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Shc Ectrs
Shadic Electrois




Character by Shadicozzy

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera




Furrrial Display Class
Vas Duowiel

Hy Tiger-Mouse


Active Caring
Physique ♂ Male
Hatchday Juia 16th / ♋ Cancer
Arcana VIII – Strength
Triq (3)
Triq (3)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Shadic Electrois

Shadic Electrois is a recurring character in Furria.

Shadic is a representative of antecedence representing the user Shadicozzy.

Additional Info

  • Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
  • 16-P Type: Campaigner ENFP-A
  • Average Height Scale: 1.1x
  • Handedness: Right-handed
  • Colors
    • Eye:
      • #472D1E Dark Chocolate Brown
      • #9B5D20 Chocolate Brown
      • #FFC347 Highlight: Yellow
    • Pigments:
      • #FFCC63 Primary: Orange
      • #FFF1C2 Secondary: Cream
      • #66503C Tertiary: Brown
  • Battle Role: HP Tank
  • Weapon Type of Choice:
    Blade Blades, Sword Swords, 2H Blade 2H Blades, 2H Sword 2H Swords
  • Specific Weapon of Choice: Dual Heavy Short Swords


Shadic is one of the Commanding Officers from Harmonia's army and one of the more frequent members of the Furria Guild. Shadic is only called in the army whenever he is needed.

Being the class of Duowiel and his exceptional taste of music he provides not only great attack and strength he also provides covering fire for his allies by “Recreating the sound waves” to provide barriers for his allies. His most recognizable skill is the Sound Wave Barrier which has been known to mitigate damage even from a meteor strike.

Shadic passively can give barriers to people around him as he can “Recreate the Sound Waves” to make sure not only his allies but himself are protected. Not only is he very protective but he also can stand up to a number of hits as long as they aren't magic.


Shadic has been known to be a very peaceful Typyl making sure that his orders are not only for the better of Kingdom of Harmony but also ensuring that he can protect others in the heat of battle. He may be of warm heart but hes not someone you can easily cross. In his off time Shadic produces melodies that he loves creating or playing himself although usually he tends to keep to himself at times with his own productions. He tends to what he likes to call “Recreating the sound waves” to make sure his melodies have different effects and motions.

Shadic's favorite melody is the one he names and creates himself. Although not fluent in special magic Shadic makes up for it with his melodies and can provide a great wall or even turn the tides of battle by buffing everyone. While he can also be a huge HP tank he tends to have a dislike for magical enemies as they provide him with the greatest trouble. That and also the magic messes with his music making.

Shadic's greatest weakness is worrying about a person too much to the point where he will go out of his way to help someone. While he very kind and gentle in nature he can also be quite dangerous to his foes as well. He can also be a bit nervous when it comes to playing his music as he is very vulnerable to criticism.

His favorite food is anything that doesn't involve cold vegetables but he will always love a slice of Pizza or sweets especially sweets. He is a very frequent customer at Albino Café in which he will always buy in bulk to save up for musical studies, or all night training simulations one of two.


Before Shadic came what he has become today he took classes on campus that involved not only his music but the art of duowiel as well. His lazy nature kind of made him very lackluster in work but as time went on his lazy nature subsided and he became a very well rounded Typyl. In practice fights on the campus he combined his rhythm and his duowiel art into combos he could do during the beat.

After he was done with school, he decided that it was time for him to take matters into his own hands. Shadic having learned his powers would start taking on missions that were posted from the Furria Guild. His personality he kinda kept to himself and would only work for his selfish needs which would in turn start getting attention from shady individuals. Shadic started out being an assassin just like his brother Evan only this time instead of working solo he was working with a group of people to do contracts. Despite all of this Shadic was still unsatisfied from what he was doing.

Curiosity struck Shadic as he then learned of Sav's from his brother Evan who actually read upon Sav's before Shadic's arrival. From there Shadic then took a journey to find the Sav of Vox, Melia. Once Shadic happened upon Melia, Shadic instantly drew his swords at Melia the two would fight for a decent amount of time. Shadic was confused about how this would turn out as nearly every turn that happened, Melia could read and feel his movements. Shadic was at a loss and he couldn't stand how everything he was doing was being countered. He was put in downstate and then woke up near Melia.

He looked at her wondering why he was losing to her, he thought everything he was doing was correct. Melia looked at him with a shake to her head and stated: “You have been following the wrong path. This one is not for you.” His eyes lit up with anger as he heard that but somewhere deep down he knew that she was right, although he didnt want to admit it.

After that day Shadic would decide to hang up the mercenary act. From now on he was free to do anything and he even disbanded the group that he made. Although his merc buddies were not happy with it they saw it as a way for Shadic to follow his way and as such they sent him off with well regards.

Time passed and later he found himself working for the Furria Guild, taking on battle tasks such as slaying monsters or even escort and protection missions. Eventually he earned himself a reputation that he was a defender instead of an attacker and in his mind he felt happier for it. One day he was going to ask for another mission until he saw Lucyn Augur L'Heart talking to Kaiera L'Heart. He was curious so he heard some more and found out about Lucyn's coronation. He thought to himself this would be an excellent opportunity to join up for something else other than the regular battle stuff for the Furria Guild.

Extremely interested in joining the ranks of Harmonia Shadic was knighted by Lucyn and as time went on he became one of the commanding officers of Harmonia's army. He will always have time to make sure to not only protect Lucyn but also be able to freely create his music and sharpen his skills.

Before Furria

Before antecedence Shadic was an exceptional musician and had a bit of knowledge in the art of swordplay. He loved performing for people even if people didn't want to hear him back.


Shadic is a very big HP tank while protecting his allies with Barriers to make sure they are protected as well. He can also focus on huge buffing spells for himself to further increase his damage or further increase his HP. Also because of his study with Duowiel, he is able to dual wield any weapon although his signature weapon is dual heavy blades and because of his strength he can wield 2 handed weapons with ease. Combined with a whole bunch of skills, Shadic can easily turn the tide of battle with his barriers, his Duowiel capabilities and his power to protect. Because of his power with Duowiel he also can regenerate TP faster.


Kaiera L'Heart

Kaiera L'Heart was one of Shadics very first friends into Furria and as time went on, he started to have a good feeling for Kaiera. He would always work at the Furria Guild and sometimes would even have Kaiera along on missions. They share a lot of things in common and some nights would even go out to hang and have fun. Shadic would definitely put Kaiera as one of two people he would keep close to his heart and would make sure they are okay.

• Compatibility: ★★★★★ Intimate

Jubei Diablo

Jubei is also the other person Shadic would also keep close to his heart. While not as excited or as spontaneous as Shadic is, Jubei is usually calm and collected when it comes to situations. Shadic met Jubei at a nearby cafe and when they started talking they found more stuff they had in common and they clicked. Although technically not married, Jubei would be a definate candidate for a marriage partner for Shadic (which is why Shadic calls them close to his heart.)

• Compatibility: ★★★★★ BF

Lucyn Augur L'Heart

Lucyn is the wonderful Prince of Harmonia. Whenever Shadic sees Lucyn he feels happy and at ease knowing that the kingdom is ruled by such a passionate leader. When Lucyn got coronated it was there that Shadic worked hard to become one of the major COs of Harmonia. While he may not know much about Lucyn because of how busy Lucyn can be, what ever time he can get with the Prince he enjoys.

• Compatibility: ★★★★ Very good Friend

Evan Electrois

Evan is the brother of Shadic Electrois. Evan came to the world one year before Shadic and as such he had most basic knowledge of how to live in Furria. He taught Shadic everything he could before setting off again to do mercenary work. While Evan is notified as a cold hearted killer, the only thing that actually matters to him is his brother. When Shadic was sometimes in danger, Evan could easily track Shadic and assist him as much as he could. After all he always said that family has to stick together. He has a distant memory of when the two used to hang out a lot. “We used to share a lot of common interests, our designs are somewhat similar. Were we… the same person before?”

• Compatibility: ★★★★ Duality

Other Relationships

In addition to the others he kept so close, Shadic has also been around to the point where hes traveled a lot of places. Hes met some good friends along the way and would protect most of them if they were in trouble.


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