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Shurian Shynga




Character by Shurian

Artist Credit: fiakaiera




Furrial Display Class



Honest Competitive
Physique Female (♀)
Hatchday Octea 30th / ♏ Scorpio
Arcana XXI – World
Quant (4)
Triq (3)
Ditri (D)
Stat Balance

Shurian Shynga

Shurian Shynga is a constantly in-wonder learning and wandering rabbit traveling around the surface of Fiagia.

Shurian Shynga is one of the humans that went through antecedence representing the user Shurian.

Additional Info

  • Nickname/s: Shuri
  • Pronouns: They/Them
  • Age: Unknown
  • Title: Jumping Lightning
  • Hometown: Amaisa Loripsom Amaisa Auril
  • Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • 16-P Type: Adventurer ISFP-T
  • Suits Affiliation: ♦ Diamonds
  • Chess Affiliation: ♛ Queen
  • Average Height Scale: 0.652x
  • Handedness: Ambidex, left preferred
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural
    • Aura: #FDFF00 Lemon (Crayola)
    • Eye:
      • #43361C Inner: Olive
      • #CCBE21 Outer: Volt
    • Pigments:
      • #514D55 Primary: Gray
      • #F6F6F6 Secondary: White
  • Battle Role: Fluid DPS – Spellcaster / Bruiser
  • Weapon Type of Choice: Claw Claws
  • Specific Weapon of Choice: String-pulled Electric-fueled Claws


Shurian is a bunny that likes to waste most of their time learning about stuff, about other people, from books, even new locations fascinate them! Even if that only lasts for a few minutes till they get interested in new stuff, what causes this is a rather fast ability to adapt to situations. By learning fast and having a lot of hobbies, if they gain any sort of interest in what one is doing, you can expect them to try to mimic it the next day.

Despite that rather carefree-sounding attitude, they always have some sort of weird plan in their head, making goals rather easily and following them mostly through to the bitter end, including goals they already have since their childhood that they rather keep quiet about.


A rather “not too shy” introverted bunny, goes out of their way to talk to a lot of people but ends up drained from every single one of them. It somehow comes with an attitude of “not everything fun must be easy” for them, but they mainly like to meet new people for potential new challenges and satisfaction of curiosity. And hey if Shuri makes a new friend along the way, it’s a win/win situation for them!

Extremely honest, often rather blunt, especially to their friends, they can be thoughtful because of an “if it’s mean, just don’t say it” rule they learned pretty early on in their life. They're kinda extreme in their actions and once set their mind to something they go through with it. To at least try to stop them, someone needs to convince them that they're wrong what is not really that hard if they're actually wrong, but if they think it’s still fun despite it being, they'll just keep going, only really stopping if it had any dire consequences.

Despite their interest in other people and outgoing attitude, they do not trust other people! They have a strong attitude of honesty being above all else, which is what causes their own bluntness and honesty, but alone that trait is what people are impressed by the bunny, making them think of how everyone besides themselves is a dirty liar.



As a child when Shurian was still in the town of Patiencia, when they were still treated like one of the new “Antecedents”, they were always rather bored by how everybody treated them like a protected child, trying to get them accustomed to the new world of Fiagia they were in.

They learned all of the essentials and the first thing they wanted to know was how to get out and make their life more interesting again. This was made very easy on the day an important figure by the name Kaiera L'Heart gave their area a visit. Shuri wanted to get into some sort of trouble or at least quench their boredom somehow, ending up in their first noteable action ever. They ran quickly past multiple fans, a big orange cat, and others just to deck Kaiera in the face. This caused quite an uproar in their area and as a result, suspension from their at the time antecedants class. The suspension ended up permanent because the bunny just didn't care to return.

"What to do?"

After Shuri's suspension from their class, they started to believe that they were just genuinely better than all the other antecedents. They would think that they're all just whiny children with the thought of: “A new world isn't scary at all, this is a second chance, there's magic and everything. Why would I waste my time sitting in a classroom learning about geography and seemingly “important” things?”

So the bunny decided to make their suspension into an expel, not returning to class and traveling towards the Continent of Auril to learn more about the only interesting thing in this world. That being, of course, sorcia!

Shuri tried multiple encounters but failed because, at the time, they were still kind of a child. They learned much to their detriment that the continent of Auril was actually floating islands.

So they ended up traveling to the Continent of Maahst Maahst where they met Luther Amarine and Nolsman in an attempt to be a stowaway in an airship. Shurian as a child didn't really have any financial income but thanks to the mercy of them both, they helped them get a proper travel ticket towards Auril. Shuri was ever so grateful to them that they decided they didn't even forget them, which sadly was a lot for the little troublemaker.


As Shurian arrived in Amaisa Auril they immediately felt at home! Surprisingly, the entire “being on a floating island and everything being highly magically advanced” was kinda surreal. let alone the fact that they still had to get used to calling “Magic” Sorcia. Their memories as an antecedent should have made them feel like an outsider, but with the number of things to experience here and everything new to see, they felt like they found a place to belong all of a sudden!

In the following years Shuri would end up learning everything about Sorcia in the Academic City of Loripsom. They'd also relearn everything they skipped over in Patiencia in their own free time. They even ended up becoming a Teacher, enjoying said profession for quite a while!

After a while of being a teacher, Shuri would end up teaching another Bunny that reminded them about themselves while they were in Patience, trying to hang out with them outside of classes because she intrigued their curiosity.

Two years later of teaching and general help around the continent Amaisa Auril their old boredom would kick in again. Shuri felt like they were finished in Amaisa Auril, so they ended up giving the ownership of their house to the student they ended up creating a friendship with. They would begin their travels again, this time as an adult who was now more knowledgeable about the world and sorcia. They would Make a promise to their new best friend that her “sister” would come back from time to time and she wouldn't have to worry about them.


As Shuri left Amaisa Auril they surprisingly knew immediately what to do and actually signed up as an adventurer so they'd get to see more of the world!

Shuri ended up becoming one of the more, in their view, competent adventurers, but doing so also kept their interest for at best half a year. Having met Yuivee as a fellow adventurer who had quite the issue of finding a fellow adventurer, Shuri ended up taking them. The fact of “A tank and a DPS work well together” was already a good enough combo in their book. They ended up going their separate ways after half a year.


After having been a teacher, and an adventurer and having studied everything they wanted to, Shuri met a wall. They were already bored with the new world they were in after just a mere 3 years.

Shuri ended up going around the world, causing mayhem, helping people meet old acquaintances, and even challenging Kaiera L'Heart multiple times to prove how much better they'd gotten. Shuri was surprisingly happy that the cat even still remembered that little bunny punching them when they were still in class.

They ended up becoming Kaiera's actual rival and that made him stupidly happy on the inside, but even that didn't keep his interest going for long.

They would occasionally return to people they'd know but Shuri was lost. Thanking the people that got them an airship, lasted for only a day.

Keeping Kaiera in shape, lasted for a month at a time.

Visiting their sister? Was only interesting as long as they had stories to tell her and to see how she grew up.

Literally, challenging Savs? Was a fun challenge once.

Shuri was stuck, ending up as a traveler, in a weird quest of “trying to find the newest interesting thing” and never actually finding it.


Shuri, having studied everything interesting to them and feeling there were no particular ways to improve themselves further, they ended up… kinda depressed. They would actually lie down in nature for multiple weeks not knowing what to do, it kind of felt… nice just being in the silent nature of Fiagia by themselves.

That ended up causing a weird… feeling inside of them, the little bunny wasn't able to particularly pinpoint the new sensation in their body. They ended up shrugging it off, the feeling wasn't “bad” it was just weird.

The next time Shurian ended up challenging Kaiera Shuri felt way more potent. They felt different, lighter, and just not like a typyl anymore.

Something new and interesting to explore! Even sickness is interesting they guessed! But it wouldn't take long for Shurian and Kaiera to figure out that Shuri's entire biology changed. They seemed more like a walking Aspect than an actual typyl nowadays.

With that discovery Kaiera ended up declaring an official new class and Shurian was allowed to name it because what they were “suffering” from was something never seen before. Shurian ended up calling the class “Elemaia” because of the close relation to the “Elements” of the Aspects they felt. From then on, Shuri was declared the Master of the Typyl Class Elemaia.


Declared Master, getting a sister, having adventured, becoming a teacher, challenging Savs and important figures, Shuri reached a point of “I've done everything there is to do isn't there?”

Their story is far from over. They still travel the world in the hopes to find something interesting again one day. They'll appear in random photos as they run past as a white/grey flash, sometimes being spotted alone in nature and sometimes being the reason behind some collateral damage.

The hardest-to-find Master Class Typyl in the world is still around and probably doing something they have never done before.


Shurian is really fast at learning and basically uses that to adapt to any situation, not as good as someone who’s done it for years, but they get the basics down really easily. Thanks to that you'll find them in the strangest places to learn new stuff, never really staying in one spot.

They're a rather fast thinker, making them quite adept with the magic only hindered by a little bit of an electricity bias. They produce yellow electricity to complement their general color scheme, making others assume they can change their lightning to any color they please.

In terms of combat, Shurian likes to dominate their opponent with fast and strong attacks while trying to avoid getting hit at all costs, because of their small stature they can't really take that many hits, often jumping and running around on the battlefield as fast as lightning.

Ghost of Electrica

Despite learning with Kaiera that all the Sorcia potency from Shuri has increased, they would not figure out the true potential of their newfound powers till Shuri got pushed to the brink. Assuming they'd lost their first battle in many years, the young master didn't pass out. Their skin ended up burning off and falling off, just for them to notice, that they turned into pure energy on the inside as they slowly got back up again.

In this state, a master of the Elemaia class would end up dropping their “mortal” coil and turn into the purest form of sorcia a typyl could revert to. This would give them a short burst of energy in one specific aspect that they were attuned to the closest. Specifically Shurian it would be the Aspect of :electrica: causing a burst of power in said element and other benefits like a spectral form, enhanced speed, and the power of flight. If the ability is trained it can be formed more freely over time.

After the typyl has used up their sorcia to keep the form up, the body would create a new shell as a last measure, leaving the body of the typyl behind with barely enough sorcia to keep them alive.

Shurian ended up naming the state “A Ghost” as they felt like they would have been literally spectral if someone would have tried to grab them the first time they were in it. This would lead to the further naming of “Ghost of [Insert Aspect]”.



Their little sister they never really like to share personal details on. She means the world to them and they try to keep her a secret mostly from everyone.

• Compatibility: ★★★★★

Kaiera L'Heart

Kaiera L'Heart is one of the first people Shurian found in the new world, even going as far as punching him to get his attention on their first meeting. It left quite the impression!

Shurian is Kaiera's self-declared rival because they both excel at nearly the same aspects, Kaiera looked very important making Shuri's competitive nature go ham. They would end up as the constant nuisance in Kaiera's life to “keep up with their standards.” Trying to keep him up to shape and make him improve every time they meet.

Because of that Shuri believes Kaiera to be one of the only competent typyl in the entire world of fiagia.

• Compatibility: ★★★★☆½


An old fennec-looking friend named Yuivee who basically always wears purple and black and carries around a sword that exceeds them in size. Their friendship started over a simple thought of “If I had a tank I don't need to only dodge anymore” and since then Shuri started to take quite a liking to the guy as they'd go on quite a bit of adventures together.

• Compatibility: ★★★★☆

Other Relationships

Close Friends

Travel Helper


Author Notes

  • The main inspiration for Shurian Shynga has been an old artist I actually do not remember the name of anymore, I just saw her art as a really little lad, but this bunny already exists for basically all eternity so it's a tad hard to remember.
    • The claws are inspired by a design from a video game (I also forgot) and also by said artist, they don’t even look close to each other but it was a thing.
  • They're a bunny because I thought being a penguin would be a rather stupid idea at the time! I don’t regret my decision!
  • Their lightning powers come from a fascination from Electric types from Pokemon and an anime named “To Aru Kagaku no Railgun” making me think of way more ideas around magnetism and a fake railgun is really fun.
  • Besides that the main inspiration is nature, they're actually a really hard attempt at “an original character” so there’s no real motivation coming from anywhere besides looking at bunnies in real life and stupid deviantArt drawings of bunnies maybe!


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