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🎲 Character Creation

Furrian Dice, simplified as Fia – Dice, is a simple free-formed tabletop fantasy roleplaying game. Okay that was lengthy, it's basically a game where everyone plays a part in a story, whether it's yourself or an entirely different character.

The game is dictated by the Field Master (FM for short) and tells the story that you, as a player will go along. Remember, this is only a guide. Be prepared to have β€œrules” broken in many ways.

This part covers character creation.

There are two variations of Furrian Dice: simple and diverse. Diverse only adds to Simple and introduces the concept of stats, aspects and weapon skills. This guide shows the Diverse side of Furrian Dice.

Starting Details

As a player, you are playing a character. Your actions will reflect that of your character's fate.

Now fill in the following:

  1. Player Name, which is usually your real name, or your username/alias when playing online
  2. Character Name, what your character is called. Some FMs might call you that name instead when roleplaying

When creating a character from scratch, you get these for free: (Keep this in mind)

  • 10 Action Points (AP) for interactions
  • 10 Force/fatigue Points (FP) for skills
  • 5 Hit Points (HP) for battles
  • 6 points (PT) to spend (keep this in mind for later)

Character Tip:
If you want a step further, you could also think of a backstory for your character to further improve upon what they are and how they could act. Maybe also the reason why they are in the situation that the FM made.

Existing Characters?
If you are already familiar with Furria and have already created a character for it, you may choose to go with your own character as well. With that, you have almost all the details your character needs.


Traits are used to help in interacting within the world. These come into play when there's a conflict between the character and something else. (like characters, obstacles)

You start with 1 pt in every trait.

Keyword Trait Helps in Examples
PHY Physique Physical actions Pushing, lifting, cutting rope, knocking out someone
MAG Magic Using magic Throwing fireballs, shocking, making a shield, turning invisible
INT Intelligence Using intellect or knowledge Learning, solving puzzles, remembering, using wits
CHA Charisma Interacting with another Convincing, bargaining, proposing
PER Perception Observation or Suspicion Aiming, checking surroundings, doubting
REF Reflex Acting with movement Jumping, dashing, avoiding things
You can spend 1 pt to add one to a specific trait


Stats are used specifically for combat. These come into play when the conflict gets rough and life is on the line. The way of attacking is divided into two: magical and physical.

You start with 5 pt in every stat.

STR Strength
(Physical Attack)
VS Resistance
(Magical Guard)
SOR Sorcery
(Magical Attack)
VS Defence
(Physical Guard)
SPD Speed
(Speed, helps in dodging)
VS Vitality
(Health, adds in HP)
You can only adjust each stat with their opposing stat, only up to 9. (Example: +1 STR = -1 RES)
β€» You can't normally add a point to your HP except adding in Vitality

If you want an easier way to calculate this:

  • If you don't have a template: Write 9 hollow circles horizontally or vertically. On one end, write one of the stats and write the conflicting stat on the other. The follow the instruction below as if you already have a template.

  • If you have a template: There should be nine circles in-between two stats. The middle of the 9 circles is 5 for both stats. Fill in the corresponding circle depending on the amount of points you want to assign with each stat. One point going to any side adds one point to that side and removes one point to the other.
      – Example: STR β—‹ β—‹ ● β—‹ β—‹ β—‹ β—‹ β—‹ β—‹ RES = +2 STR -2 RES = 7 STR 3 RES

If you have a character for Furria, this points to your character's Stat Balance.


Skills are special actions that can help in a lot of situations. Skills are free-formed and are entirely up to the player, as long it can cover a field of expertise. All skills cost FP inside of battle. You would have to agree with the FM with your skills, just to keep it fair.

You can spend 1 pt to give yourself a skill

β€» You can level up skills later on. The cost will go higher per level up
β€» Rule: Cure (Status Healing), Healing and Revive are not the same

Tip: While related skills may be tempting, overlapping skills are generally not worth the while. The more specific, the more interesting it will be and you would have to get creative.

Covered Examples:

  • Athletics
  • Bluff
  • Crafting
  • Healing
  • Investigation
  • Linguistics (like Deciphering)
  • Merchantry / Trading
  • Politics
  • Scavenging
  • Stealth

Semi-Covered Examples:

  • Charm
  • Earth Magic
  • Exchange
  • Flight
  • Levitation
  • Lying
  • Persuasion
  • Potion Crafting
  • Sabotage
  • Sneak Attack

Specific Examples:

  • Arrow/Bullet Shower
  • Bash
  • Brute Force
  • Cheap Selling
  • Empower Weapon
  • Explode
  • Flashbang
  • Invincibility (Temporary)
  • Knife Throw
  • Whirlwind

Weapon Style & Weapon Skill

Weapons Style

In some adventures, you may need a weapon. Weapon styles dictate what weapon you are versed on using for the journey. In addition to having a free weapon skill when it is needed, some weapon styles do exchange one stat for another, helpful if you don't really need a certain stat. The type of weapon could also benefit in some situations.

Even if you have your own weapon style, this doesn't mean you start with your own weapon from the get-go. The FM might say you don't even have your weapons yet.

You can only have 1 weapon style

Tip: If you want a more specific weapon, try convincing your FM and see if they agree with it.
If you have a character for Furria, this points to your character's Weapon Type of Choice or Specific Weapon of Choice.

β€» In the following list:

  • 2H means 2-handed. The weapon must be wielded with both hands.
  • AT means attack. It means this is a weapon version of the item.
  • Light = +1 SPD -1 STR
    Strong = +1 STR -1 SPD
    • SOR instead of STR for cast-type weapons
    • DEF instead of STR for defense-type weapons
Categories Weapon Types
Slash-type Weapons
* can cause bleed
Normal Blade, Sword, Axe
Light Knife, Claw, AT Fan
Strong 2H Blade, 2H Sword, 2H Axe, Scythe
Impact-type Weapons
* can cause knockback
Normal Mace, Hammer, Flail, Whip
Light AT Gloves, AT Boots, Nunchaku
Strong 2H Mace, 2H Hammer, Tonfa
Puncture-type Weapons
* can cause stagger
Normal Spear, Polearm
Light Dagger, Rapier
Strong Lance
Cast-type Weapons Normal Wand, Book, Orb
Light Deck, Rod, Pendulum
Strong Staff, Cane, Umbrella
Range-type Weapons Normal RT Arc (Returning Arc), Longbow, Crossbow, Sling
Light Thrown, Bow, Gun, Blowdart, Caltrops
Strong 2H Crossbow, 2H Gun, Bomb
Defense-type Weapons
* can cause knockback
Normal H Shield (Heavy Shield)
Light Shield
Strong 2H Shield
Other Weapons Gunblade, Puppet, Sentry, Instrument

Weapon Skill

A Weapon Skill is a free skill that is related to your weapon. Before choosing a weapon skill, you first should choose a weapon. Despite this, it will still cost FP when taking an action. You are allowed to level up your weapon skill for later.

You can only have 1 weapon skill

Examples: Aim, Archery, Explosion, Fire Magic, Fencing, Force Pull, Gravitate, Grapple, Shield Bash, Thrust
Remember: Skills are not only for combat. This includes weapon skills!

Quality & Aspects


Qualities are very broad skills, jobs or stereotypes. They somewhat act like very broad skills, but these don't have a cost in FP nor they can level up.

You can only have 1 quality

Examples: Charismatic, Strong, Knight, Mercenary, Scholar, Smart


Aspects are actually optional. They contribute as bonuses when doing an action or skill related to the aspect. Remember, these cannot be leveled up later on. However, there are services in the world to change this, but are very rare.

You can only have up to 3 aspects. You can remove one slot to add a bonus to another.

If you have a character for Furria, this points to your character's Aspects.

There are 50 usable aspects in total.

β€” Fire Water Wind Earth Electricity Ice Weather Nature Light
Darkness Plasma Gravity Space Uncertain Health Disability Metal Energy β€”
Add Subtract Duplicate Divide Exchange Balance Luck Change Copy Touch
Range Surround Flight Speed Vision Sound Sign Command Trap Create
Dynamic Chaos Strength Weakness Protect Belief Astral Discover Sustain Sanity
If you want to know the full extent on each aspect, see the whole list of aspects of Furria.

After all of that, your character is now complete! Now go out there and create stories that you and your friends will remember!

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