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Antecedence is an event and a process that both describe the process of “antecedents” coming from the antecedent world ending up into Fiagia.

As an event, it describes the event of the arrival of antecedents in Fiagia, while as a process it refers to the process of the antecedent going through conversion into a Typyl into Fiagia. Both of these take place exactly 50 years after the Saviand Anomaly.



Antecedents are Typyl who had went through the process of antecedence. To antecedents, antecedence is the process where an antecedent goes through a specific set of events that allows them to be converted into a Typyl and be sent to Fiagia.

All antecedents were human, and to most of them, it is considered to be a second chance of life as not all humans are viable to partake in antecedence. The chances of the person to partake in antecedence is left unknown as antecedence is given to those who deserve it, whether they actively choose to attain it or not, with or without their knowledge.

There is no dedicated furrial class for antecedents, nor there are plans for them to have one. A guide exists for characters creating antecedents, which is found here.

Conditions and Phenomena

In order to achieve and partake in antecedence, they must meet two requirements:

  1. Be given the chance to partake in antecedence
  2. Achieve death

We discourage acts of suicide. Please do not attempt in suicide in real life.

Once an individual goes through the process of antecedence, the antecedent will experience several phenomena:

  • The individual is converted into a Typyl with a design of their liking and receive abilities based on their preferences, losing all trace of them ever being a human. Should they have non-humanlike traits as a Typyl, (such as having Digitri for leg composition) they would be given the reflexes to properly react with them as if they have been like that their entire life.
    • Their age would be set back to their desired age should they be old enough of age (13 years of age) to do so. However, any experience past their desired age would be retained, so it is possible to see a young antecedent being mature.
    • Any sign of illness they would have as a human would have a high chance to be non-existent, as they would have been given a new body altogether, replacing their human selves.
    • As a result of being Typyl, their height and weight would also be changed to their liking, however it will be always be 75% of their desired height unless it's their height as Typyl.
  • The antecedent will be given sudden knowledge about the ways, culture and daily life in Fiagia, which makes it hard for non-antecedents to recognize an antecedent while the antecedent themselves would easily blend in.
    • This includes the familiarity of the individual's chosen hometown
    • The knowledge of their past before antecedence will be maintained, though it is possible for them to forget overtime afterwards
  • They might wake up without any clothing on them from their past life after the process, which they could always gain later on
  • In the individual's chosen hometown, should they have a pre-dedicated space to where they live and have as their home, they would have knowledge of where it is as if they have lived there their whole life.
    • Inside of their home will be most of all of their old belongings before antecedence rearranged. This includes antecedent technology turned into their equivalents in Fiagia with any kind of data transferred over to said new technology.
      • As for their phones turned into compacts, they would find a list of most people they have known that have also gone through antecedence. More and more would pop up from their compact as each new antecedent they had known enters Fiagia.

Post-death Experience

When an antecedent achieves death, they will immediately wake up all of the sudden in a crystal room. At this point they are still human, without any sign of injury on every part of their body.

The Crystal Room

The antecedent will find themselves on a bed they are comfortable with, supported by a hardened glass floor in the middle of a wide bright pendulum-shaped crystal room. The floor itself is opaque enough that it allows them to see what is below. The floor usually shows the bottom of the crystal room, but to some it will show where they have died for a brief moment and what happens after that. The view does not follow where the body goes should it go out of view.

Other than the floor and the bed, a table and a television screen familiar to them can be seen inside the room, possibly supported by a table if the television is not high enough. However, the television does not have any features on them other than the screen, having no buttons on it nor any cables connected to it. A remote for the television is also not present. However, the TV will turn on all of a sudden once the individual is aware of its use.

The Decision

The person inside the crystal room can freely do whatever they want for a limited amount of time. After some time has passed, a sudden thought what they would look like as a Typyl would be in their mind. During that time, they would have to decide on their design on what they would be in Fiagia.

As soon as the choice was made, they will suddenly feel sleepy and head to bed. Should they resist this sensation for quite some time, they would feel heavy and start to fall unconscious.

Afterwards they will find themselves in another location where the post-decision experience starts.

Use of the Television

The television can be used to talk to anyone who is also experiencing the crystal room regardless where they are in time (aka talking to someone who enters Fiagia later or earlier in the timeline), acting as visual communication. The image shown on the screen when talking to another individual will always be hard to percieve.

During their time deciding on their design as Typyl, the television will remain turned off and they will be unable to contact any one else.

Post-decision Experience

Once slept soundly, they will find themselves inside a familiar classroom. They will also find themselves fully turned into a Typyl. Should they wake up earlier, they might find themselves encased glowing in white in their new Typyl body, with all the details gradually filling in while the classroom slowly fading in their surroundings.

Some might also find themselves having no clothing but at the same time not being embarrased by it due to their sudden knowledge that this is fine in Fiagia.

From there, the antecedent will be free to roam around and check their surroundings until they exit the classroom.

The Classroom

The classroom is reminiscent of one of their old classrooms, or any room where they would have once been taught in before, as if they were sent back in time. Any sign of books or any readable media is missing and any signs found in the area would be suspiciously written in figlyphs.

Should the area have windows, peeking through them will reveal nearby surroundings in cold bright dense fog. Any attempts to jump out of the windows will find themselves too disinterested to do so out of nowhere or out of fear.

If the area contains multiple doors, only one will be unlocked and will lead out to what seems to be an ephemeral road made of light, crystal or stone suspended in the sky. Upon exiting the area, there will be no way of returning back from the area.

Path to Fiagia

As soon as they leave the area, they will immediately find the classroom non-existent, with the door missing and only the road being there. Should they exit while looking through the door, they will find that the door itself is suspended in air with no walls, to only then blink out of habit, making the door non-existent.

When walking on the road, the area where the antecedent has walked before will start to gradually disappear in an increasing rate, forcing them to run, then subsequently force them to utilize sorcia they naturally learned to traverse faster, leading them to realize they could use sorcia.

The road will then lead them to the ground near their hometown of their choice, where they will find themselves incredibly familiar with it, leading to where they live.

Afterwards, it is up to the individual what they would do next. Should they ask for the current day, they will quickly realize it will be on their hatchday. (birthday)

Antecedence Event (History)


The collapse of the Saviand Anomaly resulted of birthing a core (called the “Antecedent Crystal”), showing an image of an unknown planet (which is actually primeval earth, depicting pangaea) encased in a grand crystal, tied with 50 vines made of light with each one slowly fading away year-by-year.

After the recovery of the path reflector in Saviand Saviand two years of analysis of research and development, one of the Presav 1) has determined that this core could be a sign that a new set of people could arrive, presumably with an event similar to what happened with the Presav before with a larger scale. This is further proven upon finding a much smaller antecedent crystal under the Saviand Home Compound, with its own core broken.

This urges the Furria Guild to prepare and accomodate residency should an event happen. Leading to the creation and expansion of places such as Vol'Tairga, Kemoc'o and Patiencia to exist as centers for antecedents.

This also leads the Presav to start preparing Sav should an event similar to the Saviand Anomaly would happen again.

The Year of Antecedence

Taking place exactly at the first day of the year, 50 years after the events of the Saviand Anomaly, the last vine fades as the core breaks and shatters. From within the core a vast array of lights scatter off to the sky, and antecedents start to appear all over Fiagia and its moons, with the Furria Guild prepared to start assist and accommodate the antecedents.

Varying amounts of antecedents continue to appear everyday for the whole year. Once the last of the antecedents appear, a small distortion starts to appear again off the cliff near the once active antecedent crystal, which starts to worry the inhabitants of Fiagia.

(to be determined who)
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