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Last Updated: November 2019
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Starcana is a freelance digital artist who is looking to create her own world piece by piece, creating a universe called “Drea” and creating a comic about this universe.

Starcana at first contributed in Furria, in terms or world-building, and even sharing her characters in the world. But later on, pulled most of her characters in favor of pursuing Drea and placing her characters there due to her unable to keep up with the community, her contributions mainly self-contained and her changing priorities to focus on Drea.

On October 3rd of 2019, the decision to pull of all content from Furria was made,1) with fiaKaiera respecting her wishes. All content from Starcana was pulled starting November 13 of the same year.

In Furria, she was supposed to be represented by Morrigan Astrana, but was pulled out for the same reason she pulled out of Furria altogether.

Character Ownerships

[❌ Pulled Character]

[❌ Pulled Character]

[❌ Pulled Character]

[❌ Pulled Character]

[❌ Pulled Character]



  • Morrigan's interaction with Furria is intended to be unique, with the concept of coming from Drea as a “downtime” and going back upon either reaching death or through a unique circumstance.
  • Avery was going to have the aspects :certus: Certus, :velox: Velox, and :lucerna: Lucerna.
  • The Travelling Prophet's aspects were supposed to be :aetas: Aetas, :vello: Vello, and :imagino: Imagino.
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