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Character by nonoko.exe

Artist Credit: nonoko.exe




Furrial Display Class



Physique ⚦ Aphale
Hatchday — / —



Stat Balance


Verdugo is an unofficial character in Furria.

The rumour about this individual has been sounding lately around fiagia, a strange typyl that attacks small groups of bandits, killing permanently the last of them that falls into downstate. It's really well known for only attacking bandits, thieves and mercenaries, but only if they´re in small groups.

Additional Info

  • Nickname/s: Verdugo
  • Pronouns: they/them
  • Title: Hunter
  • Battle Role: Crowd Control
  • Weapon Type of Choice: Arc Arcs, Gun Guns
  • Specific Weapon of Choice: Explosive Exploding Devices, 2H Gun Shotgun


He is always covered with a dark blue cape, so it's hard to determine how it looks, but everytime someone talks about being attacked, the description about the look is always different, this has some people theorizing that maybe it is not just one person, others believe they change their look.

No one knows if Verdugo is a real individual, some kind of twisted animal or just a rumor to scare bandits… Truth is, no one knows for sure, they can theorize whatever they want.


He does not speak, he does not talk, he does not react.

What kind of twisted thoughts may be hidden inside their mind?


Not much can be told about Verdugo.

One day, a group of mercenaries started talking about a strange dude that attacked them, killing permanently one of their companions, everyone laughed, like if they were hiding that some kind of beast took them out, they were just hiding the shame of it. But then.. A group of thieves told the same story… Then another group of mercenaries, a group of bandits… And slowly, many were talking about being attacked by someone. Who were they? Was it a typyl? Why were they doing it? No one knows.

One day, someone referred to them as “verdugo”, the real meaning about this name was called out by an antescedent. Truth is, this name means “executioner”. A fitting name, looks like.


Between the chaos of the battlefield, it's hard to recognize any kind of skills… But this is what we know.

They are fast, commonly use ambushes to keep enemies at bay.

In terms of weapons, they seem to use explosive devices, or something like that, alongside a shotgun to quickly take out anyone that gets near them.

It's quite scary, but some bandits claim that they were able to take out Verdugo, no one believes them, but all of them said that once they regroup and managed to directly face the enemy, they easily made them escape.

Looks like direct combat is not their strength.


  • Nonoko.Exe themselves
  • The “Mysterious vigilante” trope
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