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xn Or l'Hrt
Lucyn Augur L'Heart




Character by Wishdream

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera



Augur L'Heart

Furrial Display Class
Vas Runega



Gentle Empathetic
Physique Unidentified
Hatchday Aguia 20th / ♌ Leo
Arcana ⅩⅦ - Star/ⅩⅧ - Moon
Fivs (5)
Fivs (5)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Lucyn Augur L'Heart

Lucyn Augur L'Heart is a recurring character in Furria. They are currently the Prince of Harmonia and serves as one of the main relations of the continents.

Lucyn is one of the humans that went through antecedence representing the user Wishdream. However, it ends up being much more complicated than the rest of the antecedents.

Additional Info

  • Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
  • 16-P Type: Mediator INFP-T
  • Suits Affiliation: ♦ Diamonds
  • Chess Affiliation: Double – ♚ King / ♛ Queen
  • Average Height Scale: 0.926x
  • Handedness: Ambidex, right preferred
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural
    • Aura: #FFDB4D Yellow
      • #ffffff Focus / Serene
      • #abd1ff Normal
      • #9f82f8 Strong
    • Eye: Blue
      • #5371b6 Outer
      • #3f5c9b Inner
    • Pigments: #ebeeef White
  • Battle Role: Adaptable (any role)
  • Weapon Type of Choice:
    • Unique Unique, Hybrid Hybrid, Orb AT Orb, Deck Deck
    • Sword Sword, Spear Halberd, Spear Spear
  • Specific Weapon of Choice: Spring-based Recoil Swordspear / Mage-glove + Rune-sword


Currently, Lucyn the prince of Harmonia along with their partner, Luna L'Heart. They serve as one of the representatives of Crescentalia and creates communication with each continent around Fiagaia. They are seen around Crescentalia doing research and having duties in and out of their own kingdom, often exploring along different Sav to create new findings and discoveries when not bound to duties or simply when interested.

They have helped many different Typyl through out the years, especially when their brother Lucyn Augur L'Heart is involved and has saved countless number of lives and solved countless puzzles.

With their knowledge, Lucyn is one of the harborers of the Furrial class|Furrial Class Runega. Often refered to as 'Ancient Runecaster' due to their knowledge in the arts as well as the theme of their kingdom. They serves as one of it's teachers and has relations with the Sav Signum

They are now involved in the research in one of the artifacts in Saviand. Specifically one of the abandoned Millenial Puzzles that seems to have called them.


Lucyn can be described as a 'White Guiding Fox' when it comes to their personality. Serene, gentle and empathetic, known quell fears and give hope to those who need it. Flowing through each actions to reach a conclusion leaning towards peace and harmony.

Tends to guide many through their hardships with comfort and rest, willing to wait out any situation and acting towards what must be done if needed.

Outside of being soft spoken and serene, their attitude can change within a tide of great situations where instead they tend to become a motivating force instead, moving talks and actions that inspire to do what they must and what they can in order to keep what they hold dear.

While they are capable of great hope and motivation, they are also relatively sensitive to their feelings and are not obvious to the surface until let alone by themselves. In a time of sadness and stress, they will need to charge which may take from a short break to months at a time. When bouncing in between light and dark emotions fast enough, they will default into a 'glitched' state in which they are stabilizing while displaying neutral emotion.

In battle and quick situations, they capable of going into deep focus allowing them to relax in the height of the situation and move accordingly to what is needed. Outside of battle, they are keen on observations and quick to connect points as intel, often having strategies that are both safe and exploitive if the situation arises.


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Before Furria

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Base Skills

They are innately skilled in the Aspect of Aer, their base Aspect.

Fusion Skills

Over time, they learned how to use the Aspect of Glacies due to their affinity with Crystals, allowing them to create more crystalline type moves than cold. Often their abilities with Glacies involve Freeze-type, Snow-type and Shard-type abilities.

Eventually, they discovered to manipulate Glacies and Signum to create Imagino using both runes and crystal to project and eventually create Stars and Dream-like environments. This use of their element actually treads upon Aetas due to its galaxy-like nature.

Support Skills

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Unique Skills

Lucyn has mastered Signum over time as their personal research. Trying out unorthodox things and knowing about it more along with their knowledge from their human life, often combining combinations of unimaginable scale. Often his skills in Signum is something quite cryptic and indecipherable, it is unique to them unless taught to someone else which is unlikely.


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