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This is currently under review to be considered as an official character.
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Elli Electrois



Character by shadicozzy

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera




Furrial Display Class

Hy Tiger-Mouse


Confident Wise
Physique Female
Hatchday Apria 16th / Aries
Arcana Chariot
Triq (3)
Triq (3)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Elli Electrois

Elli Electrois is an unofficial character in Furria.

Elli Electrois is one of the humans that went through antecedence representing the user shadicozzy.

Additional Info

  • Nickname/s: Elli, El
  • Pronouns: She/Her
  • Age: 25
  • Title: Nightwatcher
  • Hometown: FIXME
  • Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
  • 16-P Type: FIXME
  • Suits Affiliation: Heart
  • Chess Affiliation: Rook
  • Average Height Scale: 1.15x
  • Handedness: Right
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural or Matching
    • Aura: #000000 FIXME
    • Eye: #000000 FIXME
    • Pigments:
      • #000000 FIXME
      • #000000 FIXME
  • Battle Role: N/A
  • Weapon Type of Choice: Bows
  • Specific Weapon of Choice: Lunar Bow


Elli is a nightwatch/detective in her town thats filled with a lot of night time crime. Her firm grasp of the night makes it so she can see things in the night, even when enemies are in the darkness. However due to how her eyesight has been aligned, she cannot see during the daytime and thus she sleeps during the day.


Elli is a confident woman that proudly will take on any sort of crime going on in her home town. While she can also be confident she can also be very overwhelmed when taking on multiple tasks. She has a strong sense of determination but also has the fear of crashing or failing.


Elli was always a night person. No matter what happened she could never see during the day and it became a problem during the times Elli had to attend class during the day. Elli's condition was one of a few rare cases as sunlight made her completely blind. So she self taught herself about the aspects and everything about general information. Her fixation to the night also made her very alert and aware at night to the point where burglars and other bad mercs would not go unnoticed.

A few years later she moved into a town where crimes during the night were almost an every day thing. She regretted moving into the town but she also understood the dangers of the town as well. She would have to make sure everything was kept to a peace but she knew she couldnt be everywhere at once. Because of how her sight was, as time went on, Elli had the unique ability to see through the dark. Where villains thought they were safe, she could see right through them. This got her major attention by not only some of the police force in the town but also the criminals in the town as well. She had to well equip herself and she had Shadic and Evans help to get not only a bodyguard that was right for her, but also some tools that would help defend her just in case.

Presently she now lives in a huge house instead of the watered down one she used to live in. She has her bodyguard named Patricia who constantly keeps the house safe during the day.


Although Elli doesnt like fighting in most cases, sometimes she knows it cant be helped. Shadic has made her a Lunar Bow using the power of his Vox and the power of her Nox to draw forth the power of the moon (Furria has multiple moons yes but its not from a specific moon. Its a Lunar Power which means it comes from the powers of the moon not the moon itself.) Evan created some self defense tools for Elli in case her attackers got way too close. Despite all of this Elli is still somewhat skilled in combat.


Shadic Electrois

Shadic is the youngest brother of the Electrois family. While not directly related by blood, Shadic has always been there in case Elli needed someone to stay over or even protect her while she did her job. “Shadic has a heart of gold he really does. Its his bigger strength but also his biggest weakness. Heres hoping its not the later.”

• Compatibility: ★★★★ Younger Brother

Evan Electrois

Evans always had a soft spot for Elli. To the point where the two would even consider themselves extremely close. Evan cares a lot for Elli just as he would for Shadic: If someone threatened her, Evan would make sure they wouldnt speak again. While the two have had a lot of arguments about how they handle things (even to the point where sometimes Evan is the one responsible for her trying to clean up after his killings), the two tend to be very caring of one another

• Compatibility: ★★★★★ Middle Brother



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