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Typyl who represent their authors are Typyl that have undergone antecedence. If a Typyl came from antecedence, this means they hail from the antecedent world.

Should you want to go in-depth knowing more about Antecedence and its lore, please check the culture page about Antecedence.

This means the process of antecedence are only for characters who represent their authors.
This makes sure that the ones who made their own Typyl persona had a reason to represent in the series. If the character is an antecedent and does not represent their author, they are not official.

The only exception for this is the Presav, which is the reason that caused antecedence to take place. 1)


Proof of Antecedence

The main requirement for an antecedent is that the Typyl must represent the one who created them. Like creating an original character for Furria, the character must undergo the same rules as if they are inheriting a character for use in Furria.

Some rules and phenomena are specific to antecedents, which are of the following:

Rule Reason Workaround
Must have 75% of their height, should they use their human height Like inheriting a character for use in Furria, they must have 75% of their given height from what they originally are. This is due to the biology of the Typyl. 2)Should the character have a Typyl that is naturally tall (example: giraffes) will have exclusions to these.
Must have an age set below their current age if they are above 13One phenomenon and benefit of antecedence is that their age is set back by a certain number of years. The highest age an antecedent can have is their current age minus one and the lowest age they can attain is their 2010 minus their birth year. This cannot be changed once upon entering Fiagia.
Must be given knowledge about the culture of Fiagia, intentionally or notAnother phenomenon of antecedence is that they are given knowledge on how the world of Fiagia works to easily blend in within the world. Examples of these include some basic knowledge on how to use sorcia, learning the language of Agiasal, and the the basics of every day life in Fiagia, including the familiarity of the individual's hometown.
Must have knowledge of their previous livesPart of antecedence, there is no way they cannot forget their past lives during the process, though this is possible for them to forget overtime afterwards.
Can wear no clothing post-antecedenceFor individual story reasons, this is possible. Don't be afraid of this rule as they can obtain and wear clothing afterwards.
Can have their illnesses possibly curedOne advantageous phenomena of antecedence gives the character a high chance to have whatever illness they have cured. This include any permanent change, such as blindness or any disability.
Cannot maintain to be humanThe process of antecedence requires for any human convert into Typyl

Requirement in Lore

Story-wise, for someone to achieve antecedence into Fiagia, the following must be achieved:

  1. The chance for the person to be able to partake in antecedence.
  2. Achieve death. Preferably, unintentionally like dying of old age.

We discourage acts of suicide. Please do not attempt suicide in real life.

The chances of the person to partake in antecedence is left unknown as antecedence is given to those who deserve it, whether they actively choose to attain it or not, with or without their knowledge.

What happens experience-wise for the character can be detailed in the main article for antecedence.

The Case of Multiple Persona

For individuals that have multiple characters representing themselves, there are specific methods that the individual can take in order to include most if not all of the charaters.

Main Representative Character

For the character that will absolutely represent them, they must choose one to respresent as their character in Furria. To best represent themselves, they would have to choose among two considerations as a suggestion:

  • The best option is to use the one that you would want to be represented and shown as
    • This is the image you want others to see you as, if you wanted to be represented respectfully and as best they could
  • If truthful, they should choose the one they best describe their own self

Other Representative Characters

There are several ways for other representative characters existing in Furria than outright just dropping them if they cannot drop any or all of these characters.


The characters themselves are going to be recognized as original characters in the world of Furria. In this method, they could act on their own independently based on what facet the character represents and could interact with other characters.

When this is decided, the characters will simply already exist in the world as if they have been themselves before the main representative enters Fiagia.

A note will be appended that this would also be recognized to represent the owner, but have not taken antecedence.

Alternate Form

Despite the option of simply going through type-casting to change form, the owner will be given the ability to change between appearances of these characters without much effort but with high cost, which is very advantageous to those who can't simply stay on one physique. (physical sex)

Though their appearances and expressions would vary, they would all act as one character with the same energy signature and knowledge, making so that they cannot attain different identities.

From Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound: This is cirumvented due to the nature of the multiverse theory, with its already unnatural process of going to Furria in the first place, with the H.A.C. coming from one universe and the antecedents the other — fiaKaiera 2018/07/03 08:27
From 🔰 Typyl: Physical Traits: The average height for a Typyl is only 75% of the average height of a female human being. (More information found on the page)
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