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Concept by: fiakaiera


Slivet are a family of ground plants commonly growing in overgrown regions with medium and high amounts of moisture. These are mostly known for its distinct orbs featuring a shiny slimy substance surrounded by leaves.



Slivet are ground plants which has a meat-like bulb (the core) surrounded by slime, generated by the bulb to protect it from the outside. Slivets get its nourishment from the sun directly to the core in order to grow with leaves surrounding both the bulb and the slime to get nutrients from the ground.

Slivets spread through the rain: it hits the slime barrier and spreads seeds out into the slime, making it so that it spreads around from the slime being splashed out by the rain. Slivets are small and tend to be alone from other slivets. Should it be planted right beside each other, both tend to rot away.

Should the bulb be taken away, as long as the roots and the leaves of the plant are not removed, a new bulb will be generated over time.

Depending on the environment, slivet slimes are colored based on the plants surrounding them as an attempt to blend in.


Slivet farms are not common, based on the where they are grown. Growing slivets tend to be paired with other plants so they can be grown based on whatever they are next to.

Slime Use

The slime of slivets have different uses:

  • As fuel for fire
  • As a catalyst for potions
  • and as food for sustenance

When used as food, it is best for it to be cooked first. Typyl find it either to be sweet or savory, sometimes going along with the cooked core.

Cooler-colored slivet slime tend to be more poisonous to Typyl.

Core Use

The core itself is a meat-like substance that can be used as a meat alternative for hunting cattle-kind. It could also be used to attract other beasts for hunting and is the popular option to lure in beasts, especially when cooked, when the scent of the meat itself spreads somewhat far.

When eaten after being cooked, the core would taste very savory and meat-like in contrast to the slime. Antecedents find it to taste like “Beef” in varying scales depending on where it is harvested. When eaten raw, it would taste more like stale meat.

Depending on the slivet, when paired with the slime, the slime tends to be its sauce for the core.

Flux Slivets

If corrupted by flux, fluxed slivets are 100% poisonous unless cooked, where the slime can be safely eaten with a minor chance of poisoning. The core itself should never be eaten. If the slime is cooked too long, it can turn into a poisonous mist. If cooked to fast, the slime will explode as an acidic substance.

If eaten raw, the slime gives out poison to any being who eats it. Eating the core will further or start corrupting whoever eats it, albeit only a minor effect.

Author Notes

  • The name for the Slivet comes from the words “slime” and “sliver”.
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