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🎲 Fia [Dice]

Furrian Dice, simplified as Fia [Dice] (フィア 「サイコロ」 Fia 「Saikoro」, lit. Fia 「Dice」) (stylized as Fia 「Dice」, also known as FiaD6, Fian Dice or Furria D6) is a light fantasy tabletop role-playing system akin to Dungeons & Dragons.

Furrian Dice a variation of Simple D6 - Third Edition highly modified to and for the world of Furria. It's one step above than Simple D6 in complexity, but is still made simple and easy to learn, especially for those who doesn't like to explain advanced systems.

NOTICE! This whole concept is undergoing active work. If you plan to do a session, please note that not everything has been finalized and possibly be subject to change.

There are two variations of Fia 「Dice」:

  • Simple: FiaD6 as it was originally planned and easier to learn; and
  • Diverse: FiaD6 with mechanics of Furria properly implemented. This is the intended way to play.

The differences between Simple and Diverse is that Diverse adds a little bit more to make the system a bit more interesting.

Fia 「Simple Dice」

※ Very good for beginners for tabletop RPGs

PDF Downloads:
Not yet available

Fia 「Diverse Dice」

The intended way to play, only adds a bit to Simple

PDF Downloads:
Not yet available


  • The first physical playthrough of Furrian Dice was in February 10, 2018, with the game master being wishdream. This first run was done to test the mechanics of the game, which is tried to fix later.
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