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๐Ÿ”ฐ Typyl

Default Typyl Mugshot

The Typyl are human-like anthropomorphic natives on the world of Fiagia. If one decides to create or re-imagine a one's fursona or anthropomorphic original character to Furria, they will have to be a Typyl no matter what cost, unless special circumstances are applied.

Main Article: Typyl

โ€ป The Typyl are considered to be an open species for Furria.

You are allowed to create your own character for the series.
This guide shows you how to create such a character.

Characters created properly within the rules are placed in wiki/typyl are considered official and possibly canon. Others worked in-progress, unofficial or unconfirmed entries are placed in wiki/oc.

Profile Page Shortcuts

Remember, all typyl and OC pages are simply general summary pages. They do not always have all of the information about them.

* Required

Wiki Information

  • About
    • General Information *
    • Personality *
    • History
      • Before Furria
  • Skills
  • Relationships
    • Important Relations
    • Other Relations
  • Inspirations *

Creation Guide


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