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Shc Ectrs
Shadic Electrois




Character by Shadicozzy

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera




Furrial Display Class
Vas Duowiel

Hy Tiger-Mouse


Active Caring
Physique ♂ Male
Hatchday Juia 16th / ♋ Cancer
Arcana VIII – Strength
Triq (3)
Triq (3)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Shadic Electrois

Shadic Electrois (Shc Ectrs Sheidic Electroas) is a recurring character in Furria.

Shadic is a representative of antecedence representing the user Shadicozzy.

Additional Info

  • Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
  • 16-P Type: Campaigner ENFP-A
  • Average Height Scale: 1.1x
  • Handedness: Right-handed
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural
    • Aura: #F6CB71 Light Orange
    • Eye:
      • #472D1E Dark Chocolate Brown
      • #9B5D20 Chocolate Brown
      • #FFC347 Highlight: Yellow
    • Pigments:
      • #FFCC63 Primary: Orange
      • #FFF1C2 Secondary: Cream
      • #66503C Tertiary: Brown
  • Battle Role: HP Tank
  • Weapon Type of Choice:
    Blade Blades, Sword Swords, 2H Blade 2H Blades, 2H Sword 2H Swords
  • Specific Weapon of Choice: Dual Heavy Short Swords


Shadic is one of the Commanding Officers from Harmonia's army and one of the more frequent members of the Furria Guild. Shadic is only called in the army whenever he is needed.

Being the class of Duowiel and his exceptional taste of music he provides not only great attack and strength he also provides covering fire for his allies by “Recreating the sound waves” to provide barriers for his allies. His most recognizable skill is the Sound Wave Barrier which has been known to mitigate damage even from a meteor strike.

Shadic passively can give barriers to people around him as he can “Recreate the Sound Waves” to make sure not only his allies but himself are protected. Not only is he very protective but he also can stand up to a number of hits as long as they aren't magic.


Shadic has been known to be a very peaceful Typyl making sure that his orders are not only for the better of Kingdom of Harmony but also ensuring that he can protect others in the heat of battle. He may be of warm heart but hes not someone you can easily cross. In his off time Shadic produces melodies that he loves creating or playing himself although usually he tends to keep to himself at times with his own productions. He tends to what he likes to call “Recreating the sound waves” to make sure his melodies have different effects and motions.

Shadic's favorite melody is the one he names and creates himself. Although not fluent in special magic Shadic makes up for it with his melodies and can provide a great wall or even turn the tides of battle by buffing everyone. While he can also be a huge HP tank he tends to have a dislike for magical enemies as they provide him with the greatest trouble. That and also the magic messes with his music making.

Shadic's greatest weakness is worrying about a person too much to the point where he will go out of his way to help someone. While he very kind and gentle in nature he can also be quite dangerous to his foes as well. He can also be a bit nervous when it comes to playing his music as he is very vulnerable to criticism.

His favorite food is anything that doesn't involve cold vegetables but he will always love a slice of Pizza or sweets especially sweets. He is a very frequent customer at Albino Café in which he will always buy in bulk to save up for musical studies, or all night training simulations one of two.


Before Shadic came what he has become today he took classes on campus that involved not only his music but the art of duowiel as well. His lazy nature kind of made him very lackluster in work but as time went on his lazy nature subsided and he became a very well rounded Typyl. In practice fights on the campus he combined his rhythm and his duowiel art into combos he could do during the beat.

Later after his classes he took battle tasks for the Furria Guild such as going out and slaying beasts and other rigid tasks such as escorts and protection missions. One day he was walking around the guild and saw Lucyn Augur L'Heart talking to Kaiera L'Heart and heard about Lucyns coronation.

Extremely interested in joining the ranks of Harmonia Shadic was knighted by Lucyn and as time went on he became one of the commanding officers of Harmonia's army. He will always have time to make sure to not only protect Lucyn but also be able to freely create his music and sharpen his skills.

Before Furria

Before antecedence Shadic was an exceptional music and had a bit of knowledge in the art of swordplay. He loved performing for people even if people didn't want to hear him back.


Shadic is a very big HP tank while protecting his allies with Barriers to make sure they are protected as well. He can also focus on huge buffing spells for himself to further increase his damage or further increase his HP.

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  • Staccato Barrier :vox: :tueor: :firmus:
    • 10 FP Lv 1 [Ally -self]
    • - Apply: 20% Defense+
  • Andante Barrier :vox: :tueor: :autumo:
  • Accented Barrier :vox: :tueor: :autumo: :ambio:
    • 30 FP Lv 2 [Party]
    • - Apply: 20% Defense+
  • Soave Barrier :vox: :tueor: :autumo: :ambio:
  • Sforzando Barrier :vox: :tueor: :autumo: :amplius:
    • 60 FP Lv 3 [Ally]
    • - Apply: 50% Defense+
  • Legato Barrier :vox: :tueor: :autumo: :amplius:
  • Heart Barrier :vox: :vita:
    • 80 FP Lv 4 [Self]
    • - Recover: 50% HP Max
  • Forza Barrier :vox: :certus:
  • Soundcross Barrier :vox: :tueor: :autumo: :amplius: :ambio:
  • Barrier Recharge :vox: :tueor:
    • Passive
    • Gives a barrier after # of turns.


  • Spark Punch :electrica: :physicus:
    • 25 FP Lv 2 [Enemy]
    • A physical spell.
    • - Minor %: Stun
  • Bolt Punch :electrica: :physicus:
    • 50 FP Lv 3 [Group]
    • A physical spell.
    • - Light %: Stun
  • Shocker Drive :electrica: :physicus:
    • 75 FP Lv 4 [Group]
    • A physical spell.
    • - Moderate %: Stun
  • Lightning Drive :electrica: :physicus:
    • 100 FP Lv 5 [Group]
    • A physical spell.
    • - Heavy %: Stun
  • Final Gambit :certus:
    • 99% Max HP
    • Cannot be healed next turn and converts HP spent into Strength.



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