enough to capture them. It sustains itself by gathering insects and smaller creatures for itself to consume and gaining nutrients from the sun. However, it requires heat to survive, which can be gained through either the sun at day or through capturing prey at night.

Should the plant be attacked, they shrivel up to a small size, releasing any prey inside it and attempt to grow again. The plant itself has a weak exterior so it's not uncommon for its prey to be released.

It spreads by afflicting targets with a coating full of seeds, most of which will not survive while being in said coating and/or outside of forests. It will also not grow nearby other Tilitrapuliam, so they are actually found far and few in-between.

Tilitrapuliam are not able to handle a high amount of flux, so they simply wither away.

Capture Pods

Should they get enough energy from the day, Tilitrapuliam pushes sweet temporary spores that resembles pinkish mist attracts any creature to the pod. Once it's close enough to the pod, tentacles will start to viciously grab for their prey, and capture them into the pod and start stealing their heat.

The pod will always try to keep the head of their prey outside of the pod while the body is being kept in place by its tentacles membranes expanding like balloons to keep them in. The plant will also point spores at the prey's head to keep them hallucinogenic and stay throughout.

Once captured, the pod itself will begin to fill in with its digestive fluid, which is pretty weak, akin to a hot spring bath, only intended to capture heat than to consume their prey. If their prey has enough heat and stays there for too long, it could knock them out, either accidentally digesting them for its nutrients or enter some form of downstate.

This process will only last up to 3 hours either until there is no more heat to get from their prey, or they are somehow freed from any external force. The pod is weak in general and it would be easy to take them out. Once the prey is freed, they will find themselves covered in a slimy coating covered in seeds, which can be easily removed.

Author Notes

  • This page is heavily modified by fiaKaiera to make more sense than what it is originally meant for.
  • The name's origin is a random mixture of the words “Typyl”, “Trap” and “Pull”.
  • The pod itself is a very uncommon and not recommended way to remove fever from Typyl, as most of the time it could knock them out.
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