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Furria Guild

The Furria Guild is a volunteer-centric guild-like community that provides several services across Fiagia and its moons. The guild is aimed to provide international services that help ease to provide opportunities to its inhabitants, mostly acting as the intermediary (middleman) and relay to most interactions than acting on its own.

Most of its operations relies on their Task Board system, where individuals can offer tasks for others to take, including from members of the guild themselves. Almost all of the services they provide support this cause.

The Furria Guild itself is a true netural group, and tends to be oblivious for either side when accepting tasks when not curated. The guild is not at fault for the results of the requests given to them at all as details of each task and their intention is always up to those who offered the task. Should the tasks be curated, they will always be in the intent of progressing and helping the guild, to where they are settled but not hampered.

The creation of the Furria Guild was made after the events of the saviand anomaly.

For more information about the establishment and services offered by the Furria Guild, check it's world page.

For more information about the benefits and information about the guild's associated class, check Fiald, the class given to Furria Guild members.


Members of the Guild

The Furria Guild is a collective of volunteers who aim to make life easier by providing several without any conflict in-between, including those who manage these settlements and those who represent for each continent. Together they help each other by doing contributions that benefits all of the guilds. To most settlements, the members of the guild will also support the settlement where they are settled in furthering improving the cycle and flow of life in both the guild and settlement.

Despite being a collective, only one per settlement represents their local guild establishment along with minor establishments, and only a select few represent the whole continent, which are people with the most influence and contributions to the guild itself. The amount varies between the different landmasses of the Furria Guild.


Membership in the Furria Guild only means that they participate in the guilds tasks often and gain reputation around their guild on the promise that they would help the guild and their local establishment. Membership will always be tied and recognized to a member to wherever they first applied, but can change allegiance at any other guild should they want to switch. Members are not restricted to membership services outside of their assigned establishment as they only purely work in name.

The only requirement is that the guild must recognize their ability to help within the guild. These requirements vary for each establishment, but will always be easy to attain. A member of the Furria Guild will obtain the class Fiald once they are registered within the guild. Sub-guild establishments are not allowed to sign up new members.

Should they decide not to be a member of the guild anymore, they are free to do so and free to come back without going through requirement. Doing so will lose their Fiald class and be disassociated with their partnered team and/or sub-guild.

Members are not required to always participate in the guild and are free to act as the guild itself is based on voluntary work. Individuals outside membership could still participate in guild tasks without the benefits of being a member.

Teams & Sub-guilds

Members of the guild can be a part of a team and/or a sub-guild should they want to contribute along with other members of the guild. Like membership, teams and sub-guilds are also tied to the establishment they are registered on and can be moved to another should they decide to.

The establishment requires to have Team Creation (tCREO) or Sub-guild Creation (sCREO) services create teams or sub-guilds respectively.


A furria guild team is composed of guild members that functions as a group for guild tasks. These teams allow themselves to work with members who are commonly partied as they work together for group tasks.

Teams can have their own name, participate as a group in tasks, apply for team-centric tasks and events, have their own storage and dedicated spaces in the guild. They can also have access to services that let them work together better as a group.

Those who apply as a team are given their continental representative guild badge and accessories that help them start as a team.

Any member can be part of multiple teams, even to those who have a team outside of their dedicated establishment.


Like teams, sub-guilds are composed of a larger group of guild members that work together as a group. This usually ends up being the case once a team is too large or is large enough to host their own settlement.

Sub-guilds tend to be more organized and be composed of several teams in one and would have the same benefits as teams, but with addition of the same services except in a scale tailored to sub-guilds, such as having both team and sub-guild storage.

Those who apply as a sub-guild are given their own unique representative guild badge to show them as a part of a sub-guild, along with a dedicated large hall. Should they decide to settle outside of the settlement where they applied, they are given with materials to optionally create a settlement instead.

A member can only be part of one sub-guild per continent.

Task Board

The task board system provided by the guild is a method of introducing tasks and jobs from individuals who would like to hire help to complete their task. A task board is introduced to display all available work that can be taken at any time at the establishment, varying into different categories that can be taken all at once.

The task board is very optional for individuals to post and use, as the tasks themselves can be personally approached to the ones who posted them without the help or benefit of safety of the guild.

Should a task have a lack of reward or no reward from the one who posted a task, the guild will compensate properly.


Ranks are a way of defining the difficulty of each task. The higher the difficulty, the higher the reward it gives.

E- to E+ For young individuals. Usually tasked with things that won't get them in harms way.
A+ to DThe normal difficulty scale, with Rank D being the easiest and Rank A being the strongest.
OHigher than Rank A, Rank O is the highest with in the scale factor of difficulty, only available to the elite as to even including a Sav to intrude. Rank O+ is much more harder.
XAnother high difficulty rank similar to Rank O, however this rank introduces wildly chaotic difficulty. Rank X+ introduces difficulty equal to and past Rank O.
nA rank dedicated for scaling difficulty. Tasks with this rank tend to have strict conditions.
_?(Example: Rank B?) An additional clause to any rank. This requires for those who take it to explore unknown territories that could change the task's rank.
_!(Example: Rank C+!) nother additional clause that marks that the tasks requires immediate attention.

Ranks can change overtime during a task. In this case, an alert will be given or sent out should the rank be changed. As such the term “Alert Rank _” is used. (Example: Alert Rank O+)


Each task on the task board can be divided into different kinds. With each one having their own rank, depending on their difficulty.

  • Battle Related
    • [*ATK] Battle — engage and defeat a specified target
    • [BOSS] Challenging Encounter – Face against a powerful foe. Usually requires a party, sometimes the one requesting being said foe
    • [*DEF] Defend — defend a specified target for a certain amount of time
    • [RAID] Raid — raid a given destination, requires a party
    • [ASST] Assist/Support — support a target
    • [RESC] Rescue — rescue a specified target
    • [SURV] Survive — provide distraction and survive for a certain amount of time
  • Work Related
    • [ERND] Errand — simple quick day to life chores
    • [*JOB] Job — support a business for a set amount of time
    • [CONV] Convince — convince a specified target to a task
  • Item Related
    • [GIVE] Fetch/Gather — gather a set of items
    • [TRDE] Trade — exchange an item and deliver exchanged item
  • Crafting Related
    • [MAKE] Craft — craft a specified item and deliver the result
    • [COOK] Cook — create a specified food item and deliver the result
    • [*FIX] Repair — repair an item using a set of materials and deliver the result
  • Transport Related
    • [PASS] Deliver — deliver an item safely to its destination
    • [*ESC] Escort — escort a person safely to its destination

Research Tasks

Only available to establishments with Research Services (rTASK), research tasks are specific for developing further progress of research and technologies with the guild and its acquaintances. These are often paired with strict conditions on higher ranked tasks.

  • Area Related
    • [*MAP] Explore — explore an area and return a map created from it
    • [FIND] Discover/Find — discover/find a new or unknown location
    • [LOOK] Survey — explore around an area with specific conditions and report back
  • Work Related
    • [ANLY] Analyze — inspect a destination and return findings
    • [SAMP] Sample — gather a sample for research
    • [TEST] Test — test abilities against a given task
    • [PUZL] Puzzle — solve a puzzle given

Black Tasks

Black tasks (also known as mercenary services) are only taken behind the front of the Furria Guild, acting as a “black market” for tasks that are usually out of line from the curation of the Furria Guild in favor for tasks that affect conditions in a major way or in individuals that insist be placed as a black task.

Only a few settlements offer Black Tasks, all depending on the state of the settlement and it's surroundings. Some might temporary enable them whenever they fall into conflict and require help to get them into their favor.

All of these tasks tend to fall to Rank A? to O? and are always of high risk and reward, and the guild will not provide any help or support in providing and giving rewards for these tasks as it all comes from the ones who posted the task.

Rumors say even the higher guild members themselves take black tasks, and some security-level personnel post to the board to take care of things instead.

In addition to the available set of tasks, black task specific tasks are included:

  • Location Specific
    • [HACK] Hacking - getting access to data through unauthorized access
    • [INFL] Infiltration - gathering intelligence of specific information from a target location
    • [OVRT] Overtake - capture target location
    • [SABO] Sabotage - disrupt the flow of a target object and/or location
    • [SIEG] Siege - attack a target location
    • [STEA] Steal - obtain target item from an individual or location
  • Target Specific
    • [ASSA] Assassination - assassinate the target. Depending on the task, permanently
    • [CAPT] Capture - capture target for extraction
    • [*DOA] Dead or Alive - capture target that either leaves them dead or alive
    • [EXPR] Experiment - research task with unsanitary conditions
    • [INTR] Interrogate - extract information from a target
    • [SUBD] Subdue - bring under control by means of force


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