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Evan Electrois



Character by shadicozzy

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera




Furrrial Display Class
Gun Maniac

Hy Tiger-Mouse


Serious Tough
Physique Male
Hatchday October 16th / Libra
Arcana VII- Chariot
Triq (3)
Triq (3)
Stat Balance

Evan Electrois

Evan Electrois is an unofficial character in Furria.

Evan Electrois is one of the humans that went through antecedence representing the user shadicozzy.

Additional Info

  • Nickname/s: Eight/Evan
  • Pronouns: He/Him
  • Age: 19
  • Title: Gun Maniac
  • Hometown: Unknown
  • Moral Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • 16-P Type: Virtuoso ISTP
  • Suits Affiliation: Spade
  • Chess Affiliation: Rook
  • Average Height Scale: 1.2x
  • Handedness: Right-handed
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural
    • Aura: #9B0006
    • Eye: #9B0006
    • #D93938
    • Pigments:
      • #F39A58 Primary
      • #663D43 Secondary
      • #F9D49F Tertiary
  • Battle Role: Gun Assassin
  • Weapon Type of Choice: Guns
  • Specific Weapon of Choice: Any Gun that suits the job


Evan Electrois is the more serious brother of Shadic Electrois. Unlike his brother Evan cant Duowiel properly but more so relies on his gun skills, using any skill will either cause him to switch the gun hes using or keep it. Having been imbued with a power known as the “Berserk Genetic” when he falls below half his HP he goes into overload.


Evans personality is more serious and to the point. While he may not think straight sometimes he usually acts on his own instinct. Hes rough and can come off as Nihilistic at first but when you get to know him his serious attitude is just how he is. He has been known to just be by himself most of the time.


Evan when he came into the world as an Antecedant was unsure of what to do. After all he was always by himself and never relied on anyone else to lead him anywhere. He arrived to a Port Town where he was given a place to stay and in time he went to school. Without any enthusiasm he took the classes but found himself more bored about learning about the Aspects. Fed up with school he decided to just learn on his own without having to mingle or care about anyone else. This led him to be not very liked among the others but he didn't care. Evan was always very curious about things and wanted to explore more of the world and thus he started to wonder on his own, getting information about the anatomy of Typyl and what makes them tick. Of course that still wasnt enough to satisfy him so he continued to explore the world.

One day Evan happened upon an old abandoned research lab. Curiosity struck Evan as he believed a voice was calling to him deep into the lab. What he saw was bringing back memories although he was unsure of what they were. One thing for sure was that it made him very angry, listening to the voice and seeing all the broken research tubes. A rage was building up inside of Evan as he then went into the heart of the abandoned research lab and it was there something made him finally snap. He saw things that were called Augmentals, laying on the ground lifeless and it was there that a voice told him “What do you see?” Evan answered with a snarl: “Something that should have never been. What the hell even happened here? Where the hell are you?! SHOW YOURSELF NOW!!” The voice was playing with Evan. “I no longer exist. You've wanted to know of a power beyond right? Curiosity has stricken you?”

Evan was fed up. He was so angry about what had happened in these abandoned labs that something was getting to his mind. His senses were no longer with him as he only thought of one thing to do: Kill. He tried to calm himself but he couldnt. Seeing failed Typyl who had Augments made him angry but he wasnt sure why. As more of these thoughts began to intrude his mind, he tried so hard to regain his sanity and from there the voice said “What do you desire… Eight?” Evans mind now flooded with rage and hatred began to tear up the abandoned lab once again, making sure nothing was left in it. He buried everything, every sort of evidence that angered him. The voice had won making sure Evan was back to his old self. The destroyer, Number Eight. Sensus had struck.

Unable to control any of his actions he went on a rampage, killing anyone who got in his way. His mind wanted to take back control but the rage was unbearable. He thought to himself “Am I gonna live this way? No theres… theres a better way to do this.” At that moment Evan woken up back from his snap but as he looked around he saw the line of stuff he had killed. He knew he couldnt stop at this rate and a force was still burning up inside of him. He decided to compromise with this power and thats when he found Mercenary work.

Long ago there lived a Typyl who they considered to be the “Gun Assassin.” People would pay Evan to take care of targets laid out for them. For some missions he would take a couple minutes. For some Hours. The Mercernaries who hire him tell him all about how to get the job done. Evan could take on any target that he could with ease. Evan being the brother of Shadic Electrois always found Shadic annoying and hard to deal with at times because of his positive nature. He overlooks this due to how serious Shadic can sometimes get and always enjoys pairing up with Shadic in missions that he feels like he needs defensive tactics.

Evan was also the first person to interact with Shadic in the world although it took Shadic a while to recognize him. Evan looked after Shadic for a good amount of time, even though he wasn't very welcomed in Port Town Patiencia due to events that had happened. Evan even found himself living in the same household as Shadic and when Shadic was knowledgeable enough to do the basic things on his own, he left to go back to his own place.

Evans assassination contracts have gotten him into a lot of trouble, mainly officials and people who try to fight back against his assassinations. Even people who have tried to steal his marks were left with bullet marks all over them.


Evan uses his Energy to switch between guns, overheat, freeze and even provide special debuffs to enemies that he comes across. He must be careful for if he overheats or freezes too much he will be unable to move the hand he created it with or he will be unable to make anything due to the heat. In critical condition he has been known to go Berserk!

Evan relies on huge damage but also being able to pierce armour and shred resistance. He has 6-7 guns he relies on doing a job based on how quiet or how quick he has to do it. From his pistol to even an Anti-Vehicle rifle he can assure that any job can get done. His signature rifle known as the ATR (Anti-Typyl Rifle) can be outfitted to take any sort of element as ammunition, provided he has the right crystals for the right sort of ammunition. His signature move “War Within a Breath” can even downstate typyl and kill off creatures with the right setup


Shadic Electrois

Shadic is the brother of Evan Electrois. While Evan may not have the same amount of care for Shadic, he still treats him as the only life that matters in this whole world. When the rest of the Electrois died out, Evan made a promise to actually keep his brother safe, even if it meant dropping everything (including a high level contract.) He may not show as much Love to his other brother but a faint memory will always remain with him. “At one time I remember. I remember we used to be the same person.”

• Compatibility: ★★★★ Duality

Mercenary buddy/target



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