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Aiden Farely (BKWIKI Data)

| infobox_ver  = 2     

| name         = Aiden Farely
| image        = typyl:sav:aiden_farely.png
| artby        = fiaKaiera
| owner        = fiaKaiera

| aspect1      = Flamma
| aspect2      = Spatium
| aspect3      = Scio

| hatchday     = Octea 13th
| sign         = ♎ Libra
| arcana       = IV -- Emperor

| class        = Sav Flamma
| typ-type     = Oryx-type
| typ-fam      = Mammi-fam

| nature1      = Reserved
| nature2      = Loyal

| phys-sex     = ♂ Male
| orientation  = Cis

| comp-hand    = Triq
| comp-foot    = Isth
| comp-form    = Humno

| eye-color    = Purple
| inner-color  = Matching
| aura-color   = Dark Orange / Brown

| str-res      = 7
| sor-def      = 2
| spd-vit      = 8

====== Aiden Farely ======
**Aiden Farely** is one of the chosen Sav, who represents the aspect &flamma; [[aspect:flamma|Flamma]].

  * **Nickname/s:** Aide
  * **Pronouns:** He/Him
  * **Title:** Emissary of Flames
  * **Hometown:** [[world:Postrecalf|Post Mine Trecalf]], [[world:Ysla]]
  * **Moral Alignment:** Lawful Good
  * **Handedness:** Ambidextrous, right preferred
  * **Eye Pigment:** Purple ''<fc #8565A8>■</fc> #8565A8'' ''<fc #A789C6>■</fc> #A789C6'' ''<fc #DFC8F9>■</fc> #DFC8F9''
  * **Hair Pigment:** Brown ''<fc #A15D38>■</fc> #A15D38''
  * **Primary Pigment:** Brown ''<fc #D29E63>■</fc> #D29E63''
  * **Secondary Pigment:** Light Brown ''<fc #F9E08D>■</fc> #F9E08D''
  * **Average Height Scale:** x1.12
  * **Battle Role:** Ranged DPS (Damage Per Second)
  * **Weapon Type of Choice:** Guns (not 2H Guns)
  * **Specific Weapon of Choice:** Unique


===== About =====
Aiden Farley was the heir to be the mayor of his own town. Though, being a Sav, he cannot fulfill the role of being the town's mayor anymore and has to bestow to his younger brother, in which is proud to accept, to whom he teaches being right mannered in order to continue the town.

As a Sav, Aiden specializes in duties that are chaotic: Bullet Hell duties, multi-man duties and other related duties. He is an offensive-type battling sav, who can do a lot of damage but not take a lot of them.

Aiden's aspect symbol, Flamma can be found on the neck, attached to his scarf.

==== History ====
Aiden has gained the Sav status from saving his hometown from controlling the dormant volcano's eruption by gathering townspeople to help control where the flow of lava goes, as well as helping the townspeople recover from the mishap from the earthquake happening during the eruption.

===== Skills =====
==== Weapon ====
Aiden uses his own magic to create rifles, two attached to his arms, two more attached to his legs, and four that acts as sentries. The four sentries can be controlled in the air and moving around him, making Aiden less likely to hit. These sentries can also gather up in front of Aiden, collectively using them as a lazer cannon that can blast a concentrated lazer through.

Using these rifles, he can easily use them to shoot out a lot of bullets, weaker from the rifles if not aimed well and stronger from those found in Aiden's hand or legs.

If Aiden is in a weaker state, he prefers not to use the turrets.

==== Magic ====
Aiden has a mastery of Fire, allowing him to trap enemies nearby or inflict Burn and creatively limit your area you can move in, going to his advantage especially on one-on-one situations where he can overwhelm you in one spot.

The only time he is actually easily vulnerable when you can outlast him due to his use of magic to attack and get a chance to attack before immediately recovering.

===== Trivia =====
  * Compared to one of the inspirations to make Aiden: Bayonetta, Aiden is more elegant and stationary than sexual in using his weapons as Aiden is more like a turret than an Umbral Witch.

===== Inspirations =====
  * [[wp>Shrapnel shells]], fragments from bombs and grenades
  * **Ideas**
    * Having a **royal prince with a chaotic battle style**
    * A **volcano town**
  * **Games**
    * [[wp>Shoot_'em_up#Bullet_hell_and_niche_appeal|Bullet Hell Concepts]]
    * [[wp>Bayonetta]] series
    * [[wp>Devil May Cry]] series
    * **Ashley Winchester** from [[wp>Wild ARMs 2]]
    * **Reisen Udongein Inaba** from [[wp>Imperishable Night|Touhou Eiyashou ~ Imperishable Night]]
    * **Supra**, a weapon from [[wp>Warframe]]
    * [[wp>Marvel vs. Capcom]] series
      * **Iron Man**
      * **War Machine**

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"typyl:Mammi-fam Typyl"
"typyl:Flamma Aspect Typyl"
"typyl:Spatium Aspect Typyl"
"typyl:Scio Aspect Typyl"
"typyl:Trio Aspect Typyl"
"typyl:Reserved Nature Typyl"
"typyl:Loyal Nature Typyl"
"typyl:Arcana 4 Typyl"
"typyl:Octea Born Typyl"
"typyl:Libra Typyl"
"typyl:Male Sex Typyl"
"typyl:Cis Typyl"
"typyl:3|1|H Typyl"
"typyl:Triq-handed Typyl"
"typyl:Isth-footed Typyl"
"typyl:Humno Typyl"
"typyl:STR-RES 7 Typyl"
"typyl:SOR-DEF 2 Typyl"
"typyl:SPD-VIT 8 Typyl"
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