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Furria Guild



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Furria Guild
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Guild Base of Operations
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Furria Guild

The Furria Guild is a volunteer-centric guild-like community that provides several services across Fiagia and its moons. The guild is aimed to provide international services that help ease to provide opportunities to its inhabitants, mostly acting as the intermediary (middleman) and relay to most interactions than acting on its own.

Establishments of the Furria Guild can be found and scattered through towns and settlements across Fiagia and its moons and is managed entirely by volunteers. One main headquarter is found in each continent and moon to serve as the main center of operations for the whole continent.

Lesser establishments can also be stood up by registered sub-guilds of the Furria Guild.

For more information about the workings of the Furria Guild,
check it's culture page.


The Furria Guild is a large or small settlement found inside a town or place depending on its size and place. It contains several services that can cater to the specific town/settlement. It can be one large building or a rough place of buildings working as one entity. The style of it varies based on the town or place they are settled in.

Almost all of the guild settlements have common features: such as a lounge, a shared space, a lobby, a mini-restaurant for anyone to hang out inside.

One notable symbol to recognize that the location is an establishment of the Furria Guild is that their prominent insignia is similar to Furria's common logo. (example)


The Furria Guild provides support to those who interact with them through the use of multiple services. Most of these do require small amounts of Sylv as contributions to keep the local branch running. Even though the guild is capable of giving all of these services, not all furria guild locations have all of them due to a restriction or availability of them.

Not all guild services are found inside the Furria Guild alone, but also in different locations inside the settlement.

A person does not require to register at the Furria Guild in order to access all of these services since the Furria Guild itself is a volunteer-centric community.

Guild Services

The guild offers services related to what they are originally intended for: to ease and provide opportunities. Among these, some services are provided that only the Furria Guild could uniquely provide without proper expertise.

  • *TASK Task Offering
    – The guild compiles all local tasks being offered to the guild and posts them on a board for individuals who seek to take on and complete these tasks.
  • rTASK Research Services
    – Outside of normal task offerings, local organizations can provide research tasks in order to help, support and provide further research technologies and development. These are done in the same way as task offerings are offered, but with more specific conditions.
  • TRAIN Training Services
    – A dedicated area provided for individuals and parties to simulate scenarios to challenge, spar and train themselves.
  • sCREO Sub-guild Creation
    – Any team can apply to be a sub-guild that accepts and takes their own tasks, comprising of multiple teams as they also compete in guild events.
  • tCREO Team Creation
    – A party can apply to be a dedicated team for the guild, allowing for commonly partied groups to work as a whole group instead of acting as one individual, a party or a mixture of individuals.

Unique Offerings

  • *REST Rest Inn
    – Unlike normal Inns, the guild's rest inn allows for any individual to rest inside one for a limited amount of hours compared to staying for a whole day. Perfect only for passing time and taking small breaks… as long they respect others who stay in there as well.
  • *CAST Type-casting
    – Rarely found in guild settlements, this service allows for any Typyl to undergo type-casting for a high amount of Sylv depending on its complexity. The individual who undergoes this can take from hours to days to reflect these changes once they are committed.

Merchant Services

The guild not only provides their own services, but also act as one facet for the local market, mostly providing basic essentials to all travelers and adventurers in-between. All of these require or use sylv and items and prices may very between settlements depending on their availability.

Inventory Offerings

  • iSHOP Item Essentials
    – Provides simple and basic low-level items used for common tasks.
  • eSHOP Equipment Essentials
    – Similar to the item essentials service, they provide low-level starting equipment instead.
  • uSHOP Utility Essentials
    – Sells items used for utilizing tools for tasks related to their local environment.
  • mSHOP Material Essentials
    – Offers commonly found materials found around their location, albeit in a slightly higher cost than what those who usually sell them cheaper around the guild.
  • CHEST Cross-location Storage
    – Offers the ability to store items inside a personal storage that can be accessed at every branch of the Furria Guild within the same continent for a small amount of Sylv. Retrieving items stored from another location has a slight increase on cost. Retrieving items from another continent is impossible.
  • *SAFE Sylv Crystalization Storage
    – Offers the ability to store Sylv for storage. It works similar to cross-location storage except it does not cost any Sylv to transfer in-between. Sometimes, cross-location storage work together at the same spot.

Sorcia Offerings

  • oSORC Sorcia Offerings
    – Provides preset sorcia for those who are troubled creating them at the cost of Sylv. Common use day-to-day life sorcia can also be found here.
  • sSORC Sorcia Creation
    – Offers a stable environment and support for creating sorcia at the cost of Sylv, even going as far as to test created sorcia for individuals to adjust them.

Travel Services

Since the guild provides escort to transportation, sometimes the guild provides the transport themselves. For a few pieces of sylv, it's possible for travelers to take this service to transport and/or teleport to different places.

Travel Offerings

  • oPORT Outpost Transport Services
    – If one does not mind waiting for transport from one settlement to another, a traveler can apply to take passage using this service. This does not pass through the sea and sky, which has a different service altogether.
  • aPORT Flight Services
    – Similar to outpost transport services, this service allows passage through different ports in the sky. This does not necessarily mean it offers town to town services, only locations with ports.
  • sPORT Cruise Services
    – Like flight services, this service offers passage through different ports around a body of water instead.

Teleportation Offerings

  • iWARP Local Transport Services
    – The guild has several Portia placed around the settlement if the location is too large, offering Teleportation around the town for easier travel for free.
  • tWARP Portia Services
    – A service that offers a higher price compared to all transportation services and allows one to teleport through any settlement that the service has. Locations available for teleportation and their price depends on the location and further locations take more sylv.
  • dWARP Dungeon Services
    – Like the teleportation service, this allows one to get teleported to the entrance of a dungeon and/or field instead. If dungeon services are available near the dungeon and/or field, they will allow teleportation to the nearest town.


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