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Ac lk
Acca Falkse




Character by fiaKaiera & Wishdream

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera




Furrial Display Class
Sav Imagino



Adaptable Loose
Physique ♀ Female
Hatchday Junea 6 / ♋ Cancer
Arcana I – Magician
Quant (4)
Triq (3)
Digitri (D)
Stat Balance

Acca Falkse

Acca Falkse is a representative Sav who represents the aspect :imagino: Imagino.

She thrives in traveling the world to show and teach the wonder of art out of happiness, as well as how to use them in creative and practical ways with sorcia.

Additional Info

  • Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • 16-P Type: Campaigner ENFP-A
  • Average Height Scale: x0.821
  • Handedness: Ambidex
  • Colors
    • Inner: Matching
    • Aura: #46AF94 Mint
    • Eye: Green
      • #A2C8E7 Outer
      • #86A6DF Ring
      • #BEEBFF Inner
    • Pigments:
      • #E5DECA Primary: Coffee Cream
      • #FBF7E4 Secondary: Cream
  • Battle Role: Spellcaster
  • Weapon Type of Choice: Polearm Polearm, Spear Spear
  • Specific Weapon of Choice: Painterly Flag


Acca is a simple-minded inhabitant of Lumin Flows, where the majesty of magic thrives inside a continent full of ruin and corruption. Her contributions convinced the importance of art in her hometown to make it lively again.

She is currently roaming around the world in addition to her duties as Sav, showing and teaching the wonder of art and how it is utilized and shown through sorcia, though mostly with style without practicality being wasted.

For more information with Acca as a Sav, check out her wiki/sav page.


Acca is a simple-minded painter who works hard on achieving her duty to spread inspiration and wonder of art through the use of sorcia and utilizing them without wasting its practicality, sometimes making mistakes at times and ends up being clumsy. Should ever accidents occur with performance, it simply adds to her routine: to keep their watchers happy.

She often does tasks with grace with immense concentration hard enough for others to get her some attention. Despite this, she does snap out of said concentration should she be informed. Acca does hear everything others say for feedback despite her concentration on a task.

Acca often memorizes patterns and techniques very well visually, making her very advantageous when images needed to be visualized, but has a hard time remembering bunches of text, often simplifying points easier to understand for herself.


Like a spear or a polearm, Acca's Painterly Flag can be used to puncture enemies with the added ability to cast out an ink-or-ribbon-like substance of sorcia used to guard or attack enemies.


Her ink is the main attribute of her flag. It acts mostly like water in most parts: it can be fastly flicked or splashed around from the tip of her flag and drawn like an actual brush to draw around. The flag part of her painterly flag extends that, allowing her to do longer and wider brush strokes.

Even though the ink is temporary, this can be imbued to either be physical, harmful, explosive and alike.


  • No trivia.

Author Notes

  • Acca's design has existed for a while without any coloring. The only time Acca has been given colors is when she was published, with the creators having to adjust the colors of her eyes.


👤 Sav 👤

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