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Elemental Natural Aspect
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:spacia: Spacia #14


Space, Time, Capacity, Area
Simple Title Space-time
Main Category Elemental Aspects
Sub Category Natural Aspects
Presav Sav


Gyr Iro

Primary Color #324960


Spacia is an Elemental Natural Aspect representing Fiagia's presence and concept of both space and time. (Spacetime) The aspect is divided into two facets: space and time.

Due to its rarity, its Sylv value is rated at 1,000 yl and Aspect Crystals of its aspect are rare to find and best found inside deep generated dungeons and Millennial Puzzles.

Sorcia made with Spacia is often paired with :vello: Vello.



Spacia is one of the most powerful and the most restrictive out of all aspects to the point that it could end up as a forbidden aspect, but plays a major part in the world of Furria that it cannot be removed, such as the presence of the Portia class, Path Reflectors, Arcspace, and Millenial Puzzles.

It also is the main influence for several symbolic and spiritual aspects:
:amplius: Amplius, :minuo: Minuo, :duplico: Duplico, :partio: Partio, :vario: Vario, :firmus: Firmus, :ambio: Ambio, :creo: Creo, :imagino: Imagino, and :victus: Victus.

Since Spacia aspected crystals are rare, it is perceived to have five times the capacity of a base aspect crystal.


The aspect is divided into two facets: space and time, which work independently from each other yet co-exists as one aspect.


Space is a facet of Spacia that allows sorcia that alters the physical space around them through several methods. Gravity could be considered as a part of Spacia but is placed into :vello: Vello instead since it handles gravity.


With :velox: Velox, any object can be moved without physical contact of the user.

Even though it does not require the user to move an object, Physical and/or magical strength is used to move an object in addition to their force. This cost could be lessened if the user is actively moving said object.

Gravity can still be influenced in its translation, as such :vello: Vello can still influence the movement of an object.


With :ambio: Ambio, barriers can be made to limit the area of their choice. With proper force exerted, the barrier can still be shattered.


Through the Telecia class, with :spatium: Spatium, an object can be transported through the use of portals or beams but not through instant teleportation. The class Portia can use this further with the aid of crystals.

The only major limitation it has is that it cannot bypass Leylines in any way or form. As such Path Reflectors use satellites in space to transport and route them accordingly.


With the combination of :firmus: Firmus, the user can temporarily make themselves or others unable to be touched, but can still be seen by others.

The strength of the sorcia dictates how much the outside can feel those inside the rift and vice versa. The user is still not allowed to phase through objects despite not being able to be touched as they still exist in the world. The cost of using the Rift is usually high unless used with efficiency.

Any object in the rift can still be interacted by other objects placed in the rift.


Time is a facet of Spacia that works as time is usually perceived: an indefinitely continued sequence of existence and events. As such, time cannot be reversed or even stopped. Spacia works in manipulating the process of time but is mostly restricted due to its nature.


As time moves forward, it cannot be stopped or reversed in any way but can be slowed down or sped up.

Time manipulation is only applicable to sorcia cast by the user. It cannot be used through technology unless it is combined through the use of :victus: Victus as to sustain the state of a living being, but not slow down or speed up time.

However, combined with the aspect of :visio: Visio, they can trick their targets of moving slower while the original target moves normally, creating a visual duplicate of themselves temporarily.


With the combination of :vario: Vario, the position of an area or target can be marked for later recovery, allowing for the target's position to be reset.

Marking a checkpoint is usually cheap in force by nature. A passive type of sorcia can be used to commonly checkpoint themselves without the interaction of the user and only toggled. Using this method will decrease their gain of force from other actions while ensuring their position is kept updated.

Triggering the reversal of a checkpoint is required to be triggered manually by a user, not necessarily its owner. If the checkpoint passes their intended duration, then the checkpoint is lost. Usually, using checkpoints also uses another facet of Spacia, combined with :firmus: Firmus to make themselves temporarily use the rift during its transition.

If it's done through technology later to be used by the user, a lot of the cost of force is reduced from the user to revert to its state, mostly used on buildings.

Sorcia Limitations

For sorcia being cast, the cost of force is scaled and imposed with the following restrictions: (The higher, the more cost it takes)



  • Strength
  • Weight of the object


  • Strength of the barrier
  • Duration
  • Area, exponentially
  • Visibility
    • Normal visibility is 50%
    • Cost only applies if it goes under 50%
  • Luminosity, if :lucerna: Lucerna is applied
    • The barrier has a natural glow by default
  • Passibility


  • Strength of the rift
  • Duration
  • Area of transportation in the rift
  • Area of the rift itself
  • Vision transparency in the rift
    • By default it is 50% opaque, any more opaque would cost nothing
  • Vision area in the rift
    • aka the area visible before it is filled with fog from the rift



  • Speed adjusted, exponentially
    • Slowest speed achievable is 25% of normal time
      • Maximum of 5% with the assist of crystals
    • Fastest speed achievable is 200% of normal time
      • Maximum of 500% with the assist of crystals
  • Duration
  • Target / Area


  • Duration from the checkpoint, exponentially; or
  • Duration after it is marked
  • Distance from the checkpoint
  • Speed from the original position to the checkpoint
  • Target / Area

Author Notes

  • The existence of the rule of reversing and stopping time is considered to be too powerful to be used as it undoes any occurrence of damage or event.
  • The main reason for Victus is required in technology for time to slow down is so that no one can use it large scale in order to slow down or speed up whole settlements.
    • This also breaks the concept of having the same age for other typyl and ends up with age keeping up or leaving behind the rate of others unless they are in stasis.
      • However, this is still contended up to this day whether if their age is affected when using Spacia to speed up or slow down time.


  • Among all of the aspects, Spacia' location is found at I1 (or the 9th color) in the color chart, responding to a navy blue color #324960.
  • Spacia is the first aspect introduced in the wiki.
  • Spacia is derived from the word “Space”.
    • Previously, this was named “Aetas”, the latin word for a period of time.
    • This was changed to its current name to match Furria's “familiar yet unique” direction in its fourth pass.






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