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“I… Wanna sleep… Pretty much all the time.”

Mitei is a reserved individual who apparently is studying a technical high school, where they learn how to code. On their free time they enjoy drawing their characters and creating stories with them, on a fictional setting they share and build alongside their boyfriend, Nonoko.exe.

They wish to learn how to code videogames, and to animate so that they can create cool things with all their characters that they've created over the years.

Coffee on cold mornings is a blessing for them, but their favorite one is that one particular Activated Carbon Black Capuccino they sell at a café located where they live. They enjoy very spicy food as well, they will eat any spicy salsa without hesitation. Apparently that their mexican culture is very ingrained on them (…at least in terms of food, thats for sure!).

Mitei's real name is a mystery. Only a selected group of people know it… but maybe it's not a big deal. They're a bit shy when it comes to meeting new people and they seem to have anxiety with some things, but they're an enjoyable person to have around, overall.

They joined Furria series thanks to Nonoko.exe, after watching him doing a Typyl for himself, D'Lux. Of course, they wanted to be there too. They eventualy helped him with his Typyl's appearance, drawing him a ton couple of times… Apparently, they seem to do this with other characters Nonoko owns as well. After some time they eventually made their own Typyl, Miteiru Kurin.

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