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🔧 Furria Tools

This page lists all of the tools made for and intended for the world of Furria!
All of the tools listed here are made to assist the community to achieve what they need to do in Furria.

  • Average Height Scale Calculator
    The Average Height Scale Calculator calculates the character's height in terms of scale.

  • Figlyphs Converter
    The Figlyphs Converter a simple tool that converts normal text into Figlpyhs and vice-versa.

  • 📋Furrial Class Master List on Google Sheets
    Provides an up-to-date active list of Furrial Classes in Google Sheets. Others can freely add suggestions if they wish.

  • Stat Balance Calculator (Outdated)
    The Stat Balance Calculator a simple tool that automagically calculates stats for you without drawing 9 circles.

  • 📝Typyl Reference Sheet on Google Docs
    An easily editable template provided on Google Docs should you make a character without creating an OC page.

Other Things

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