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🎲 Character Creation

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Furrian Dice (simplified as Fia – Dice), is a simple free-formed tabletop roleplaying game based on the world of Furria. The game is about storytelling in the world of Furria in a sense where every player contributes in any way to make it fun.

The game is dictated by the Field Master (FM for short) and tells the story that you, as a player will go along. Remember, this is only a guide. Be prepared to have β€œrules” broken in many ways.

This part covers character creation. Click here if you are looking for the player guide.


🎲 Starting Details

As a player, you are playing a character as part of the cast. Your actions will reflect that of your character's fate.

Each character has the following:

  1. Player Name: which is the player controlling the character. It could be your real name or username/alias.
  2. Character Name: which is the character's name. Some FMs might call you that name instead when roleplaying.

When creating a character from scratch, your character gets these for free:

10 HP
Hit Points
for battles

10 FP
Force/Fatigue Points
for skills

FP changes to 12 should they want to track FP using 2 dice (or a 12-sided die) instead.

Character Tip
If you want a step further, you could also think of a backstory for your character to further improve upon what they are and how they could act. Maybe it could end up being the reason why they are in whatever the FM made.

Existing Characters?
If you are already are familiar with Furria and have a character already created for it, you may choose to go with that character instead. If you do, you already have most of the details that the character needs.

⭐ Points

Points (PT) are used to improve your character during the adventure you will be going through.

When creating a character, you start with 10 PT.

You can spend PT for the following:

You can let one of your traits reach the negative for a PT on another trait. You gain 1 PT for each point in a trait removed.

Once done with character creation, the cost for PT is treated differently afterwards.

πŸ”— Traits

Traits are used in helping the character interact with the world. These come into play when you have to roll for a check or when you are in a conflict between you and something else. (like characters, obstacles, etc.)

Each character starts with 0 in each trait.

Physique (PHY)

  • Helps in: Physical-related actions
  • Tomato Example: How much can you push off a large tomato? How far can you throw a tomato?

Utility (TIL)

  • Helps in: Utilizing tools/magic
  • Tomato Example: How many ways can you utilize a tomato than just being food?

Reflex (REF)

  • Helps in: Acting with movement
  • Tomato Example: How fast can you dodge a tomato?

Charisma (CHA)

  • Helps in: Conversation
  • Tomato Example: How can you convince to sell or eat a rotten tomato?

Sense (SEN)

  • Helps in: Observation or suspicion
  • Tomato Example: How can you feel that there's a tomato behind you? How can you tell that is a rotten tomato?

Intellect (INT)

  • Helps in: Using intellect or known knowledge
  • Tomato Example: How much do you know other than a tomato being a fruit?

πŸ—‘οΈ Stats

Stats are specifically used in combat. These come into play mostly in battles but can be used outside of battle in some cases.

If you're importing a character that already exists in Furria, this points to their Stat Balance in the profile.

Each character starts with 5 in each stat.
These are independent from spending points.
You can only adjust by removing 1 point from one and adding 1 point to the other.

The following are tied to each other:

Strength (STR)

  • Usage: Physical Attack Damage

Resistance (RES)

  • Usage: Damage prevented from Magical Attacks

Sorcery (SOR)

  • Usage: Magical Attack Damage

Defence (DEF)

  • Usage: Damage prevented from Physial Attacks

Speed (SPD)

  • Usage: Dictates movement (1 = 5 ft / 1 non-diagonal square)

Vitality (VIT)

  • Usage: Additional health (10 + VIT)

If you want an easier way to set this up…
You can write each pair like this:
STR 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 ===
=== 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 RES

…and just encircle vertically on the stat you want like this:
STR 9 8 [7] 6 5 4 3 2 1 ===
=== 1 2 [3] 4 5 6 7 8 9 RES
This means you have 7 STR and 3 RES!

β†ͺ Skills

Skills are special actions that a character can do that helps in a varying situations. Skills are always free-formed and are entirely up to the player, as long it can cover a field of expertise.

Most skills cost force points (FP) in battle. For these, you would most likely have to agree with the FM with your skills, just to keep it fair.

  • You are freely given 1 Freeform Skill by default.

    These are weak skills that can be freely used at any time at no cost.
    (To Dungeon & Dragons players, these are also known as Cantrips)
  • You are also freely given 1 Weapon Skill by default.

    Weapon skills are skills that must be related to your Weapon Style.
    You cannot use your Weapon Skill without the same type of weapon equipped.
  • You can spend 1 PT to give your character a skill.

A normal skill usually costs 4-5 FP in battle.

  • You can level up skills later on. However, the cost in PT will go higher per level up
  • Rule: Cure (Status Healing), HP Heal and Revival are not the same skill

Tip: While related skills may be tempting, overlapping skills are generally not worth the while. The more specific a skill can be, the more the player will have to get creative.


  • Covered: Althletics, Bluff, Crafting, Healing, Inversitagion, Linguistics (like Deciphering), Merchantry, Politics, Scavenging, Stealth
  • Semi-covered: Charm, Earth Magic, Exchange, Flight, Levitation, Lying, Persuasion, Potion Crafting, Sabotage, Sneak Attack
  • Specific: Arrow/Bullet Shower, Bash, Brute Force, Cheap Selling, Empower Weapon, Explode, Flashbang, Invincibilty (Temporary), Knife Throw, Whirlwind

πŸ’  Quality

Qualities are very broad skills, jobs or stereotypes. They act like very broad skills, but these do not have a cost in FP nor they can level up. These also give you an advantage when making a roll if the action you decided to do is related to your quality.

You can only have 1 quality

Examples: Charismatic, Strong, Kinght, Mercenary, Scholar, Smart

βš” Weapons

In most adventures, you may need a weapon. Weapons deal different kinds of damage and has more to offer than just dealing out some damage. Some weapons can have different attributes to them, like changing your traits or stats when you wear them.

Though optional, each character has a specific weapon style, which also affects their weapon skill, which is given to them for free. If you already have a character for Furria, this points to your character's Weapon Type of Choice, or Specific Weapon of Choice.

In the following list:

  • 2H means 2-handed. The weapon must be wielded with both hands. (Unless the starting STR is either 8 or 9)
  • AT means β€œattack”. It means this is a weapon-ready version of the item.
  • All of these are mainly categories. (For example, Katanas are considered to be Blade blades)

Physical Weapons
Slash-type Impact-type Puncture-type
Knife Knife Claw Claw Mace Mace 2H Mace 2H Mace Dagger Dagger
Blade Blade 2H Blade 2H Blade Hammer Hammer 2H Hammer 2H Hammer Rapier Rapier
Sword Sword 2H Sword 2H Sword AT Gloves AT Gloves AT Boots AT Boots Lance Lance
Axe Axe 2H Axe 2H Axe Tonfa Tonfa Flail Flail Spear Spear
AT Fan AT Fan AT Ring AT Ring Nunchaku Nunchaku Whip Whip Polearm Polearm
Scythe Scythe

Cast-type Weapons Range-type Weapons
Deck Deck Orb Orb Thrown Thrown Arc Arc Caltrops Caltrops
Staff Staff Wand Wand Bow Bow Longbow Longbow Dart Dart
Rod Rod Cane Cane Crossbow Crossbow 2H Crossbow 2H Crossbow Sling Sling
Umbrella Umbrella Book Book Gun Gun 2H Gun 2H Gun Launcher Launcher
Pendulum Pendulum Explosive Explosive

Defensive Weapons Other Weapons
Shield Shield Hshield Heavy Shield AT Orb AT Orb Gunblade Gunblade Puppet Puppet
2H Shield 2H Shield Reflector Reflector Sentry Sentry Instrument Instrument Hybrid Hybrid
Unique Unique

πŸŒ€ Aspects

Though optional, Aspects contribute as bonuses when doing an action or skill related to the aspects chosen. These cannot be leveled up but there are services in-world to change this but are very rare to find.

You can have 1 up to 3 aspects.

You can remove one slot to add another bonus to one of your already chosen aspects.
When you have a character for Furria, this points to the character's Aspects.

Elemental Aspects

:flamma: flamma (Fire)
+ Utilizing fire

:flumine: flumine (Water)
+ Utilizing water

:aer: aer (Wind)
+ Utilizing wind

:solum: solum (Earth)
+ Utilizing the ground

:electrica: electrica (Electricity)
+ Utilizing electricity

:glacies: glacies (Ice)
+ Utilizing ice

:caelum: caelum (Weather)
+ Utilizing the weather or atmosphere

:silva: silva (Nature)
+ Utilizing the ground

:lucerna: lucerna (Light)
+ Utilizing light

:nox: nox (Darkness)
+ Utilizing darkness

:medius: medius (Normal)
+ Tinkering

:indivisus: indivisus (Universal)
+ Using an item outside of their original intention

:fulgo: fulgo (Plasma)
+ Utilizing beams and lasers

:vello: vello (Gravity)
+ Utilizing the influence of gravity

:aetas: aetas (Aetas)
+ Utilizing the influence of space

:inane: inane (Uncertainty)
+ Uncertainty
+ Guessing

:vita: vita (Health)
+ Recovery
+ Taking care of injuries

:mors: mors (Disability)
+ Injury (treating or taking advantage)

:ferro: ferro (Metal)
+ Playing around with materials

:vis: vis (Power)
+ Managing power
+ Technology

Symbolic Aspects

:amplius: amplius (Add)
+ Influencing more to a situation

:minuo: minuo (Subtract)
+ Influencing less to a situation

:duplico: duplico (Duplicate)
+ Intensifying circumstances

:partio: partio (Division)
+ Reducing risks

:verto: verto (Exchange)
+ Exchanging
+ Negotiation

:serenitas: serenitas (Balance)
+ Equalizing
+ Fair treatment

:alea: alea (Luck)
+ Random chance
+ Simulation

:vario: vario (Change)
+ Alteration

:imitio: imitio (Copy)
+ Imitation
+ Disguises

:firmus: firmus (Touch)
+ Physical investigations
+ Specific physical interactions

:spatium: spatium (Range)
+ Surveying
+ Spying

:ambio: ambio (Surround)
+ Investigation of surroundings as a whole
+ Checking specific presence

:divum: divum (Flight)
+ Utilizing flight

:velox: velox (Speed)
+ Utilizing speed

:visio: visio (Vision)
+ Physical observations
+ Stealth

:vox: vox (Sound)
+ Utilizing sound

:signum: signum (Sign)
+ Research
+ Reviewing

Spiritual Aspects

:impero: impero (Command)
+ Demand
+ Commanding

:coacto: coacto (Traps)
+ Utilizing traps

:creo: creo (Create)
+ Creating materials
+ Creating ideas

:motio: motio (Dynamic)
+ Improvisation

:aporia: aporia (Chaos)
+ Utilizing chaos
+ Confusion

:certus: certus (Strength)
+ Inspiration

:reicio: reicio (Weakness)
+ Demotivation
+ Utilizing weakness

:tueor: tueor (Protect)
+ Protection

:autumo: autumo (Magic)
+ Sensing magic
+ Observing magic

:imagino: imagino (Astral)
+ Illusions

:scio: scio (Discovery)
+ Discovery with a specific intent

:victus: victus (Sustain)
+ Sustenance
+ Maintenance

:sanitas: sanitas (Sanity)
+ Manipulation

After all of that, your character is now complete! Now go out there and create stories that you and your friends will remember!

You may want to talk to your FM about your character's backstory, who knows they will give you items related to your backstory or quality.

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