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o On
Rio Otun




Character by PranksterRio

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera




Furrial Display Class



Caring Confident
Physique ♂ Male
Hatchday Janua 3rd / ⛎ Ophiuchus
Arcana XIX – Sun
Quant (4)
Triq (3)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Rio Otun

Rio Otun is one of the newest member in the Furria Guild and just started training, he tries his best to become better with his skill.

Rio is one of the humans that went through antecedence representing the user PranksterRio.

Additional Info

  • Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
  • 16-P Type: Advocate INFJ-T
  • Average Height Scale: 0.8x
  • Handedness: Right-handed
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural
    • Aura: #2DB3E4 Blue
    • Eye: Blue
      • #65B6ED Outer
      • #4895C9 Inner Bottom
      • #2F6A94 Inner Top
    • Pigments:
      • #FFF974 Primary: Cream
      • #F6F6F6 Secondary: White
  • Battle Role: Caster
  • Weapon Type of Choice: Staff Staves
  • Specific Weapon of Choice: Magic Staff


Rio is very hard worker and will help other newcomers if he can. He can also be very lax, which is noticeable after a sleepless night of training. He likes trying new things until he discovers what he likes the most.

Rio hasn't been able to complete quests due to his lack of experience, but he keeps training, since he wants to help others and have the other guild members see him as a useful Typyl. He also wants to grow friendships with the other guild members. Though while he sometimes gets help from the higher ups, he'd rather train by himself and keep away from distractions.


Rio is known as a very nice and sweet person. He is a very simple person but occasionally does random things. He usually spends his time in the training area, though he sometimes likes to go outside and hang out at the Albino Café. He is quick to trust others, to the point where some people take advantage of him. Because of this, he often feels mad at himself, though he usually gets over it pretty quickly. He can also be over sensitive at times, which can blind him from people around him. Though thanks to certain people, he's been getting over that sensitivity. He has to learn that he's can't do everything by himself, and his friends are always there for help.

When it comes to battling, Rio seems to be a big fan of magic attacks, as well as helping other people with buffs. Though while not the greatest at strategy, he usually knows when to use his spell at buffs. Though during intense battles, he sometimes uses them at the wrong time.

When it comes to food, Rio is kinda picky and usually like meats, though he likes fruits and vegetables.



In a past life, Rio was a simple teenager who liked to draw and make friends. However, one day an accident occurred which killed him, making him viable for human transference.

He woke up inside an unknown crystal gem room on a middle opaque ground, seeing the bottom, a bed can be found and a TV that shows nothing, nothing except a blank screen, not even white noise was heard. Then the idea of a second life came in his head, he thought he was just dreaming but then he suddenly felt sleepy and decided to lay in the bed falling to sleep.

When he wake up in a classroom that seem somewhat familiar to him, but a thick fog blocked him from seeing anything. Rio once again think he was dreaming, but decided to walking outside only to see that he was in the sky and the door he went through suddenly disappeared. When he look down he realize the fact he changed to a sort fox-like humanoid… and the fact he didn’t had clothes on, then a path appear in front of him, decided to following it.

Rio ended up in Port Town Patience, a town with the Furria Guild, not having much of a choice he decided to live in the town and become a guild member…as well as got a few clothes, well except for some pants but with the fashion of this world, I don’t think he would be bother by that.


Rio's skills are more or less average for a new member, though he does his best of what he's got and will continue to grow from adventures.

One of the skills he will learn is the ability to exchange Healing Power for Attack Power, this will be mainly use for when he gets threatened and is only by himself.

One other skill he will learn is “Kagutsuchi Spring”, A berserker mode mainly used as a last resort.

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Base Elemental Skills

  • Enya :flamma: :spatium:
    • 12 FP Lv 1 [Single]
    • A basic fire Flamma ball spell on a single enemy
    • - Low %: Burn
  • Aidera :flamma: :spatium:
    • 26 FP Lv 2 [Cone]
    • A Flamma spell, that is like a Flamethrower
    • - Low %: Burn
  • Agnidga :flamma: :spatium:
    • 99 FP Lv 3 [Area]
    • A giant fire ball that explodes and rain fire on all enemies.
    • - High %: Burn

Support Skills

Attack Support
  • Azai :certus:
    • 7 FP Lv 1 [Ally]
    • - Apply: 15% Potency+
  • Astlyra A :certus: :amplius:
    • 50 FP Lv 3 [Ally]
    • - Apply: 40% Potency+
  • Astlyra B :certus: :amplius: :ambio:
    • 50 FP Lv 3 [Party]
    • - Apply: 20% Potency+
  • Anguga :certus: :duplico: :amplius: :ambio:
    • 100 FP Lv 5 [Party]
    • - Apply: 70% Potency+
Attack Support
  • Azai :tueor:
  • Astlyra A :tueor: :amplius:
  • Astlyra B :tueor: :amplius: :ambio:
  • Anguga :tueor: :duplico: :amplius: :ambio:
  • Yuku A :vita:
    • 10 FP Lv 1 [Ally]
    • - Heals an ally by 20% potency
  • Yuku ​B:vita:
    • 10 FP Lv 1 [Party]
    • ​- Heals party by 5% potency
  • Medira ​A:vita:
    • 26 FP​ Lv 2 ​[Ally]
    • ​- Heals an ally by 40% potency
  • Medira ​B:vita:
    • 26 FP​ Lv 2 ​[Party]
    • ​-Heals an Party by 20% potency
  • Eriga ​A:vita:
    • 51 FP​ Lv 3 ​[Ally]
    • ​-Heals an ally by 70% potency
  • Eriga ​B:vita:
    • 51 FP​ Lv 3 ​[Party]
    • ​-Heals an Party by 40% potency



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