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Elemental Aspects

:flamma: flamma (Fire)
+ Utilizing fire

:flumine: flumine (Water)
+ Utilizing water

:aer: aer (Wind)
+ Utilizing wind

:solum: solum (Earth)
+ Utilizing the ground

:electrica: electrica (Electricity)
+ Utilizing electricity

:glacies: glacies (Ice)
+ Utilizing ice

:caelum: caelum (Weather)
+ Utilizing the weather or atmosphere

:silva: silva (Nature)
+ Utilizing the ground

:lucerna: lucerna (Light)
+ Utilizing light

:nox: nox (Darkness)
+ Utilizing darkness

:medius: medius (Normal)
+ Tinkering

:indivisus: indivisus (Universal)
+ Using an item outside of their original intention

:fulgo: fulgo (Plasma)
+ Utilizing beams and lasers

:vello: vello (Gravity)
+ Utilizing the influence of gravity

:aetas: aetas (Aetas)
+ Utilizing the influence of space

:inane: inane (Uncertainty)
+ Uncertainty
+ Guessing

:vita: vita (Health)
+ Recovery
+ Taking care of injuries

:mors: mors (Disability)
+ Injury (treating or taking advantage)

:ferro: ferro (Metal)
+ Playing around with materials

:vis: vis (Power)
+ Managing power
+ Technology

Symbolic Aspects

:amplius: amplius (Add)
+ Influencing more to a situation

:minuo: minuo (Subtract)
+ Influencing less to a situation

:duplico: duplico (Duplicate)
+ Intensifying circumstances

:partio: partio (Division)
+ Reducing risks

:verto: verto (Exchange)
+ Exchanging
+ Negotiation

:serenitas: serenitas (Balance)
+ Equalizing
+ Fair treatment

:alea: alea (Luck)
+ Random chance
+ Simulation

:vario: vario (Change)
+ Alteration

:imitio: imitio (Copy)
+ Imitation
+ Disguises

:firmus: firmus (Touch)
+ Physical investigations
+ Specific physical interactions

:spatium: spatium (Range)
+ Surveying
+ Spying

:ambio: ambio (Surround)
+ Investigation of surroundings as a whole
+ Checking specific presence

:divum: divum (Flight)
+ Utilizing flight

:velox: velox (Speed)
+ Utilizing speed

:visio: visio (Vision)
+ Physical observations
+ Stealth

:vox: vox (Sound)
+ Utilizing sound

:signum: signum (Sign)
+ Research
+ Reviewing

Spiritual Aspects

:impero: impero (Command)
+ Demand
+ Commanding

:coacto: coacto (Traps)
+ Utilizing traps

:creo: creo (Create)
+ Creating materials
+ Creating ideas

:motio: motio (Dynamic)
+ Improvisation

:aporia: aporia (Chaos)
+ Utilizing chaos
+ Confusion

:certus: certus (Strength)
+ Inspiration

:reicio: reicio (Weakness)
+ Demotivation
+ Utilizing weakness

:tueor: tueor (Protect)
+ Protection

:autumo: autumo (Magic)
+ Sensing magic
+ Observing magic

:imagino: imagino (Astral)
+ Illusions

:scio: scio (Discovery)
+ Discovery with a specific intent

:victus: victus (Sustain)
+ Sustenance
+ Maintenance

:sanitas: sanitas (Sanity)
+ Manipulation

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