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dn Anthrpc mpnd Pct
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Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound

The Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound project (shortly known as the H.A.C. Project) is a project from the Antecedent World that gives its participants the opportunity to be anthropomorphic animals at a remote location, now known as the Saviand Home Compound.

The H.A.C. Project has paved the way for the events of Furria to happen, setting of the events of the Saviand Anomaly off along with the creation of the Presav, and the improvement of technologies in Fiagia, thanks to the remnants of the antecedent world found in the compound itself.

Disclaimer: As this is concept is set in the Furria series, the project is entirely fictional and is not possible to happen in real life despite the concept being a part of the antecedent world.

Note: For those who wanted to make original characters in Furria, creators cannot have their characters be officially verified if their character is an H.A.C. project participant, as the roster of characters within the project is fixed, with all of the of the participants already existing.

The Project

The H.A.C. Project is set by a secret unknown organization “who shall not be discussed or named” from the Antecedent World. The Project aims to research and give an opportunity to its participants the chance to take form of an anthropomorphic animal and live as such being re-located in an unknown remote location in the antecedent world.


The plan of the H.A.C. Project is to test two different possibilities:

  1. If it is possible for inhabitants of the antecedent world to have anthropomorphic features, allowing for further evolution of their species; and
  2. If it is possible to use teleportation as a secure medium for mass transportation to a designated location.

For the project to be successful, the project must have a group sample size of participants ranging from 50 to 100 unique willing students specifically narrowed down to one school, differing in interests, talents and abilities.

The project's location is set hidden deep within the highlands where a fully nourished compound is constructed for the participants of the H.A.C. Project, marking them as their home. The compound is specifically built to observe them and their actions and to hide them from the public eye, preventing any source of panic to occur from the experiment and their appearance.

The H.A.C. Project aims to be a last ditch effort to further evolve and adapt the next generation of their race drastically. In its completion, it is planned for every being of their species that did not partake the H.A.C. Project to be removed from their world. The participants will end up oblivious to this as they are disconnected to the their old race.


To gain entry into the H.A.C. Project, the participant must obtain one of 100 participation keys, each differing in design representative of different species, allowing for the participant to choose which species they want to take form of. These keys can be found at a section of the selected school. Personnel of the organization are also tasked to secretly observe students who have the potential to do this task.

The chance to gain entry (also known as “the period of presentation”) to the project is within one week. Afterwards, there will be no way of gaining entry to the project ever again.

Key Rules

There are rules assigned to the keys given to the participants of the HAC, in which personel will have to keep track of.

  1. Only one key is allowed to be given to one participant.
  2. The key cannot be given, lent or borrowed to others.
  3. The key cannot be returned once it is obtained and decided upon.
  4. Once obtained, the key holder is bound to partake in the project.
    • This can be circumvented by not attending the project once it happens.
    • This can be also cirumvented if the key holder is unable to attend due to an accident on the way to the attendance.
  5. The key holder has the liberty to swap their key with another key holder in the case they are not happy with their current key they have in hand.


Once the period of presentation ends, each key holder must arrive to a location given to them along with the key they have in hand. This must be done before midnight at the start of the Chinese New Year, a day immediately after the period of presentation.

The path going to the given location was intentionally planted with traps to slow some of the participants down, making them miss the defined time. These traps can only go as far to the point of injuring them, making them unable to attend altogether but not to the point of death. The traps are placed in order to filter out those who doesn't have the capabilities to properly partake in the project.


Upon arrival of the participants to the specified location, each participant is required to find a capsule matching the design of their own key and get inside it, putting them into sleep ready for harmless conversion and transport. This task must be all before the precise minute of the midnight ends, making them accessible the minute after and will be forced to leave the vicinity.

The Transport Incident

The Agenda and the Decision

Before the transport, Snare Allwissend, a participant of the H.A.C. Project has information about the project, its participants and the project's hidden agenda. The personnel overseeing the H.A.C. Project has taken notice of this and has concerns that Snare may be suspicious and end up informing the others of the project before all of the participants enter their own respective capsule . Since the overseers cannot attend in the transport itself, the managers of the project must require a plan to circumvent this possibility.

On the location of the transport, Snare's capsule is locked from his key and a pill, along with a glass of water is placed alongside the capsule itself. Once Snare arrives to his capsule, the participants outside their capsules are notified and informed that Snare might have attended the project to sabotage it, giving pressure to Snare.

Snare's original plan is to make sure that the project ends up free from the prying eyes of the organization, giving them privacy while at the same time succeed to achieve transformation, making both sides achieve their goals. However, if this opportunity is missed and/or revealed, the project will not be attempted again or done by force.

With Snare's capsule still locked despite using his key and time approaching midnight, Snare has been given two choices: take the pill, knowing that he will forget the details about the H.A.C. as proof of “loyalty”; or give himself up, allowing for the project to happen without him, failing his plan and unknowingly end up being interrogated and investigated upon.

As a last resort for Snare, Snare takes the pill hoping for the chance that the project slightly failing in his favor. With Snare taking the pill, he cannot help and tell everyone that he feels he might be important to an event in the future, and promises to tell everyone of it post-transport.

As midnight arrives, the transport started in a few minutes, forcing everyone who failed to enter to go outside. Without everyone noticing, most of Snare's memories were lost during his slumber in the transport, breaking his promise and leaving him in an almost blank slate.

In the end, only 60 out of 100 participants manage to get in their own pod. Out of the 100, only 78 were keyholders and the fate of those who failed to get in theirs are never revealed.

The Teleportation Conundrum

As soon as all of the participants fell asleep, the H.A.C. project begins, starting the transport of all of the participants to the H.A.C. Compound.

Unfortunately during the transport, an error was made in the transportation process that caused a major disturbance in their transfer. This has caused all of the participants and their destination to vanish all of a sudden into an unknown location without any trace of them being there, save for a few missing chunks of land. From this point onwards the participants are locked out from going back, having no way to return and having no communication from the organization and outside the compound itself.

Oblivious to this, the participants of the project and the compound are sent into a completely unfamiliar area unknown to them, as the participants wake up one by one from inside their own capsules. This has led them thinking the transport was successful, starting the project and knowing they will completely live in the compound for awhile. Unknown to them, they now reside in Fiagia on a small archipelago continent unknown to its inhabitants, with their bodies taken in an unnatural form of Antecedence due to the project, making them change completely into Typyl.

After the participants have settled themselves inside the compound, they all faced Snare and started to ask them details of the H.A.C. project. To their dismay, the participants are shocked to know that Snare cannot recall anything about him, the details of the project itself and its participants, with no recollection of his own past. In desperation, the participants started to check for any form of contact from the antecedent world and have found actual equipment to contact them, but all of which have failed.

From this point onwards, the participants themselves have to accept their current situation and figure out how to live and survive on their own without looking back. Surviving and living normally as they could, oblivious to them to the catastrophe they will have to face known as the Saviand Anomaly.

The compound is later on renamed to be the Saviand Home Compound, and the continent recognised and named to be Saviand, the land and home of the Sav and Presav.


Out of all 100 keys available for the H.A.C. project, 82 of them were key holders, yet 60 of them ended up being participants. All of the 60 participants have later on been recognized as Presav later on due to the Saviand Anomaly.

The participants are ordered from their original places as presented from fiaKaiera's original character designs of them.1)

Set 2-1

33. Rim
34. Armo Glaide
35. Hammie
36. Ton
37. Erika
38. Ripe
39. Matchie
40. Mon

Set 2-2

41. Claid Montegro
42. Alison Mae Cabrera
43. Kate Ampshire
44. Tunia
45. Melchor
46. Rob
47. Shed
48. Namie

Set 2-3

49. Ricochet
50. Abbey Anne
51. Anne Fischer
52. Lace
53. Rachel
54. Claire Bonheur
55. Chill
56. Miriam Hestre

Set 2-4

57. Sen
58. Rhyme Von Zima
59. May
60. Felius


  • The concept of the Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound was not new, it was a re-writting of fiaKaiera's old comic concept called Project H.A.C., which is mostly the same thing
    • Their differences between the original concept of the H.A.C. to the concept of the H.A.C. to Furria, despite the original concept being preserved
      • All of the participants of the H.A.C. act really differently than their original counterparts
      • Rather than directly all of the participants being children, it was made vague on what their age will be but is still considerably young
      • The transport of the Presav to Furria doesn't exist in the original concept, originally making them stay on Earth
      • The participants also had the ability to revert back to their human forms in the original concept when they are visiting their beloved ones
        • Another pass of the original concept is that their original forms are actually a facade that can be broken
    • All of the participants have the eye style, making them look very identical. This led to the Presav having the same body composition in the end
  • There were originally 82 key bearers, this has been shortened down to 78 in reference to an old physically archived notebook by fiaKaiera showing there were originally 78 planned aspects before Furria came to fruition
  • There is a conflict of lore with the antecedent world between the H.A.C. project participants and the actual antecedents: they don't represent people in real life
    • However, this is cirumvented to the nature of the multiverse theory, with its already unnatural process of going to Furria in the first place, with the H.A.C. coming from one universe and the antecedents the other — fiaKaiera 2018/07/03 08:27


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fiaKaiera's Original Designs can be viewed here and here.
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