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The Original 12

The Original 12 refers to the original twelve characters intended for the main series of Furria before the concept of Project H.A.C. These consists of characters that were featured in both Sonic Elemental X and Elemental X.



All of the original 12 contains a relationship of a sort to Kaiera, including himself. Even though several characters of the original 12 are not going to be used for Furria, all of the original 12 characters are antecedents in Fiagia.

Original 1st

Original 2nd


Original 3rd


Original 4th


Original 5th

Original 6th

Original 7th

Original 8th

Original 9th

Original 10th

Original 11th

Original 12th


Some characters in Sonic Elemental X or Elemental X that are part of the original cast are not intended to be part of the original 12 later on. This is due to complications that made it quite difficult for the author to give any significant meaning to later on to the series in general and dropped them out in favor of others.

If the character was missing from this list, most likely they have been renamed to protect their identity for the Furria series.

Show Exempted Characters

The characters who are exempted from the original is listed as follows:

Character Reason
All Sonic-related Characters Copyright issues, removed in Elemental X.
Ace (Myles) the Fox Linked along with Sonic-related Characters, removed in Elemental X.
Kyle the Fox
Robby the Rabbit
Bo***** A relative of the original 12. All of which does not have an appearance in Furria.
J. P***
Jai*** T***** High school friends who since have lost contact with. They do not have an appearance in Furria.
Je** N******
Altalaria Fictional characters. Considered to be characters in Furria as support characters.
Kentaro Goes on to be Presav Impero, Kentaro Terre.
Ino Goes on to be Presav Coacto, Ino Palta.
Isaru Goes on to be Presav Caelum, Issa Colla.
Mao Goes on to be Presav Amplius, Mao Rafela.
Pururun Goes on to be Presav Sano, Puriru Girino.
Tamiru Goes on to be Presav Injuria, Tamiru Girino.

👤 Original 12 👤

Kaiera Lucyn Six Alison Roel Nona Exyle Vex Az

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