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Labyrinthia Lumeria

Emissary of Word
Assigned Aspect
:signum: Signum
Guild RoleResearcher
Battle RoleSpellcaster / Support
Unique Weapon
Cast-writer Canvas Gloves

Labyrinthia Lumeria

Character Information: Typyl / Labyrinthia Lumeria

Labyrinthia is conducting research on the nature of Sorcia when used and done through written word, going through ancient artifacts and historical events to uncover more of its nature.

Role as Sav

Labyrinthia is working and conducting research on the nature of Sorcia through the use of written word and how its used in different factors in both safe environments and where prescence of aspects in unstable. She also goes through ancient artifacts and historical events in order to study more of it's nature.

Furria Guild

As a Sav, she undergoes high-end missions sought out by the Furria Guild, but mostly in areas where she is needed and necessary. She mainly provides support, and cannot be in the front lines due to her nature of her weapon and magic.

Labyrinthia specifically takes on item and crafting related tasks in the Furria Guild in addition to all research tasks. She also gives out tasks in the Furria Guild that enables her to continue her research in sorcia. This mainly being assists and all types of research tasks.

Initiation Story

Labyrinthia started work as a Sav after she prevented her town from the threat of a sabotaged destabilizing core, destroying the entire town into oblivion should it explode.

She prevented the core from exploding due to the results of her research and improvising what to do to prevent the town from exploding, after getting the majority of its inhabitants outside to prevent injury.

Should this character's full story be presented in FURRIA SERIES -Sav-, this has been placed under spoilers.

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