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Original Title
Friendly Name
Port Town Patience
Location Type Settlement – Town
Continent Crescentalia Crescentalia


Patiencia, primarily known as Port Town Patience is a small peaceful town set near the sea acting as the satellite town of Harmonia found in the east. Patiencia is home to Crescentalia's main headquarters for the Furria Guild and is home to select Antecedents.

Traveling straight from the ports of Patience towards the sea leads to one of the Crescentalia Path Reflectors. Exiting the town will lead to the Maui Fields.

  • Resident Term: Paticial
  • Population Capacity: 450
  • Majority Typ-fam: Mixed
  • Spirit Guardian: Tamashii
  • Export: Potions, Berries, Fruits, Milk, Seafood
  • Furria Guild
    • Guild Services:
    • Merchant Services:
    • Travel Services:
    • Settlement Transport Locations:
      Geo, Harmonia, Path Reflector, Snowport


A draft concept sketch of Patiencia

The calm port of Patiencia founded upon the main land south of the Northern Path Reflector of Crescentalia. It's plus-signed land structure of stone, wood and water makes it a center of easy access to most services for a small town.

Even as a peaceful town, Patiencia is known for it's week-long recreational celebrations found every two months in addition it's relaxing facilities and being a contribution to trade around the seas in and between the harmonial kingdom.

The port town has made home to a select Antecedents, most of which are friends in-between before their antecedence.



The blue cross represents the town's river, being the central point and the founding theme of the town, expanding into its current state. With the blue beyond showing opportunity and peace among the view of the sea, giving a sign of peace coming covring what's more to come. The white is used to represent its cleanliness kept along the town.

Ruling Body

Patiencia is one of the unique towns which is led by no one but its major contributors and their people in pacts, achieving a natural harmony in trade, to the point it was a possibility that it was the reason that recreational celebrations are being held.

The Furrian Guild inhabits most of the services as most of its inhabitants are volunteers, bearing a mixed bag of Paticials ready to take on bizzare aid.


Patiencia is sought of its inhabitants as a place of respite, peace, simplicity and calmness with it's conflicts and complexities being a contribution as a spice of life in an otherwise near-perfect representation of plain conflictless outcomes. Though being managed by their own, its hidden rules in place are simply suggestions for the people, allowing in their own freedom.

Being a minor town, protection was not as intense as other towns. But to reassure security, a “Spirit Guardian” is assigned to ward off the town from danger, in addition to the security and guidance of the Furrian Guild. Without the protection of the spirit guardian, the town can quickly get overwhelmed with monsters due to it's pure energy.


Patiencia is a cross-shaped small port town glazed with tiles for flooring, and brick-wood hybrid houses filled lush flora on the sides. The houses along the cross have two stories and can be crossed along with bridges. These can serve as a double-decked house or a single decked house due to it's nature of using Arcspaces.

In the middle of these streets lies a large river waterway for use of traversing through the water and quick access using small boats. The water is also constantly filtered and kept clean and has a dual-purpose to go across to the other side without using access it's underground space and vice-versa by swimming directly through them in addition to elevators and stairs.

The east of the town center leads to a mountainous area and to the west lies the outskirts, which is surrounded by forests and farmland. Heading north from the town center is the port going out the sea.


Port Town Patience is divided into 7 different districts:

  1. Patiencia Center — also known as the “Town Center”, acts as the bridge between five different districts and holds some of the highlights of the town, including the town center.
  2. Port District — otherwise known as the “Resort District” located north of Patiencia Center facing the sea. Inns, resorts and a few shops are located here. Though, most of it is considered as a residential district.
  3. East District — known as the “Market District” east of Patiencia Center. This district contains most of the shops and services the town can give.
  4. West District — a residential district located west of Patiencia Center.
  5. Starboard District — dubbed as the “Gate District” facing the gates leading to the Maui Fields. It's home to quick services located near the gates but mainly serve as the residential district.
  6. Cape — Patiencia's underground accessible from the five districts branching and including Patiencia Center. It is home to the core of the town under the town fountain and is a common area for the night market in events and a place for recreation.
  7. Cliffside — also known as Uptown, located right of the East District. A portion of patience set on higher ground. Fewer establishments are set here and the windmills are located at this district.
  8. Outskirts — located at the left of the West District. A residential district that is surrounded mostly by Nature. Farms are located here.

Landmarks & Services




Notable Residents


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