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Lina Blackwell


Character by fiakaiera

Artist Credit: fiaKaiera




Furrial Display Class
Presav Vello



Serious Focused
Physique ♀ Female
Hatchday Marea 20th / ♉ Taurus
Arcana FIXME
Fivs (5)
Fivs (5)
Humno (H)
Stat Balance

Lina Blackwell

Lina Blackwell is one of the deceased Presav representing the aspect :vello: Vello and a participant of the Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound project.

Additional Info

  • Moral Alignment: FIXME
  • 16-P Type: FIXME
  • Average Height Scale: FIXME
  • Handedness: FIXME
  • Colors
    • Inner: Natural or Matching
    • Aura: #b19cd9 Soft Violet
    • Eye: #da9394 Maroon
    • Pigments:
      • #000000 FIXME
      • #000000 FIXME


Lina is one of the original participants that underwent Antecedence through an incident relating to the Hidden Anthropomorphic Compound project, unwillingly contributing to the Saviand Anomaly.


As a Human

Lina has always been a lover of science, and has a bubbly personality. Although she is kind and treats everyone with respect, she hasn't made many friends due to some times coming off as annoying or irritating. Most of her spare time is used to conduct experiments with different compounds in hopes of discovering something new.

As a Typyl

Lina's personality had mellowed greatly compared to when she was Human due to having more of a foucus on her work than she did as a Human, since everything was so new to her. Although she is under more stress then would have liked since she has no foreknowledge of the majority compounds.

Lina is the one of the few who can control Sorcia, in which she can manipulate gravity for a multitude of purposes.


Lina had always wanted to be the person to discover new elements, and her fascination with science made her more eager to learn new things. She thought that H.A.C would give her a free express ticket to fulfilling her dreams and decided to take it, not caring about the risk.

She never had the heart to tell her family that she was leaving face to face and left them a note explaining how she was following her dreams and that she will never forget the love they showed her. At she leaves outside, she is confronted by her parents, in which Lina hugs them for the last time and gave her actual thanks.


  • Lina's last name was based from a game that Snow (the one making this page for Kaiera) had played.
  • Lina's design is also a variation of her original from back then.
  • Lina is one of the few Presav to have their wiki page and personality created by Snow
  • Lina's birthday reflects that of Lydia Cabrera, an ethnologist that was noted for her extensive work in places such as Perico.

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