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๐Ÿ”ฐ Typyl: Orientation

This section of the Typyl profile has been removed.

We removed Orientation early on because of the complexities and controvery it can bring into the series. Orientation in true words is a character's gender identity.

As much as we support the LGBT, adding the option of making people choose genders gives out so much agression due to it being a very sensitive topic and can quickly give out heated debates, easily going out of hand than it was intended and even causing a lot of unneccessary drama. We cannot also simply this for the same reason it could easily go out of hand.

In addition, this is also very hard for people to choose in general, and will give a lot more complications when writing out stories where gender is considered, as this is a very sensitive topic and people would have a hard time expressing their freedom with this kept in mind.

We do want to make it clear that Physique is not Orientation for a Typyl. Whether you're a Male, Female, or an Aphale, we respect how you identify yourself or your character. We did not delete this page to keep the history of this existing beforehand and the reason why we removed it.

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Code in Template: orient

This is not to be confused with sexual orientation (sexual attraction) or sexual identity.
(the thought of what sex an individual is attracted to)

The orientation, fully known as gender identity of a Typyl specifically points to and determines their gender identity. It is how an individual sees their innermost concept and perception of themselves viewing themselves as either equal or outside of their physique.

Orientation starts Genless at birth and is determined overtime. This, however can also be dynamically changed during their lifespan. It is possible for a typyl to have multiple genders. However, their profile will only show their most prominent gender in the infobox. (in the box right of their page) If it is considered, they should be specified in their profile outside the infobox.

Remember: in Typyl culture, they don't have to match their orientation to their physique.

Remember: Terms listed here does not reflect from human culture since they are different for Typyl than in reality. These are made as blunt and direct as possible and will not extend into deep explanations.

Default Male Aligned Female Aligned
Unknown Cis Male Tramal Amal Female Trafem Afem
Does not want to reveal Matches physique Masculine (aka Cis Male) Female to male (transitioning) Both male and no gender Feminine (aka Cis Female) Male to female (transitioning) Both female and no gender
Neutral Aligned None Aligned
Neuois Bigen Poly Pan Queer Agen Nonfor Genless
Neutral or null gender Both male and female Multiple but not all All genders Outside of male & female Non-binary or no sense of gender Does not conform to any gender Absent of gender
Third Aligned
Tiale Tiamal Tiafem Tiagen Atia
Third unknown gender Third and male Third and female Third, Male and Female Third and no gender

Tip: This is only for identity. If you do not want to pick or confused what to pick, simply pick Cis, Unknown or one that matches the character's physique. (Male for Male, Female for Female, Bigen for Aphale)

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