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Pera Operus
Pera Operus




Character by pany


Artist Credit: Fiakaiera




Furrial Display Class
Aurica Omniwiel



Stoic Observant
Physique ♂ Male
Hatchday Juia 4th / ♋ Cancer
Arcana XIV – Temperance
Quant (4)
Quant (4)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Pera Operus

Pera Operus is an unofficial WIP character in Furria. He's a wandering wolf mercenary that has very respectable records. They are good at working alone although he makes a great colleague. He is specialized in research tasks, however, there's a rumor that he is the best black task taker in the Furria Guild

Pera Operus is one of the humans that went through antecedence representing the user Pany.

Additional Info

  • Nickname/s: Perus
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Age: 17
  • Title: “Wandering Tactician”
  • Hometown: unknown
  • Moral Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • 16-P Type: Architect INTJ
  • Suits Affiliation: ♦ Diamonds
  • Chess Affiliation: ♜ Rook
  • Average Height Scale: 0.985
  • Handedness: Right-handed
  • Colors
    • Inner:

    • Aura:


    • Eye:
      • #749be5

      • #6b7fe6

    • Pigments:
      • #eeebfe

      • #ffffff

      • #cebef3

        Ears and Paws
  • Battle Role: Dart Exploiter
  • Weapon Type of Choice: 2H Gun 2H Gun, Pendulum Pendulum and,AT Gloves AT Gloves
  • Specific Weapon of Choice:
    • 2H Gun Aspect adept rifle
    • AT Gloves twin drive Gloves
    • Pendulum fracture pendulum


Pera Operus is a high-level mercenary. He usually can be spotted in Patiencia Library if he isn't on any task and despite his tough-looking equipment, he's very calm and collected.

He spends time tweaking and refining his weapons in the most secluded part of Patiencia Library. Outside of his professional records, nobody really knows him, aside from that he is a white-ish wolf-type with blue eyes. There is a rumor that he is secretly chasing an underground organization called “Nil Wolf” by taking black tasks.


Perus is an introvert with great observation skills. He may try to hide his soft-side through professionalism and stoic expression. Logic and reasoning are his bread; connection with others is his butter. With those two, he is unbreakable. However, time has proven that he can survive with only his logic and reasoning.

Unfortunately due to this, it results in his withdrawal of social interaction. Despite all his unfriendly aura, Perus is actually quite interactable and trustworthy. He is super loyal to his close friends and genuinely cares about them. Lastly, you might find him too straightforward sometimes and as such just can't lie to his friends without acting strangely.


Perus currently lives in an ordinary normal house near Patiencia library. He was a quiet wolf-type on the campus and interestingly, he shows high close combat potential during his self-defense class. He loves learning about Sorcia, especially one that relates to the interworking of space and time. Unlike his close combat skill, his Sorcia ability is quite below the average despite his force level being unparalleled.

During his time on the campus. he made a close friend. She was the class ace and showed the same interest in space and time as Perus. They quickly became close friends because of their interests. With her knowledge, she created fracture Pendulums. The pendulum allows the user to achieves flawless combat reactive intangibility through the use of the rift. Unfortunately, with great power comes great risk as she was kidnapped and her traces were erased. Perus saw the whole situation unfold but was unable to fight back and save his closest friend. He was not strong enough to make any difference and from that day forth, he trains and studies sorcia to get stronger. He finds what he has lost, no matter what is the cost.

For his pendulum, he created through the blueprint that his friend gave to him. While not 100% complete, it is still usable. However, his version of the fracture pendulum is nothing like the original in terms of appearance and function. While unable to create intangibility, this version allows Perus to create visual duplicates of himself. This is not an afterimage or before-image of himself but rather, an alternative-image of himself. The images are unable to interact with the physical world or sorcia in any way. Additionally, the alternative images of himself are indistinguishable from the real Perus by normal observation. However, any physical or sorcia interaction with the alternative images will reveal whether they're real or not.


Close quarter combat

One of his combat techniques is Close Quarter Combat, also known as CQC. He's exceptionally good at it and is capable of disarming, takedown and neutralizing well-trained enemies in a matter of seconds. For a tougher opponent, he can compensate the power difference with his tactical glove, with his sorcia expertise.

He is able to channel elemental aspects into his gloves to create simple sorcia effects that can adjust for different situations. From time to time, he may try to use two different element sorcia, and create interesting effects that aid him in the heat of battle greatly.


His favorite weapon and his greatest invention, the Aspect adept rifle, is capable of adapting to any situation as the name suggests. The rifle is capable of adjusting firepower, fire-rate, and spread pattern. Furthermore, He created the rifle with aspect-infused metal. This magic-made rifle is so compatible with ballistic sorcia that it reduces forces required and increase the effectiveness for free. With this rifle, he can engage any target from point-blank range and sniping range. The only limitation of his superior marksmanship is ammunition and sometimes it will run out and as such, he has to improvise.


Sorcia is like a math equation for Perus. He can manipulate it freely within the set of rules of course and given enough time and the right equipment.

With mastery of Aetas:aetas: combining with other aspects, he can create barriers. Sometimes, he uses them as platforms or walls to create more movement options. He can stack them together to amplify the effects to a critical level with the help of Amplius :amplius: and Duplico :duplico: Moreover, he likes to use Velox :velox: for increasing his physical power.

For Ferro :ferro: and Vis :vis: mastery, he created a new metal alloy called Tithumium. It's extremely durable, malleable, and has high Sorcia potential. He carries them around like a scarf and the alloy has many uses such as acting like a blade or a Barrier. However he doesn't like to utilize it with his Ferro aspect ability for some personal reason.

In very dire situations, he may use his ultimate sorcia move, Silver serpent strike. Perus utilizes all of his main aspects and some additional aspects. He reconstructs his scarf into a silver metallic serpent through his magnetism power. The metallic serpent can come in many sizes or numbers and it may have elemental attributes depends on what aspects are infused into it. The move may sound flashy but it can be used in an unexpected way. For example, Perus can create a very small Silver serpent and command it to invade the target's body, acting as a magical parasite.


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