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Presav Silva :silva:

C Tm
Chico Taim

Guidance of Nature
Assigned Aspect
:silva: Silva
H.A.C RoleGardener

Chico Taim

Character Information: Typyl / Chico Taim

Chico Taim is one of the deceased Presav representing the aspect :silva: Silva and a participant of the Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound project.

Role as Presav

In the HAC, Chico is the one responsible for checking in food supply, as well as the growth of plants in the HAC compound, giving her the role of Gardener. This role has her doing plant life preservation, so that any food sources they discover don't go extinct through overuse. This preservation also includes the seeds and plant life they brought over from the other world. She studies how each plant affects the soil to ensure that planting the plants from the other world won't decimate the soil or be an invasive plant species. Along with preservation is creation, by combining the new seeds and sprouts with the old from before. She is able to make grafts of new tasting fruits and grains for the chef to experiment with.

Reason in the HAC

Should this character's full story be presented in FURRIA SERIES -Presav-, this has been placed under spoilers.

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Full Story

One day, Chico has thought of going outside his local environment and leaving his town behind to expand further and research on plant life so he can start contributing to a larger cause to preserving plant life, helping out to spread on kindness to taking care of the environment.

Chico was informed of the HAC project and how their current cast of volunteers lacks someone who wants to preserve their vicinity and told him about the importance of the project in researching nature. Chico willingly accepted the proposal and aims to willingly help the compound grow a clean and safe environment for the participants of the HAC to live in.

Before taking a key to participate at the stall for the HAC, he requests that if he can have his gender changed to further contrast him among the group of participants and complied to his gender to be changed. Before going to the transport to the HAC, she donned a light tomboyish look so others would not look likely to her, in which failed afterwards.

She was categorized into Set 1-3, #03 of the Typyl on the transport to the HAC.

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