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Robin, also with the names “Lo” or “Tenshi” with the username of Lokatts is a neurodivergent (in a state where they have a developmental disorder), mentally and physically ill artist who loves video games.

Robin was a member of FiaPlay Europe, but was silently let go for the better with all due consideration of his mental health. Kaiera has still contact to him to this day and has remained (somewhat distant) friends after and has offered a spot in Furria.

Despite being a good artist at heart, they constantly bad at keeping and starting conversations due to his trust issues caused by his disability and can space out a lot during conversation.

Due to his illness, he ends up being very vulgar and impulsive, not understanding what he says or done is something wrong. If this does happen he wishes that you should tell them as they don't mean to be offensive or purposely ignorant.

In Furria, he is represented by the same name: Robin.


Character Ownerships

Robin's design can change out of nowhere depending on their current stance and sometimes cannot keep up. So the character is possibly outdated, but is mainly based on their character of the same name in Lokatts' Toyhouse entry:


It is possible that Robin's current design is also up for sale should it deem undesirable. Should it be sold, the entry regarding Robin will either be updated and/or turned unofficial.

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